Biograd – Festival of Local Food, Drink, Souvenirs and Folklore

Dugi stol

30 May 2014 – 01 June 2014

A six hundred metre long table? This sounds a little unrealistic, but in Biograd na Moru, this table really does exist. It is traditionally put up, and it is impossible to imagine all the things that are on it.

biograd nocna

There is food and drink as far as the eye can see, and these are local products that are made according to original recipes and are prepared for visitors by the restaurant owners of the county of Zadar.

nocna setnica

On the table are also souvenirs that have been gathered from all over Croatia and neighbouring countries such as Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. There are a total of 232 exhibitors all on the same table.

Biograd virtualna
Biograd virtual panorama

A sight that should definitely not be missed.