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Dalmatia in my suitcase

What should be in every tourist’s bag on his way home? A grain of salt, a drop of lavender… a piece of dessert should certainly not be forgotten… On Pag lamb must be tried, same as you should not forget to bring back with you a piece of famous Pag’s cheese. There is also famous Pag’s lace made of firm thread according to the tradition which is transferred to younger generations by older lace makers. In every bag there should also be paški biškoti, delicious biscuits which are made for over 300 years by nuns in Benedictine monastery.

In Zadar, Museum of Antique Glass is a must see. There you can buy interesting dishes, bottles, glasses and jugs made in a fusion technique. It would be unforgivable not to taste famous sweet liqueur Maraskino, made of cherries that are grown in the city area. It is made by the recipe discovered by Dominican monks at the beginning of the 16th century. Ground coral from Zlarin is a summer must have jewellery for every woman. Therefore, when on this island, invest in buying these eternally modern coral earrings, rings or bracelets.
In Skradin, in front of the very entrance to National Park Krka, in one of the lovely cafes, try famous Skradin cake, or as the locals call it – natural viagra.

Pag’s lace makers While walking on Pag during summer months you will encounter ladies who make lace in front of their homes. Empress Marija Terezija also liked Pag’s lace and she had
her personal lace maker brought from the island.

Casanova drove his strength from Maraskino. The list of famous people who enjoyed Maraskino is a rather long one. Famous Napoleon enjoyed it, European emperors and kings adored it, English Queen Victoria, Casanova, Alfred Hichcock…

UNESCO’s city of Trogir offers rafioli, traditional dessert which you have to order in advance, you can do that in Tourist Association biro. Split has an ace up its sleeve as well – Nadalina – one of the most famous chocolatier where you can find, together with all sorts of spices, chocolates with dry figs, prošek, almonds, carob, lavender, cinnamon, red pepper, olive oil or honey. Pučišća on Brač offer souvenirs from highly appreciated Brač stone which can be found in Masonry School. It would be also a good idea to stop by Dol where you can enjoy hrapaćuša cake, which has to be ordered in advance with one of the local housewives.

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Hvar has its hidden treasures; apart from famous wines and oil, there is also soft lace made from the thin agave leaves by Benedictine nuns. Not far from the monastery, on Hvar’s waterfront, stop by one of the numerous stands and buy a spray of therapeutic lavender, scented pack or lavender oil, so you can be reminded for a long time  of the beauty of the Dalmatian island of sun.  Imotski, apart from the visits to karst phenomena Blue and Red Lake, offers famous dessert known as Imotski cake, a dry cake which you can also put in your bag. Dubrovnik has its small treasures as well, like broštulani menduli (almonds in caramel) or orange peel in sugar which can be found in small packages in some of the numerous souvenir  shops.

Sweet Korčula cherishes one popular location where numerous tourists wait in lines during the summer – Cukarin pastry shop- where you have to try cakes called klašun, amareto, Marko Polo bombica, harubica or broštulane mindole.