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[:en]Fairy Tale – the taste of tradition – try Zagorje’s Weekend!

[:en]Croatian Zagorje ( Croatian Hinterland), in the offer of its prime products, never forgets to emphasise its originality, authenticity and tradition that make it so special. Starting from culture and gastronomy, ethno tradition and bringing old customs to life, to nature that takes your breath away anywhere you go.

Centuries haven’t changes the beauty and the charm of this little county. In every corner a unique story about the lost time is woven, whose customs it jealously cherishes and continues to keep for new generations…

Times change and so do needs of new generations, but Zagorje offers an irresistible scent of past times.
And we already know that when the traditional and contemporary meet passionately in a firm hug, there is a real romance at sight!

Digital StillCameraZagorje wouldn’t have an atmosphere of a fairy tale if it didn’t have a good offer for those palates that are in search for smells and tastes of traditional, homemade cuisine. An abundance of Zagorje’s specialties, from turkey with mlinci (homemade pasta) , to zlenavka, and Zagorje’s štrukli, buncek (pork shank) with homemade cheese and sour cream, that are offered by Zagorje’s restaurants and numerous rural households, leave us with amazing memories of tastes and smells of time spent in Zagorje.

MG_8033-01If we decide to explore wine roads, that intertwine across the hills, leading to Zagorje’s wineries, the experience is complete. Wine cellars and wineries have top quality and carefully chosen wines, which proudly participate and win medals on world wine competitions and festivals.

To those who are tired from urban stress Zagorje’s wine cellars and rural household offer a cure for body and soul, while wine and gastro pleasures of autochthonous cuisine, blended with sounds, colours and scents of nature, stay in an eternal memory that you feel you have to return to.

Zaboky-planinci-4--1024x682Visit an irresistible region of green hills, kind ad hospitable people, and surreal arcadia of floral hollows, wine roads and the most delicious rural households!Vuglec-1024x768One weekend that you give to Zagorje will be full of contents if you visit main sights and attractions, and you can reward yourself with a view from Zagorje’s holiday house.
Holiday houses are very affordable, and they offer three main things you need for a vacation: perfect peace, isolation and pure relaxation. Attractive restaurants and bars are everywhere near.

In a quiet night your sleep won’t be troubled by anyone or anything. If from a neighbouring hill you, by any chance, hear a song – feel free to join, for Zagorje loves to sing.

2-Branka-Mašić2-1024x516Anyway, where else could life and its beauty be celebrated more beautifully that in one of the most beautiful Croatian regions – Zagorje – fairy tale at your fingertips.

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