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5 reasons why Dalmatian hinterland is summer top destination!



THE FLOURISHING OF TOURISM. The leading people of Dalmatian tourism have realised long ago that Dalmatian Zagora is the undiscovered gem of the region – and rolled up their sleeves!

They introduced a new concept of bycicle routes to this intriguing area of beautiful pristine nature, bringing local specialties to their guests’ tables, and moving klapa and sophisticated blues sounds to the town sqares. Apart from the tastily decorated apartments, they welcomed their guests in the increasingly popular luxury homes with swimming pools, and all in all, offered a top-notch service. Read our article and find out why precisely Dalmatian hinterland, tucked away behind the buzz of Split, caught our attention – join us in visiting Dugopolje, Klis, Vrlika, Sinj and Trilj!

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  1. UNIQUE GASTRO EXPERIENCE. Understandably, when it comes to their visit to Dugopolje, gastronomads will firstly choose the treats for the palate! And is there a better idea, than the prosciutto that won numerous local gastronomic contests? The specific taste and the uniform reddish color of the champion delicacy creatively named Smjeli (eng. The Brave) are the result of the strong Dalmatian bura associated with mild exposure to smoke and drying in a natural way.

Check out why this prosciutto won so many gastronomic golden plate awards, and should you prefer some other trophies – the sports ones! – you shouldn’t be dissapointed as well! Dugopolje offers a handful of tournaments and races where you can have loads of fun as a spectator or even as a participant!

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On June 11, don’t miss the Dugopolje Grand Prix – 3rd international road bicycle race organized by cycling club “Marjan” from Split, as well as athletic race at 21 km – the 2nd in the row Dugopolje semi-marathon in September! The fans of the bocce ball tournaments will be thrilled with the 2nd International Bocce Tournament Koprivno 2017, organized by the bocce club „Sokol“ from Dugopolje, while lovers of American football will gladly visit Growth of a game camp (4. – 06.08.). Not a sports fan? You can go shopping at the outlet stores of the Podi Economic Zone, or see the truly wonderful natural phenomenon – Vranjača Cave!

2. THE THRILLS OF TRILJ. A new attraction for lovers of sophisticated music proves that Dalmatian hinterland has a truly quality tourism offer. Thrill Blues Festival (July 14) at the Trilj city park is an epitome of a well-known Latin proverb: nomen est omen – according to the lineup, it sure will be quite exciting! Trilj and Sinj blues forces – „DBLUZ“ and „Ozone“, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor from LA, “Black Mountain” from Kotor, Rijeka’s guitarist Hal known all over the world, and the  „Sunnysiders“ – band of the artistic director of the festival – musician Boris Hrepić Hrepo, guarantee a top portion of blues!

But, the Trilj novelties do not end here – in June there is also opening of the reconstructed Stari most (eng. Old bridge), the former iron bridge whose construction began in 1878 under the watchful eye of the emperor Franjo Josip I., and the launch of the Cetina beaches project is also expected! If you visit this intriguing place, expect some legendary attractions – both tasty ones (Days of Komin, Pura and Brozin, Gastronomic Folk Festival – July 27) and those to suit all tastes (the indispensable Feast of St. Mihovil, September 29).

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There is also a number of possibilities for lovers of nature, adventure and adrenaline (from QUAD adventure, much-adored rafting, kayaking and canoe safari on Cetina river, to the great bicycle tours that will bring you closer to the 600 years old watermills – Grabske mlinice, Kamešnica mountain and Village of Voštane!).


3. WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF KLIS – THE TASTIEST LAMB DISHES… AND GAME OF THRONES! No fan of the planetary popular „Game of Thrones“ series, would fail to recognize in Klis one of its most emblematic filming locations – the ancient Meereen! Resorceful guides of the „Game of Thrones“ thematic tour will make sure that you don’t miss a single detail relevant to the series, and the rocky building located on the very tip of the abrupt and from all sides inaccessible gorge between Mosor and Kozjak, will reward you with a magnificent view of Split and Dalmatia!

