How to become an expat in Croatia?


 Not too long ago, the term “expatriate” held an air of mystique, carrying vague connotations of a glammed-up, long-gone generation that swore off life in their own countries to pursue the finer things elsewhere, joining the ranks of Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, and Man Ray. But now, as more and more people adopt location-independent lifestyles, becoming an expat – that is, one who lives outside his or her native country ­– isn’t quite so novel. Still, though, when most people think “expat,” they likely conjure up images of themselves cycling through a chic Parisian neighborhood, bike basket brimming with wine and a still-warm baguette. Or maybe scrawling notes for a novel while people watching on a Roman piazza. But Croatia has its expat community, too, and it seems to be on the rise. Many of Croatia’s international residents are associated with the American International School in Zagreb, the American Chamber of Commerce, various international embassies, or the Universities of Zagreb and Split, both of which offer several English-language programs. It’s also home to a few “self-made expats,” too – those who didn’t move for a job or for family, but simply because they wanted to experience life in Croatia. For the long-term traveler and the expat alike, Croatia is an ideal place to settle, at least temporarily, for a number of reasons. Most people speak at least some English, and many are practically fluent. For those expats who want to try their hand at Croatian, several universities offer Croatian language courses. And online networks aimed at the globally-minded, like CouchSurfing, Internations, and Meetup make social integration easy. Source: Like! Croatia