Discover the culinary magic of Continental Croatia



Nice English sayings “What you see is what you get”, fits completely to luxurious gastronomy of our darling Slavonija. Namely, the visual identity of its dishes announces a journey to a true empire of tastes! And the flavours are absolutely divine, for Slavonian kitchen is based on two key words: fresh and homemade. Fresh picked vegetables, homemade milk and meat prepared by traditional recipes and numerous tasty spices guarantee memorable gastronomic experiences.


Then how can you resist cheeses, cream, sausages…The answer is simple – don’t even try! Meat products like kulen, ham, bacon, čvarci, belong to traditional food and can most certainly be found, even today, on the rich Slavonian plate, which in  past was even more luxurious. Ask your kind hosts about the forgotten Slavonian delicacies, and if you are lucky, you might get a chance to taste cicvare with potatoes, sekeli-goulash, ljeljini dukati, utvajski spit, aspic or lučevine and the Slavonian satrica! Life by Sava, Dunav and Drava rivers accustomed Slavonians on dishes based on river fish which is traditionally prepared in the open, while fruitful forests offer a wide choice of tasty game animal dishes.


Main courses are therefore really rich and abundant, and together with famous kulen, čobanac or fish stew are offered as appetizers, and they present almost a symbol of this area’s cuisine. There is also a wide choice of river fish dishes (specially popular  is carp baked on fork) and meat specialties: barbecue and steaks stuffed with Slavonian ham, cheese, mushrooms, and game animals in various ways. Favourite condiment to dishes is the hot chutney! For the dessert try the unavoidable poppy-seed cake or walnut loaf. Traditional Slavonian cakes are also spice cakes, honey cakes, paws and breskvice. Of course, in all meals you can include various types of bread from the Slavonian granary!


Special chapter to this tasty story belongs to wines. Complete your meal with some of white, rosé and red wines, of which Grasevina wine is certainly most popular and has made this area famous in the whole world. Other quality white wines are Chardonnay, Pinot white, Riesling Rhine, Silvanac Green and the Müller Thurgau, and of red wines Frankovka, Zweigelt, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Croatian Zagorje

In almost every Zagorje home, right at the door you will be greeted by aromas and warmth of seductive flavors. The specificity of Zagorje cuisine is that it hasn’t lost its traditional charm.

Miles of wine roads, thousands of wooden cellars and rustic farms guarantee to the visitor for the best possible refreshment.

Zagorje turkey with homemade dumplings, the famous Zagorje strudel, Zagorje soup or pork tenderloin paired with Zagorje wines…the selection of specialties is more than sufficient for a solid snack if you are traveling or in a guest visit, or you just decided to go on a trip to this place.