Don’t miss 12th National Fair of Prosciutto nd Dry-Cured Meat Products

April 8 – 9 2017

Sinj town, in the heart of Inland Dalmatia, is host to the 12th National Fair of Prosciutto and Dry-Cured Meat Products with International Participation. Don’t miss it and see for yourself why prosciutto is a delicacy without equal!


An essential part of every occasional menu, produced in the traditional manner, battered by the strong wind of bora coming from mountain tops, carefully chosen and preserved – prosciutto is a choice food that will please even the most sophisticated of palate!

There can be no better place to present this fine and homemade food than Sinj, a town with a long-standing tradition of making prosciutto and dry-cured meats, with recipes and the secrets of the craft that reach well into the distant past and are passed down through generations.

For tenth year running, the following are expected to participate at the Fair: major Croatian producers of prosciutto and dry-cured meat products, family farms, producers of prosciutto and Slavonian ham, representatives of regional meat industries, representatives of associations of producers, individual producers, major producers of Istrian and Drniš prosciutto, guests from Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of pig breeders associations, regional family farms breeding pigs, representatives of the leading chain stores and hoteliers and caterers.

A professional conference – round table will provide an opportunity for both producers and those interested to obtain the information regarding the topical issues and the importance of autochthonous and traditional products, with an emphasis on dry-cured meat products, as well as the information about the programs funded by the EU and the relevant ministries.

Just like in the past years, a committee comprised of renowned experts and scientists will evaluate the specific quality of prosciutto of individual producers participating at the Fair, the evaluation being based on the Ordinance on Prosciutto Quality Evaluation (Pravilnik o ocjenjivanju kvalitete pršuta).

Visitors will be able to become acquainted with the magnificent and precious heritage through the performances of cultural clubs from Dalmatia and beyond, but also through the presentation of traditional customs and unique handicrafts.

Come, have a look around, taste it and buy it!

Organised by: Sinj Centre for Entrepreneurship Ltd, Town of Sinj

Photo: archive of Tourist board Sinj, Trilj, Vrlika and Dugopolje