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Hvar experience – the one you have been waiting for!

REACH FOR YOUR DOSE OF HVAR! Let nothing stop you this summer to book your stay on time in Amfora, Adriana, Riva & Pharos hotels – attractive accommodation of hotel chain Sunčani Hvar Hotels.

Hvar doesn’t need to be especially presented  – over the years it has become one of the most visited islands of this part of Dalmatia, and it is also the birth place of organized tourism in Europe.

In order for you not to miss anything worth seeing or experiencing – we are presenting four theme tours  under a common name Hvar Experience. If you choose this attractive package for adrenaline enthusiasts, lovers of sea blue or for those who like quality wine, here is what to expect!

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2400 YEARS OLD WINE STORY will present itself during a visit to one or two wineries, and historical part of UNESCO protected heritage which has indeed priceless significance – did you know that Starigrad field is actually an unaltered, unique insight into the ways of Ancient Greeks who planted their first vines there?

Indulge yourself to enjoy in most appreciated Hvar wine drops, like dry white wine bogdanuša of pronounced freshness and flowery aromas. According to a legend, it was drank, due to its exceptional quality, exclusively for religious holidays (the name comes from Croatian expression given by God). There is also ruby red plavac, of harmonious taste and complex aromas, leaving scents of dry plum and vanilla in your nostrils!

MAYBE YOU WOULD rather include Starigrad plain in your adventure on two wheels? Just like the historic center of the town, it is ideal for an attractive combination of adventure and history On Hvar you will get just the right dose of Mediterranean charm while biking through lavender fields, by pebble beaches, olive groves and vineyards – miraculous places which you can explore!

Enjoy in blessings of Mediterranean climate, nature that leaves visitors breathless and total of 311 sunny days a year; all this creates a great combination for modern adventurers, especially cyclists!

LIGHT SHOW CREATED BY – NATURE awaits all of you who, instead of land, choose to stick to the sea surface!

You will be especially pleased with a one-day excursion that starts with a visit to the Green and Blue Cave, including Vis and Pakleni Islands! Swimming in the Green Cave on Ravnik islet, on the southeast side of Vis, thanks to game of light and crystal clear sea, is like a light show directed by nature, and nothing less exciting is a visit to Blue Cave on Biševo island, whose colours and reflections are considered to be one of the most beautiful world natural phenomena! A visit to this unavoidable destination is preceded by swimming and sunbathing in turquoise Stiniva bay, and next points are legendary Vis and authentic fishermen’s place Komiža!

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING to give you a real experience of the Mediterranean, a great idea is kayaking on Pakleni Islands in a fairy-tale-like surrounding crystal clear sea. If you are searching for an activity that will truly unite you with the scents of sea water and hum of sea – do not look any further! The islands are covered with dense pine wood, so there you can find refreshing shades even on the hottest summer day.

If you are a real boatswain, you can even rent a private speed boat within the hotel offer, and to reach the island as comfortably as possible, VIP services are at your disposal, as well as standard transfer.

VIP transfer is available 24 hours a day and it includes your direct transport from Split airport and a to your hotel on Hvar, while standard transfer includes regular ferry and catamaran lines. You can find more details on Sunčani Hvar transfers