Linđo– symbol of a city that aspires to future

To be able to dance and sing in Linđo nowadays means to be sociable, popular and beloved. In nearly fifty years many generations of ensemble members have exchanged, many great friendships and loves were born. Today Linđo is important and indispensable cultural event in Dubrovnik.

Ensemble of Linđo has been active for almost fifty years. Established in 1964, it started operating a year later. The name originates from the name of the ensemble’s most popular dance that is danced for two hundred years in the same way, with small variations in the Dubrovnik area, Župa and Konavle. It is considered that the dance was named after the famous leader Nikola Lalo Linđo, the founder of Linđo hop dance, while some people think it is a folk name for lijerica player (an ancient instrument from southern Dalmatia). The ensemble primarily nurtures and protects its own tradition, which is the basis of its survival and of preservation of both Croatian and local cultural identity.


Folklore group formed at the Pedagogical High School in Dubrovnik in 1964, already in 1965 turns into a folklore ensemble within the Tourism Society and makes its first independent appearance. At the initiative of the Atlas Traveling Agency and Tourism Society, after examining the performances of Linđo and considering self-financing capabilities of the ensemble, from 1966 Linđo acts wholly independently as a citizens association, and in 1998 it becomes an institution in the culture of Dubrovnik.

With choreography signed by the most significant choreographers of Croatia, Folklore Ensemble Linđo proves to be extremely successful:

– approximately 3500 concerts visited by more than 2 million local and foreign tourists
– almost 200 promotional tours
– over 3000 members passed through the ensemble by dancing, singing and performance
– constant gathering of 200-300 young girls and boys aged 12-28
– the first guest appearance of Linđo ensemble took place in 1966 in Italy
– guest appearances in almost all European countries, Northern, Central and South America, Japan
– Linđo Folklore Ensemble is particularly proud of the Gold Medal and the Gold Record won at the International Folk Festival in Dijon in 1973 whereby it was listed among the best European folklore ensembles.
– In February of 2012, it became the IIPT Ambassador for Peace, receiving the recognition of the Institute for Promotion of Peace through Tourism for their generous and humane activity.

Nowadays, under the guidance of headmistress Dubravka Sarić, economics graduate and former active member of the FA Linđo, Linđo is developing into a true brand and expects further achievements, performances, programs, projects, guest appearances and tours with the ambitious and hard working employees. Back in the distant sixties of the twentieth century, the objective of Linđo was to explore and collect artistic elaborations, and to stage the most beautiful examples of Croatian music and dance traditions. Today’s goal relies on that of the founders, it is stratified, socially and creatively stimulating, focused on Dubrovnik, Croatian and world community.

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