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[:en]Top destination this spring – discover Papuk and its primroses!

[:en]Medunarodni Dan planinaYou are in love with spring, magic of hiking roads and fairy atmosphere that can be found on hollows and meadows with the first days of spring?

There’s nothing more precious to you than grabbing your boots, backpack with food and drink and, with the first rays of spring sun setting out to conquer mountain roads?

You are passionate about discovering mystic forests and you just adore the smell of fresh dirt?Papuk_jaglaciThe emergence of first snowdrops, violets and primroses delights you, while the crystal clear waterfalls and small caves make you fall into a trance? If anything of the above is dear to your heart, get ready – Papuk is your next destination.

Our top destination of spring 2015 – visit magnificent Papuk!Park prirode Papuk

If you would like to find out why have climbers and excursionists from Croatia and abroad come for 33 years to celebrate spring on Papuk, join them in search of Papuk’s primroses – irresistible signs of spring. Give yourself something new and different from everyday routine, breathe in the spring and start a climbing adventure which you will certainly remember for the rest of your life.


History of mountaineering on Papuk

In organization of HPD ‘Sokolovac’ from Požega, with the first days of spring, climbers traditionally gather in Velika  from the entire Slavonia, Croatia and neighbouring countries.
Mountaineering on Papuk has had the same programme for 33 whose concept equally delights experienced climbers and amateurs who want to get familiar with climbing routes of magnificent Papuk. You don’t have to be in a perfect shape to visit Papuk, for in this event for three decades children, the young and the old have equally participated.PENTAX Image

Papuk’s primroses

Primrose is one of the symbols of spring awakening, purity and soul of this area. It is also a synonym for untouched nature that is treated with respect and care by visitors and climbers so they could leave it untouched to next generations that will visit Papuk.

During the period of Papuk’s primroses, or in any other part of the year, Papuk is full of specificities that enchant every visitor so everyone comes back regularly.


Ready for the best mountaineering this spring?

Visit this fascinating mountain of almost 1000 metres, located at the heart of Slavonia’s plain. Discover its volcanic rocks, silent caves, waterfalls and streams and numerous springs of warm water. Rest in the shade of its centuries old beech and oak trees.

PENTAX ImageOnce you have discovered Papuk and its meditative beauty, without any doubt you will put it on your favourite climbing destinations map and return to it again!
Find all information about mountain excursions on web page of Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County or HPD ‘Sokolovac’. 

Medunarodni Dan planina


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