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Religious centre of Central Dalmatia

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Mala Gospa

Solin, the monument city on the Jadro River. Here, in the ruins of the ancient Salona, the beginnings of Christianity were imprinted. It is the place where numerous martyrs rest, a place that keeps the grave of St Dujam, the most famous Salona’s martyr, patron saint of Split. The very heart of Solin city hides the oldest Marian sanctuary in Croatia, the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Islet (Gospa od otoka). The legend says that around old church of Our Lady of the Islet elm trees used to stand, so people called it also Our Lady of Brist

gospin otok

Surrounded by the branches of the Jadro River, Our Lady’s Islet (Gospin otok) became the first settlement of Croats in Medieval Age. On the Islet, in the 10th century, on the place of today’s Church of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Islet (1880), two churches were built by Queen Jelena: Church of Blessed Virgin Mary and Church of St. Stephen. This sanctuary was visited by The Pope John Paul II in 1998. On this occasion he sent the message to Solin people: ‘Cherish the treasure of faith that the history has entrusted you’.


Next to the parish church dedicated to Virgin Mary, an exceptionally valuable archaeological locality is situated, today completely under the ground. By the sanctuary spreads a decorated lawn, which with its simple horticultural style invites to coexistence of its citizens, where every days children’s echoes can be heard, together with the laughter of the youth and the song of the believers. Thanks to its beautiful horticultural decoration, Our Lady’s Islet was the winner of Blue Flower of Croatian Tourist Association in 2011, for the most beautiful and the most decorated park in Coastal Croatia.

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When walking near the Jadro, you will find Our Lady’s Well, which is, according to a legend, therapeutic spring of water. The Well is often visited by the Italian pilgrims, who are especially guided by the recommendation of Paolo Brosi and his book ‘The Road to Međugorje’, where he recommends pilgrims to stop at Solin, visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Islet and drink a glass of water from Our Lady’ Well.


If you are in Solin on September 8, the celebration of the Town Day and the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, you will find thousands of worshippers from all over Dalmatia who visit Solin in honour of Our Lady, and who, on this day, enjoy religious and music programme as well as in traditional fair which is has been organized here since olden times on this very day.

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This post is also available in: Croatian