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It is time to discover Brač

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There can be few islands in the world which can combine such an enviable offer of adrenaline sports, gastronomy, thousands of years of heritage, the finest beaches…
Treat yourself with the most memorable vacation and set off to discover numerous beauties, opportunities this island has to offer.

Its stone adorns major buildings around the world, such as White House in Washington, the Liverpool Cathedral, the Hungarian parliament in Budapest, but the island of Brač has plenty of other attractions to entice visitors to Central Dalmatia’s largest island. Conveniently located just an hour from Split (and with other connections from the mainland and Hvar), Brač has also managed to successfully brand itself as the island of culture and adventure.
Rich history of the island left numerous cultural monuments which depict ancient times with their complexion and ambience. Also, diverse and dynamic nature sculptured many rocks and treaded the paths on which you can free your adventurous spirit.
From gorgeous rocky and ancient ambience of the Blaca desert to the Zlatni rat where you can give yourself to the winds to carry you into the azure of the sea and the sky, you will definitely be breath taken, due to either adrenalin rush or the magnificent cultural heritage.

Our journey will start at the main town of Supetar, whose regular car ferries provide the most accessible arrival point from Split to any of the island. Supetar has numerous events, cultural monuments and sports facilities, which make it an optimal choice for cultural tourism and active recreation. Admirers of sculpture should head for the gallery of Ivan Rendić, one of the island’s most famous sons. The gallery houses a collection of busts and drawing from the leading Croatian sculptor’s work, as well as interesting items such as a letter of thanks from British Prime Minister Gladstone. Top of the list of places to visit is Blaca desert, monumental hermit convent from 16thcentury, that will amaze you with its rocky complexions. These buildings look as if they emerge from the great rock behind them that dominates the landscape. Island of Brač’s Museum in Škrip, is festival the the island’s oldest and most authentic village. The museum showcases a cross section of the island’s history and cultural heritage, and rumour has it that Diocletian’s wife and daughter are buried in the Roman mausoleum. Be there on August 18 for the Škrip fair.

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Brač’s claim as an island of adventure includes the fabulous Vanka Regule, which this year takes place from July 14-21. Not quite an Olympics (but very close), the town of Sutivan hosts
this popular outdoor adventure sport and film festival, with competitors facing challenges in climbing, biking, sailing, slacklining, kayaking, hiking and stand-up paddling.
The historic core of Sutivan is a place of exceptional cultural value, and is protected by state laws as a cultural monument. However, not only lovers of history will come into their own in Sutivan
– for fans of active holidays, there is a Nature Park, an extraordinary resort and a place for rest and entertainment.

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With its deep and picturesque bay, Milna has been harbouring sailors since the times of emperor Diocletian, and the town’s ACI marina is an important stop on the Adriatic sailing route. Milna is a sailing paradise, and there are plenty of sailing-related activities to enjoy, of which the most intriguing is Potezanje Mrduje, where the residents of Brač and neighbouring Šolta perform the annual tug-of-war to determine the ownership of the tiny island of Mrduja, which lies between them. This year’s event is on 27 July with a concert of the Croatian music bend Macaklin and
famous singer Dražen Zečić.

The most iconic picture of the island is of course the unique beach of Zlatni Rat, the most eye- catching attraction of the southern town of Bol, which is connected by catamaran to Split and Jelsa on Hvar. Much more than a beach resort, Bol has become a top water sports destination, and offers some of the best windsurfing in Croatia. There is great diving, and it is one of the few places
in the country where one can indulge in kite boarding, and the Bol Tennis Open has attracted some big names in the past. Its cultural must sees include the stunning 15th Century Dominican monastery, while wine lovers have a wealth of choice when investigating the island’s wines, and a visit to vinoteka Jako vina is recommended. Bol has a lively summer cultural programme, including Bol Summer Night and great concerts at the monastery.
For those who care about culture and adventure, a must visit monument is Zmajeva spilja ( The Dragon’s cave), located near village of Murvica, about seven kilometers from Bol. It is called The
Dragon’s cave because of the relief of dragon in it. It was a temple and dwelling of the glagolitic priests. Reliefs in this cave are monument to the monastic life of the Glagolitic friars in the 15th century.

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Eastern port, a quiet fishing village of Sumartin, is connected by a new nautical bridge with regular ferry lines from Makarska and opens the doors to some of the island’s most
important cultural treasures. More than 10 monuments of historical figures adorn Selca, the only stone-carving place that is entirely built of white stone from Brač. Visit the first monument to Tolstoy in the world from 1911, or parish church which is because of its monumentality and beauty called the Brač Cathedral. Povlja were recently ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful places
in Croatia by Global Grashopper.

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Postira on the northern coast is also a place of history and tradition. Take the short road inland to the eco-ethno village of Dol, home to the unique gastronomic treasure called vitalac. Postira itself is home to the island’s first sardine factory, employing some 300 people and provide the highest quality to the restaurants of the island. Its heritage can be traced by the various archaeological remains, including a Roman villa rustica, a Benedictine convent and the early Christian basilica of St Lawrence. Film lovers should visit the 3rd Postira Seaside Film Festival on
August 1 -3.

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An island of culture and adventure then, but also one of fabulous beaches and gastronomy, of nature and vistas. There can be few islands in the world which can combine such an enviable
offer of adrenaline sports, thousands of years of heritage, the finest beaches in one of the world’s cleanest seas, and all this just a one hour ferry ride from the Dalmatian capital of Split, which is served by 80 destinations this summer.

It is time to discover Brač!