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Mysterious and irresistible Vis in global cinema-hit “Mamma Mia”!


THAT DALMATIA IS ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE DESTINATIONS TO CAMERA EYE, is confirmed by the words of numerous film masters, like strict Hitchcock who was swept away by Zadar’s sunset, which he declared to be the most beautiful in the whole world! Also flattering fact is that, besides all world-famous destinations and potential filming locations, more and more attractive productions choose our coast as an ideal scenery for their movies.

Inside Klis Fortress. A private moment for Daenerys

In upcoming thriller with Katarina Radivojević, Hvar could soon be visited by Tom Hanks as well; Klis fort and Žrnovnica have already hosted famous Daenerys and her dragons (protagonists of world-famous “Game of Thrones”), while legendary uskoks rushed through our heroic town Sinj during filming of documentary-feature film The Age of Uskoks in autumn last year! Submarine of famous Jacques Cousteau circled around Hvar, Vis and Biševo waters during filming of great movie “Odyssey” – about the life and work of this legendary explorer.

Together with all these intriguing notes, one of the most recent confirmations of film-like nature of Central Dalmatia came from one of the most popular Hollywood motion pictures – romantic musical “Mamma Mia 2”, spiced with great hits of legendary ABBA, filmed on our beautiful and mysterious Vis – and we cannot wait to see its world premiere!

VIS IN A ROLE OF GREEK ISLAND. Mysterious an irresistible Vis, for almost half a century isolated as a military island, turned this fact into its advantage. Its secludedness from frenetic everyday life and truly intact nature, are real treats for those in search of Robinson tourism, and it also caught the eye of Hollywood producers who wisely recognized Vis’ potential for a role of Greek island, where first sequel of this global cinema-hit was filmed.

Great actors as unmatched Meryl Streep, one of the most attractive Bonds – Pierce Brosnan, charismatic Colin Firth, American beauty Amanda Seyfried who excelled in “Les Miresables”… – have one thing in common – all of them were delighted by the beauties of our Vis, and have marked it on a world-famous movie destinations map with their joint performance. Moviemakers on set were extremely satisfied with cooperation of domestic filmmakers, local authorities and people, their hospitality and professionalism which was indeed at the top level.

AND WHILE THEY ARE IMPATIENTLY WAITING FOR JULY, when this attractive film will be released, head people of Central Dalmatia tourism don’t just sit back and wait – they have recognized great potential in aforementioned facts and decided to introduce one more attractive note in region’s tourism. In this spirit, intensive effort is being made to open a film office in Split, like the ones already existing in Zadar and Istria. Exactly with this purpose, in late June last year, three-days International Film Convention was held, whose main goal was to promote creative industries, especially movie industry.

Observations about Split having great potential for film setting are, by all means precise, and this is shown by successfulness of materials made there. For example, two-part German crime TV series about detective Branka Marić, shot in Split in 2015, attracted no less than 4,45 million viewers, while Columbian part of the story about General Gotovina was also filmed there. Not only would establishing its own film office contribute to recognition of the destination in this sense, but it would also, according to Joško Stella, the leading man of the County’s tourism,   prolong high season, open possibilities for new jobs; and the most important thing, it would attract new and attractive film productions.

We support this attractive initiative, because, what more can we wish to Dalmatia, but to be put in itineraries of not only globetrotters, party lovers, gastronomads, but also the masters of the seventh art! What’s more to say but – Mammy mia, what can we expect when our Vis earns world’s respect!

Photo: TB Split-Dalmatia County, archive TB Komiža