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River Cetina – a well of inspiration for adventurers

With its 102km of length, Cetina is considered to be one of the longest and most beautiful
of the Croatian rivers. Throughout history it has had a major role in the life of the local
population, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological sites from the time of the
Romans and Illyrians and medieval battles. Today the emerald river is a paradise
destination for lovers of nature and adrenaline-thanks to numerous opportunities to
engage in adventure sports, it has become a recognizable and popular destination for fans
of active tourism!

Canoeing, rock climbing and trekking are the most prominent of the adventure
sports on Cetina. The shrine of Leopold Mandić settles near the mouth of the river, as well
as a 2,6km long theme track bearing the same name. On top of all these features, Canoe
Safari rafting stands out as a particular attraction-an ideal adventure for all generations!

The 7km long canoe ride down Cetina canyon starts at Čikotina Lađa and finishes at Blato
na Cetini, or an alternate route: Blato na Cetini-Zadvarje and the thrilling experience
leaves no one indifferent! Besides the comfortable clothing you will be wearing for the ride,
all you need to bring is a dry set of clothes to change into after the trip is finished, as the
organizers provide all other equipment, as well as insurance in case of an injury (which is
very rare). If you are an adventure enthusiast, join this dynamic and attractive excursion!