Slavonska korpa – inovative gastronomic treasure only a click away!


To the delight of all lovers of Slavonian gastronomy

The „Slavonian Basket“ project is the very first culinary souvenir accessible to anyone in Croatia through the web store. It combines indigenous Slavonian gastronomic and oenological products while nurturing tradition in the same time.

Do you like homemade Slavonian sausage – kulen, delicious pork cracklings – čvarci, soft bacon or perhaps some fine cheese with pumpkin seed oil?

Izvorno Slavonsko

Are you a passionate lover of the mouth-watering domestic Slavonian cakes and desserts and of superb autochthonous wines as well?

Since recently, all these treasures are available to you via – innovative website and an excellent product taken care of by the Tourist board of Pozega-Slavonia County in collaboration with the Klaster Kuna tourist coop from Pakrac, and in consultation with the Požega City Museum. The result of their efforts is an innovative product of a simple and attractive name – Slavonian korpa (basket).

Whether you want to surprise your business partners, dear person, or simply bring to your home a touch of flavors and aromas of golden Slavonian plane, you can order this unique product that arrives directly to the desired address.


A gift will arrive in an authentic wicker basket with a replica of a traditional tablecloth. There is a selection of 8 different baskets at your disposal – whichever you choose, you will surely enjoy carefully selected combination of authentic native delicacies of the region.

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The richness of gastronomy of this area continuously offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the flavors of the past: from homemade bread from the baker’s oven, top quality meat products, processed products such as cracklings, dried bacon, ham, sausage, sausage reef, švargl, fish stew and meat stew…to the poultry soup, roasts, traditional Slavonian salenjaci cookies, sweet bread with walnut (oreahnjača) or with poppy seeds (makovnjača)…


Novo – mobile application Panonia Tour

All of these are nowadays served as Slavonian delicacies, but are also intertwined with specialties of continental and creative cuisine.


This excellent mobile application available via Google play and through the Apple Store.

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