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Become a tourist in your own town!

Sinj Tourist Board is organizing an educational action “Tourist in your own town”

March 4, 2017

Sinj Tourist Board is organizing, for 6th year in a row, educational action “TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN”. Namely, since 1990, on the initiative of The World Federation of Tourist Guide Association, with headquarters in Vienna,  February 21 has been celebrated as International Day of Tourist Guides.

On this occasion, we are inviting all our residents and their guests to join us on Saturday, February 21,  on  Šetalište Alozija Stepinca, from where we will set out on a  tour of our museums (Archaeological collection of Franciscan Monastery, Museum of Cetina Region, Sinj Alka Museum) and sightseeing of numerus cultural-historical monuments,  under professional guidance of members of Sinj Tourist Guides Association “Osinium”. (Tour duration – one hour and a half).

First group starts at 10.30 a.m, and the second one at 3.30 p.m.

The aim of this free educational action is popularizing our historical and cultural heritage as an important factor in tourism development in our town, but also to raise awareness of its significance and importance in the entire society.

Do not miss a chance to visit, under professional guidance, numerous sights in our town, together with impressive exhibitions in Cetina Region Museum, Archaeological collection of Franciscan Monastery and Sinj Alka Museum.

It is necessary to confirm your attendance by phone, on 021 826 352 or  e-mail info@visitsinj.com .




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