The Festival of Oysters


23 March 2014

The Dalmatian coast has a very long history of mariculture. Shellfish cultivation in Mali Ston Bay presently is based on only two species: The European Flat Oyster, Ostrea edulis, and the mussel, Mytilus galloprovinicialis. Oysters are fullest and most delicious in March, when St Joseph s Day in celebrated. Gastro expert’s claim that oysters are best served freshly opened with some lemon juice. You will have the opportunity to taste the freshly opened oysters smelling of the sea around St.Joseph s Day (March) at the restaurants in Ston and Mali Ston.The Festival of Oysters in Mali Ston is a gastro event which offers oysters and oysters dishes (oysters soup, oysters fritters, roasted oysters, fried or baked oysters in various ways) along with the Dalmatian song and a glass of good wine.