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Seget – 4 reasons to visit the most authentic part of the Mediterranean!

SEGET IS A TRUE MINI HEAVEN, and it proudly sits among the top 5 of the most frequently visited destinations in the Split-Dalmatia County. The fusion of the long tourism tradition and the irresistible charm of the small Dalmatian place is its formula for success – stay tuned and you will discover the motives of numerous travelers and the whole families to return there year after year!

  1. A LOCATION TO DIE FOR! Did you know that Seget has a great traffic position? Much beloved national parks such as Krka and Plitvice Lakes, the Marian shrine of Medjugorje, and of course, UNESCO’s jewels such as Split, Šibenik, Trogir and even Dubrovnik, are just a stone’s throw away! Choose Seget for a peaceful oasis, and for even more content, go for a tailor-made excursion!

2. ACCOMMODATION EXPERIENCE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. Friendly Seget hosts are well aware that the accommodation is an important segment of the tourist offer, and something that is constantly being upgraded.

Everybody’s favorite and well-known places such as campsites with 4 stars, hotels or apartments, don’t lose their shine, but there are also some new sites to consider – hotels  newly opened.

  1. TAILOR-MADE ACTIVE VACATION. You never give up your recreational and sports activities? Take the Staza zdravlja (Eng. Path of Health) and reward yourself with stunning views from the highest summits of Vlaška and Sv. Ilija (St. Elijah); and if you are in a really good shape, try to master Napoleon’s Path (Cro. Napoleonov put) by bycicle – a road built in 1807 by Napoleon’s marshals! For even more adrenaline activities, check out the nearby rafting and zip line on the Cetina river, which enjoy the cult status among active vacationers!
  2. A SPECTACLE FOR THE PALATE. Intriguing Dalmatian cuisine is a special experience for the senses, and Seget’s restaurants which offers a star-studded menu! Try the legendary Dalmatian peka – a signature dish in the same time baked and cooked under an iron lid; grilled meat, vegetables or local fish, and round off your meal with magnificient homemade wine and delicious fried pastry – fritule and kroštule!

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