“Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels” – new definition of luxury and authenticity!

Hotel Alhambra, Mali Lošinj

Authentic experience for the top of world demand in elite tourism

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED how a travel itinerary of a modern globetrotter with  high purchasing power looks like?

Hotel Meneghetti, Istra

While marble bathrooms and golden pipes used to be highly appreciated, time have significantly changed. Namely, modern guests know that this type of luxury can be found even in their home place, and what, in their opinion is worth of gold is all about – authenticity!

Villa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik

Indeed, whether it’s a traditional sweet made in a specific way in a specific place, display of original customs or preserved piece of history or culture, traveller of this age (and with a lot of money) will look for something he/she cannot find anywhere else!

REDEFINITION OF LUXURY. That unique experience is highly appreciated is very clear to head people of a Group of Unique Luxury Hotels under a common name “Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels”.

Hotel Heritage Martinis Marchi, Šolta

Among 17 domestic luxury facilities located along the Adriatic coast which are a part of this group, there are all true stars – Kazbek, The Pucić Palace and Villa Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, The Hotel Adriana in Hvar, hotels Adriatic, Meneghetti, San Rocco and Valamar Isabella in Istria, Lešić Dimitri palace in Korčula, Hotel Alhambra in Mali Lošinj, hotels Bevanda and Navis in Opatija, Hotel Vestibul Palace in Splitu, Hotel Life Palace and D-Resort in Šibenik, palace Martinis Marchi on Šolta and Hotel Bastion in Zadar.

Hotel Adriatic, Istra

Nenad Nizić, president of Group of Unique Luxury Hotels

According to the president of Group of Unique Luxury Hotels with Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Nenad Nizić, positioning our homeland as exclusive destination is exactly one of the goals of common appearance of these facilities, whose two restaurants have been included in Micheline guide! Apart from luxury service, what these facilities also have in common is the awareness of the staff that authentic experience has come to the very top od world demand when it comes to elite tourism.

Hotel Bastion, Zadar

Hotel Alhambra, Mali Lošinj

LOCATION IS IMPORTANT. If it is to judge by the most recent tourist trends, guests with high purchasing power rather stay in facilities hidden in old town cores or among olive groves of former noblemen properties, of which – as the name of the brand – Stories – suggests – each offers some of its specific stories.

Slogan “You are the writer” that accompanies this project, encourages modern customers to share their experience with others, which is one of the best and most efficient recommendations in era of social networks. Namely, hotel tucked in a city palace, or on the rock above the sea, apart from being a great shelter from chaotic everyday life, is an excellent topic (and real, as modern Internet terminology suggests – envy challenger) for attractive Facebook or Instagram post!

Villa Meneghetti, Istra


Eva LaRue, Nenad Nizić

Eva LaRue, became an ambassador of new Croatian brand Group of  Unique Luxury Hotels  – Stories

Famous actress in CSI Miami, Eva LaRue, in March became an ambassador of new Croatian brand Group of  Unique Luxury Hotels  – Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels. This luxury lover, in two-week visit to Croatia, stayed in unique Stories hotels on our coast, and wrote about her experience on her blog and Instagram profile.

Hotel Vestibul, Split

CELEBRATION OF HISTORY AND CULTURE. Gershon Guyit, Nigerian ambassador in Hungary, briefly described a star among these luxury hotels – Hotel Vestibul. According to him, this edifice, awarded with many excellency certificates and acknowledgments of even strict Tripadvisor, is a real celebration of history, art and culture! Hotel got other numerous prestigious awards so renowned world travel magazine “Conde Nast Traveller“, enlisted it among 25 best world hotels.

Intrigued by attractive hotel story we looked at Vestibul interior as well, and the thrill was instant – elegant minimalist design, classy rooms in earthy colours; high quality kitchen inspired by modern trends and luxurious wine card, will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

But still, dazzling high prices on international travel sites are a result of one of its strongest advantages – unique location at the very heart of Split old town core is different from anything guests have seen and experienced so far.

Resort Valamar Isabella, Istra

Therefore, if we have been in search for X factor to add to our domestic tourism an extra dose of attractiveness – our search has just finished!

Hotel Pucić palace, Dubrovnik

Hotel Alhambra, Mali Lošinj

Kazbek, Dubrovnik

Hotel Adriana, Hvar

Palača Lešić – Dimitri, Korčula

Hotel Bastion, Zadar

D-Resort Šibenik
D-Resort, Šibenik


 Photo: arhive of Stories hotels