Vineyard of Pozega – Slavonia County offers an unforgettable eno-gastro experience

Wine production has a long tradition in area of Pozega – Slavonia County. This area engendered a number of quality wines, which are recognized not only in Croatia, but also worldwide. In addition to these excellent wines, visitors of this region can enjoy the superb offer of Slavonian accommodation and an unforgettable gastronomic experience. A tourist visit of this area will bring you pure enjoyment in the rich Slavonian heritage and an offer tailor-made to suit modern visitor.


Winegrowing region of  Pozega-Slavonia County delights its visitors with three wine trails: Wine Route of Pozega-Pleternica vineyards, Wine Route of Kutjevo vineyards, and the Wine Route of vineyards of Pakrac.


Vineyard of Pozega-Pleternica

Nature has been extremely generous to this area. On the slopes of Zlatna Dolina (eng. Golden Valley), or as the ancient Romans called it – Vallis Aurea, there are vineyards at an altitude of 400 m, of high density planting and about 7500 even vines per hectare on 390 gorgeous vineyards. A true paradise for both the eyes and palate!


If you wish to personally experience this beauty, climb the slopes of Požeška Gora (eng. The Požega Mount), follow marked hiking and biking trails and explore the Sokolovac hill named after Friar Luka Ibrišimović-Sokol, who is credited with the liberation of Slavonia from Ottoman rule. You can also visit hills above Pleternica – Klikun and Starac, whose history and name are not less interesting, and are associated with madame Clicquot who brought the first vines on this site.

The centuries-old tradition of wine growing here lists some of the most successful wine stories and production of high quality wines that are known beyond our borders.



Kutjevo vineyard

Inside Kutjevo vineyards there are wine growing meccas which produce world-famous wines: Čaglin, Kutjevo, Kaptol and Velika.

About 800 hectares of this vineyard make part of an active wine production. Kutjevo vineyards are among the best Croatian vineyards in general and give wines of high and highest quality. The best vineyard positions are Vinkomir, Hrnjevac, Venje, Mitrovac and Vetovo.

Kutjevo vineyards boast the title of the Croatian wine capital, and you too are invited to visit this place and taste premium wines.


Did you know?

In the area of Kutjevo vineyards there is a wine cellar from 1232, which is nowadays the oldest wine cellar in Croatia, and the parallel 45,3 that goes through Kutjevo vineyards connects all the areas significant for winegrowing: Istria, Piedmont, Val du Rhone, Bordeaux and Oregon.

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Vineyard of Pakrac

Vineyard of Pakrac includes Pakrac nad Lipik. The first records on wine production in Pakrac region could be found in travel writing by Piller and Mitterpacher – “A journey through Slavonia in 1782” through descriptions of large barns and the cellar of the Spahi, accross the slopes covered with vines cultivated by locals for purposes of the counts Janković estate.

This vineyard is characterized by specific additional offer in terms of numerous outdoor activities, such as hundreds of hiking and biking trails and a museum with the theme of the first Croatian mint, under the common denominator “The trails of Lipizzaners and minks”.

Tradicija vinarstva i vinogradarstva

Tourist offer of Slavonski puti (eng. Slavonian ways)

Wine roads of Pozega-Slavonia County comprehensively presented at and under the common denominator Slavonski puti/Slavonian ways, offer over 250 beds, 10 high-class restaurants, nearly 30 wine cellars, two eco estates, dried meat and cheese tasting rooms and lots of must-see sites to visit and explore.

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