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Thinking about your dream vacation? Book Vela Luka Hum hotels now – a synonim of relaxation and tailor – made holidays!

CREATORS OF GREAT EXPERIENCE. Leaders of Hum Hotels know very well that quality accomodation makes an inevitable part of an unforgettable vacation, and the true aces up their sleeve are hotels Adria, Posejdon and Jadran!

Of course, Vela Luka with its rich gastronomic, cultural and sports offer makes it really easy to offer a guest a holiday of their dreams, but these people know how to encircle it in a complete story, so in addition to the hotels, they also offer a wide variety of private accommodation in attractive locations at the highest tourist standards.

The secluded location and beauty of the surroundings in the peaceful Plitvine bay are among the most wonderful features of the “Adria” hotel, which will inspire you with unforgettable views of a relaxing park and open sea.

Beautiful pebble beach with crystal clear sea, with as many as 127 tastefully decorated rooms, an attractive outdoor swimming pool ideal for sunbathing and enjoying colorful summer cocktails, a spacious terrace under the stunningly beautiful starry skies, will facilitate the “escape” from a hectic everyday routine even to the most stubborn workaholics! Plus, it is a pet friendly hotel with a dog beach nearby!

Hotel Adria – “Pet friendly” hotel

Bring your furry family members with you on your vacation. If you own a pet, then it is very probable that you don’t wan’t to be separated from your 4-legged loved one even during the vacation. Hotel Adria is a pet friendly hotel with a dog beach nearby. To be able to take your pet on a vacation with you, is a priceless experience.

A modern two-storey “Posejdon” hotel is no less appealing! Besides the neat, nicely decorated rooms, it also offers a relaxing atmosphere on the beach, at the beach bar or on the terrace with a wonderful view of the Vela Luka bay. We also loved the fact that there is a diving center in the immediate vicinity of this building, which will be especially appreciated by all the deep sea enthusiasts and researchers of underwater flora and fauna!

Guests of younger age will certainly be delighted with a simple, but tastefully decorated “Jadran”  hotel, just five minutes away from the town center, which, just like the first two objects, boasts a very attractive gastronomic offer studded with Dalmatian delicacies!

PETS AND LOVERS FRIENDLY DESTINATION! If you are wondering why from all the available places you should visit Vela Luka, we will tell you that this is one of the frendliest and most accessible we know! In Vela Luka even your 4-legged loved ones will enjoy their vacation – as evidenced by the table at the Zubaća vale (bay) – swimming here is also allowed for pets!

And should you find the beautiful clear sea, or the proximity of the legendary islet of love – Ošjak, inspiring, you can also use the kissing point and share a romantic moment with your soul mate!

The unique atmosphere of Ošjak, deprived of every trace of urban life, from Vela Luka is just a ten-minute boat ride away, and we also believe that you surely won’t want to miss Proizd, whose famous Bili boci beach on its northern side was ranked by the renowned Daily Telegraph among the 5 most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic!

Besides, the sight of the white rocks that plunge into the turquoise sea (aesthetics worthy of the visually most elegant Hollywood productions, such as those on James Bond!) will be a true envy generator on social networks!

But that’s not all – let’s remember that Vela Luka is also a destination that has a lot to offer to lovers of tangible and intangible cultural heritage – from the impressive Kumpanija – colorful sword dance and attractive mosaics in the center of the town you just can’t afford to miss out on, to the baba and dida (“grandmother and grandfather”) – extremely preserved skeletal tombs nicknamed by witty locals, merely a fraction of interesting attractions hidden by the intriguing cave named Vela spila.

There are also stunning beaches and coves (which can be visited by boat trips), the regatta in honour of St. John, trekking race… so Vela Luka won’t dissapoint even the adrenaline lovers! But regardless of your preferences, choosing Hum Hotels for your friendly hosts is synonymous with choosing tailor-made vacation of your dreams!

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