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SEGET – A piece of Mediterranean to cherish in your heart!


A PLACE THAT LIVES FOR TOURISM. Peace that you can rarely find, in combination with the sun and the sea whose beauty is worthy of the most famous summer destinations? That’s Seget, an idyllic place for an escape from frenetic every-day life! Foreign guests describe it with a sense of nostalgia – it looks like our favourite summer destination, before it became too noisy and crowded!

You will find many praises for Seget – for hospitality of hosts and their knowledge of foreign languages, and as well for accommodation tidiness and neatness and really great food – guests are delighted by luxurious big meals, especially for breakfast, whether in private accommodation, restaurants in one of the camps like Belvedere, or hotel facilities.

RERFESHING ADDITION. Although it is recognized as an oasis of relaxation, jealously kept as a kind of a secret, Seget had recently been added on maps of active vacation enthusiasts – especially the two-wheeled vacation! To meet the needs of those who prefer somewhat easier bike ride, but also of true adventurists on macadam roads, Seget offers two roads of different difficulty levels – Health road and Napoleon’s way – marked by adequate signalization and equipped with all useful objects and contents.

By doing this, Seget Municipality has joined one of the most recent tourist trends in the County – cyclotourism, which attracts all the more enthusiasts. And if together with recreation on land you like sea adventures, you will be pleased to know that ecologic actions of cleaning the underwater are held there, which will definitely make diving experience of those in love with deep sea more pleasant.

BONUS TIP. For a complete sea experience, we certainly recommend you to visit Seget Vranjica and enjoy in concerts and evenings of Dalmatian music, held during summer. It will be a nice way  to spice up already magnificent vacation!

Tourist board Seget

Photo: TB Seget