The authentic impression of old times can be best experienced during the scenic spectacle „Battle for Klis“ (end of July), but this is merely the only event worth visiting – enjoy the performances and concerts of the Klis Cultural Summer, especially the traditional multipart (klapa) singing! You will soon discover why Klis is much-adored by gastronomads (try its traditional dishes like top-quality lamb, uljenak, lentils, octopus and beans stew!), and by adrenaline enthusiasts too – it hosts two attractive cycling races – the Grebbening and the XCM Atrium spring trophy!

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4. VRLIKA – THE PLACE OF THE MOST BELOVED OPERA HERO… AND OF THE TASTIEST FRIED PASTRY IN THE WORLD! The picturesque Vrlika, marked by the mountain, the Cetina River and Lake Peruča, has managed to unite such peculiarities in a relatively small space! It is much loved for its numerous active vacation possibilities – biking, riding, jeep safaris, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, hiking, trekking, hunting and fishing – and it will be especially exciting in June for its unique two-day bike tournament – Camping & Biking Vrlika 2017!

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Neither the lovers of sightseeing will be dissapointed here – they will be interested in taking a tour of the Church of St. Salvation (Cro. Sv. Spas) with the oldest bell tower in Croatia (9th century), the archaeological site of Koljani and the Česma from the time of Emperor Franjo Josip. Precisely this is a place of staging the famous „Ero from another world“ opera every July, about a cunning serf who manages to outwit two Turks. This opera over time became a trademark of Vrlika and its ambassador around the world, and it is an incredible experience to watch it in its natural environment! The same goes for the impressive Vrlika silent circle dance, a part of the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, but also for the – traditional fried pastry (uštipci)! Do not miss the International fried pastry competition in August, and make some pleasant gastronomic memories! An excellent choice of all these attractions will be available to you during the The evening of Singing, Dancing and Folk Costumes (July 22), while the town atmosphere is definitely most cheerful on October 7 (the Day of the City and the Feast of Our Lady of Rosary).

5. SINJ – HEADING TO HEROIC CITY THIS SUMMER TOO. Sinj is simply irresistible – both to the eye and ear, to the heart and soul – and to the palate too! The city which had ice cream on its menus back in 1838, enchants its visitors with the sophisticated blend of the Mediterranean, Oriental and continental cuisine – and not just gastronomads!

Who could resist the famous arambaše, or delicacies like fried frogs, freshwater crabs buzara, cetina trout, paired with Sinj wines – hrvaština and maraština? And, what is even better, these specialties are the tastiest part of the most celebrated and beloved Sinj manifestations, hugely visited despite the unbearable summer heat – the Sinj Alka and the feast day of Our Lady!


Although for most people these two events are a reason enough to visit this truly special city, many of them also want to take a tour of the Museum of the Sinj Alka, and during the rehearsals preceding the main competition, the city has about 40,000 visitors! Those looking for meditation and peace will gladly visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sinj as well as new thematic trail towards Our Lady’s city. It is hard to believe that the quiet and traditional Sinj has a wild adrenaline side, but there you can also go horseback riding, paragliding, enjoy the attractive biking routes or go for a QUAD adventure!

The city also has a sports aerodrome, visited by numerous sailors, sky divers and modellers. There is also a number of competitons – from the „City Challenge“ and „Cetina Adventure“ race (June 3), to the 5th „To the source of Cetina“ („Do izvora Cetine“) bycicle race (June 11), National Sailing Championship (July 2-9), Sinj Air Show (August 19) and the Traditional International Galloping Races in September.

Sinj thought also of music lovers – they will surely enjoy SARS – Alternative Culture Festival (July 21 and 22) and Gljevstock on June 3 – a festival of music, love and socializing! And for July 7, the heroic city has prepared a real treat – the sophisticated rhythms of top musicians – the Sudar Percussion ensemble!

Still in doubt that Dalmatian Zagora can be really exciting? Summer 2017 is a great opportunity to give it a chance to prove you’re wrong!

Photo: TB Central Dalmatia, archive of Tourist boards