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Creative Spring in Kaštela – Enjoy in 7 Weeks of Spring Festivities!

Seven places, one connection – an event called Creative Spring, ongoing till the end of May. Of course, it is all about Kaštela, picturesque settlements which form the town of Kaštela and are located in the bay of Kaštela, between Split and Trogir. The history of Kaštel Štafilić, Kaštel Stari, Kastel Novi, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Gomilica and Kaštel Sućurac date back to the Neanderthal Age. Most important reminders of the long history of living in this area are numerous ancient villas, old Croatian churches and castles – ʺkašteliʺ.

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One of the most beautiful love stories, including a Croatian Romeo & Juliet, was told in Kaštela – a story about the unfortunate love of  two young people – Miljenko and Dobrila. Kaštela are also known for its old, original wine sort – ʺcrljenak kaštelanskiʺ, a predecessor of the world famous Zinfandel.

To attract a larger number of tourists in springtime to these colorful places, the town of Kaštela and the Kaštela Tourist Board, in cooperation with other institutions, organized the tourist&cultural event Creative Spring in Kaštela. These 7 weeks of the event will include the week of ʺcrljenak kaštelanskiʺ, week of Kaštela Castles, week of Kaštela’s dialect, week of Kaštel The Small – 7 days dedicated to children’s creativity, Kaštela’s flower festivities, Gastronomic Kaštela or Horse bean Week and week of Roads through Kaštela. The event covers all important segments – from history and culture to sport tourism and enogastronomy.

The love story about Miljenko and Dobrila is fused into all weekly events.

Week 1 – dedicated to ʺcrljenak kaštelanskiʺ

In springtime, Kaštela are particularly appealing to the visitors, and already in the first week of the Creative Spring in Kaštela, at the opening ceremony organized by the town of Kaštela on April 9th 2018, Kaštel Sućurac, residents of Kaštela and surrounding towns, as well as all their guests, were able to get information on the history of crljenak kaštelanski and taste this exquisite red wine, produced by several winemakers from Kaštela. Besides fine wine, ancient traditional dishes were available for tasting, provided and prepared by hard working students and teachers of Braća Radić High School.


A roundtable on crljenak kaštelanski was held on April 12th, 2018 at the castle Vitturi.


Week 2 – Kaštela’s ʺkašteliʺ

The second week of Creative Spring is reserved for Kaštela’s castles or, in the local dialect, ʺkašteliʺ, because cultural heritage is an important segment of the tourist offer. All lectures are open to the public, and the organizers have extended invitations to owners of travel agencies, local guides and journalists. Lectures on “Kaštela’s Castles“ and “Kašteli before Kaštela” will be held on April 17th and 18th in Vitturi castle in Kaštel Lukšić. The “Kaštela Heritage” is the topic of the lecture which will be presented on April 20th and will take place in Podvorje, Kaštel Sućurac, after which a boat tour of Kaštela is on the program.

Week 3 – Kaštela’s dialect

The lyrical souls and all those who appreciate beautiful songs, elegant words and performances will enjoy the third week of Creative Spring. On April 23rd, at 7:30 pm, in Podvorje, an event called Night of Book Lovers will kick off with a stand up comedy “Dalmatinka”, created by Marijana Perinić. Later in the evening, at 09:00 pm, you can join a danceathon called COOLturni plesnjak, also in Podvorje. Two days later, on April 25th, at the castle Vitturi, there will be a presentation of the book “Trogirski vojvoda” (The Duke of Trogir), translated by a famous Croatian poet, Luko Paljetak. On April 26th, at 7:30 pm, in St. Juraj’s cinema in Kaštel Sućurac, the 27th dialectal poet’s evening ʺČA bih da jubavi ni“ (What would we do without love), is on schedule.

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Week 4 – Festival of children’s creativity

Intended for children and their creative expression, the 4th week includes an eco-action “Lipa li su lipa moja Kaštela” (Oh my fair Kaštela). As part of the Kaštel The Small project, a children’s creativity festival will be held, followed by a quiz for children on the topic of the famous Kaštela’s Romeo & Juliet – Miljenko and Dobrila, festival of children’s folklore groups, and a performance of Little Red Riding Hood.

Week 5 – 18th Flower Festivities in Kaštela, dedicated to Miljenko & Dobrila

Kaštel The Small continues with projects in this week as well,  with more performances. In addition to children’s performances, gorgeous flowers mark the fifth week of the event, which is dedicated to Kaštela’s flower festivities. The opening of the 18th Kaštela’s Flower Festivities is programed on May 11th, at the Vitturi castle. The Flower Festivities will be open from May 11th to May 13th 2018. This year’s main theme are Miljenko & Dobrila.


Week 6 – Gastro Kaštela – All about horse beans

Gastro-fans and all those who simply love good food,  will enjoy the week of  Gastronomic Kaštela, which will include presentations of books written about traditional local food –  “Manistra and Bob” and “Bob, bobić, mahuna”. During this week, th economic forum of Split-Dalmatia County will be held at the Vitturi castle. On Saturday, May 19th, at the Fraternity House in Kaštel Kambelovac, a special event will be hosted – a World Cup in preparation of dishes with cuttlefish & horse beans, and a day later, on May 20th – the Feast of Horse beans.

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Week 7 – Roads through Kaštela

The last week of the Creative Spring Festival is all about romance – discovering the roads through Kaštela. On May 28th, for all of those who are in love, have been, and will be, a lovely poetry reading is on schedule – “Romantic Letters to Miljenko and Dobrila”. Both recreative sports people as well as professional athletes will get their own share of excitement – on May 26th they will go cycling on a Ciklo journey through the history of Kaštela with Biking club ʺOlujaʺ. That same day,  May 26th, will mark the closure of Creative Spring in Vitturi castle. But they have saved some more activities for the very end! To keep you in good shape,  club ʺHPD Bedalovʺ invites all visitors and tourists on Sunday, May 27th, to a walking tour through Kaštela. A warm welcome to all of you!

Photo: Kaštela Tourist Board

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