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Croatia tourism away from beach: Total Inland Dalmatia launched Special

By Paul Bradbury

Split – The diversity of Dalmatia’s tourism is highlighted as the regional tourist board launches Total Inland Dalmatia in Split.

In the impressive surroundings of Hotel Park overlooking sun worshippers on Split’s famous Bacvice Beach, the Central Dalmatia Tourist Board called a press conference on June 13, 2014 to formally launch Total Inland Dalmatia, a new public-private initiative to promote the less developed inland region of Zagora, an event attended by Digital Journal.

While the Dalmatian coast has been a magnet for tourists for decades, with its uncomplicated formula of sea, sun and beach, the rich offer of inland tourist destinations has not yet been developed to its full potential, and even many locals living on the coast are unaware of the true tourism potential in the region of Zagora, north of Split.

Paul Bradbury

Jelena Bilic, Sinj Tourist Board director, addresses the media, with regional tourist board director Josko Stella next to her.
It is a region of astonishing natural beauty, UNESCO heritage, adventure tourism, tradition and gastronomy, and yet one lacking in coordination. This Digital Journalist spent last weekend, for example, covering the Days of Zvonimir celebrations in Europe’s second largest fortress in Knin, as well as the increasingly important Cetina Adventure race in Sinj, just two examples of the tourism potential of the region.
Paul Bradbury

Regional specialities were served after the conference, including frogs from Trilj.

The concept of Total Inland Dalmatia is to bring the rich diversity of the Zagora region into one accessible place online for tourists, in the English language, with a long-term strategy of strengthening tourist units in the region, while slowly attracting tourists away from the coast with a coherent and concrete tourism offer.
Paul Bradbury

Sinj Tourist Board Director Jelena Bilic answers media questions in the gardens of Hotel Park in Split.
Launching the site, Central Dalmatia Tourist Board director Josko Stella (who was recently interviewed by Digital Journal) expressed his support for the project’s attempts to promote the region’s finest qualities, as well as lengthening the tourist season.
Paul Bradbury

Central Dalmatia Tourist Board Director Josko Stella has been a passionate promoter of Dalmatia away from the beach.
Another key speaker at the press conference was Jelena Bilic, tourist board director of Sinj, who accompanied Digital Journal around the town last year. Bilic is emerging as a key figure in the development of tourism in the region, and her energy and innovation have given an added impetus to tourism in Zagora since she took up the post over two years ago.
Paul Bradbury

The seven local tourist boards from inland Dalmatia brought traditional dishes for a reception after the conference.
The project is supported by the nine local tourist boards of Zagora, of which seven are located in the Central Dalmatia region — Vrlika, Vrgorac, Trilj, Sinj, Imotski, Dugopolje and Klis. Klis is known as the gateway to inland Dalmatia, and it has the potential to become one of Dalmatia’s best-known attractions, due to Game of Thrones filming at Klis Fortress.
Paul Bradbury

The famous Vrgorac strawberries, the last of the season, proved a hit.

After the press conference, a reception was held in the gardens of Hotel Park, where local specialities were served, including frogs from Trilj and the famous strawberries of Vrgorac.