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A vacation is not a vacation if it doesn’t have a bit of excitement? If you nodded in confirmation to this sentence, you are at the right place – what you’re looking for is Omiš!

ZIPLINE – DO NOT FORGET YOUR SMARTPHNE! Because this is the adventure you’re going to want to record, and which will attract a lot of envy on social media! A flight above a the Cetina canyon using steel ropes is one of the recent attractions that became famous and listed among the most spectacular ones very quickly. Namely, how else to describe three-hour rush on two kilometres long wires placed on a height of more than 100 metres? Warning: only for the brave ones!

GOOD OL’ RATFTING on the Cetina river is an activity whose lure doesn’t diminish, and all the more guests every year want to tackle its rapids! But, adjustability is a great characteristic of this river adventure – families with children and older persons can enjoy in slow paddling on calmer areas, with untouched nature. A peaceful excursion or an adrenaline rafting bomb – decide for yourselves!

THE SAME GOES FOR KAYAKING – depending on chosen route, you can choose a level of difficulty (and excitement!), while canyoning is the most comprehensive story that combines walking along (and through!) the Cetina; it is a unique experience of bathing under waterfalls and conquering river rapids!

IF YOU RATHER STICK TO THE LAND, you have at your disposal carefully arranged theme roads that lead to the highest surrounding mountains, old pirate forts, beautiful belvederes and picturesque villages, and you can also go on a hiking or trekking adventure on steep hills – Omiš Dinara, Komorjak and Mosor used to serve as a natural protection from enemies, but today they are ideal mountaineering location.

OF COURSE, THIS IS STILL A COASTAL TOWN, so it’s no wonder you can find great locations for diving there – on only 3 metres of depth near central town’s beach, there is a sunken ship from World War 2, and more experienced divers will be delighted by one of the best diving locations in Crotia – Vruja bay!

For those who like the surface more that diving over 100 m (which is alowed only with the help of experts!), will be pleased with sailing on board – if you don’t like it, it only means you haven’t tried it, say Omiš people – and they’re right!

IT’S NO WONDER PIRATED USED TO BE THERE – this is what you’ll probably think after looking at the list of Omiš sports manifestations. It’s like adventure spirit lingered on this area and instead of pirate duels, turned into those where physical fitness and competitive spirit play the key role!

Dalmatia Ultra Trail is an exciting race in postseason (from 20 – 22 October 2017) which will take you to the most attractive points of Central Dalmatia. 2nd Omiš half-marathon (30 September 2017) will invigorate the participants with a  view of truly perfect Mediterranean ambience and carvings of the Cetina River, which created of one the most beautiful canyons in Europe!

But, these are not the only sports competitions – in March 5th Imbertrek was held, in May 11th Mosor Grebbening (trekking race on rocks and slopes of Mosor) and 6th Mountaineering Festival; and 29 July is reserved for 24th Omiš Swimming Marathon. As these are mainly acclaimed manifestations,

Photo: TB Central Dalmatia, TB Omiš