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Green hotels – whole year business

Interview: Mladenka Dabac, licenced architect,

What is green tourism and what are green hotels?
In context of global and sustainable development green tourism ( i.e. sustainable or responsible tourism) is a new way of thinking, designing and working in tourism in this millennium.
Sustainable development, on all levels of society and economy, generally means the total of procedures by which compatibility of living, management and nature and its surrounding is accomplished. The starting point and the goal of green tourism is a destination which generates determinants and specificities of green tourism, together with its elements, i.e. green hotels or green tourist settlements. By uniting + green concept of Germany and Croatia since 2003, with interdisciplinary networking of experts-specialists, our green group has generated complete solutions for complex projects. The main focuses of these projects are: sustainable development, sustainable architecture, green innovations and green tourism. Synergy of green tourism and Croatian agriculture is creating a new brand, raises it on a new level of whole-year management, which means a new rouse for Croatian economy.

How to project, build and furnish a green hotel?
It is necessary to determine (by means of complete green projecting) all basic, input and newly defined data (for ex. the use of OIE in tourism; research of new, selective forms of tourism; object destination etc.) that in networked, interdisciplinary management result in sustainable green hotel (hotel facilities and its environment) in which reserves for mid-term and long-term sustainable development are included. The basis of green projecting is first-rate, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, implementation of new knowledge and technologies, tested in EU experience and practice.

Name one good example of this practice in world and Croatia?

First null-energetic hotel built by the EU 2-20-20 guidelines is Stadthalle Wien (since 2009). In Croatia, within the +green group we have acquired energetic independence of Hotel Sv. Križ in Trogir by introducing solar energy system (since July 2011).

What are the benefits for hotels if they become green?
Not only will green hotels, according to EU regulations, have to become null-energetic by 2020, but with the advantages and savings of green hotels one of top goals of green tourism will also be accomplished – whole-year business.

What kinds of guests visit green hotels?

Guests who visit green hotels are environment-aware. The number of these guests is in exponential rise, since it is a key feature of new tourist and tourism profile in new millennium.

Does Croatia have potential to become distinguishing brand of green tourism?
Exactly by creating recognizable brand of green tourism Croatia affirms one of its basic, national potentials.

What are the possibilities for developing green tourism on islands?
Croatia has numerous possibilities for development of green tourism on islands; they are, together with continental Croatia, a reservoir of sustainable development of the country.

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