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Meet rural side of Supetar

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THE GATES OF OUR BIGGEST DALMATIAN ISLAND – the town of Supetar – has opened its door to a return to tradition and rural tourism. And it is having a very stylish comeback – namely, next year in May Supetar will be hosting a congress dedicated to this specific tourism branch!

This is not by chance, for head people of our island’s metropolis know that a return to everything primal, original and authentic that a destination has to offer is, at the moment, the most current trend in global tourist movements. In this spirit, they have put out on the tables of their restaurants and family rural households the most delicious traditional delicacies, enlivened old customs, brought their guests to authentic stone houses with an enchanting view, and gave us a great material for one of the most intriguing and – the tastiest – texts so far!


4th Congress of rural tourism in Supetar
Congress of rural tourism hosted by Supetar is going to be held from 9 – 13 May 2018. It will be one of the greatest expert tourist events ever held in Supetar. Apart from the professional part, there will be rich accompanying programme of fairs, concerts and excursions where they will present gastronomic, outdoor and heritage offer of Brač’s rural area that has, over the years, become an integral part of Brač’s tourist story.

A WORLD AS TRANSFERRED FROM A VISION. But, before we take a look at Supetar’s kitchens, we can’t resist not to see what cultural-historical attractions the place has to offer, which give a specific picturesque character covered in vail of mystery! For, how else would you describe Dragon’s cave, which looks as if it emerged out of the world between sleep and reality? A 30-min. ascend to the cave from Murvica place, accompanied by an expert guide, is a bit tiring, but you will be awarded with a view of fascinating reliefs that are a blend of Slavic mythology and Christian iconography! In 15th century this cave was a habitat of Glagolitic priests, and an authentic relief of dragon carved in a cliff would certainly be gladly used by makers of Game o Thrones!

festival klapa supetar 2015

No less interesting is Blaca dessert – monk’s monastery built close to a cliff that, like a nice apparition, resists the time! It is hard to believe that this complex of buildings of different purposes started with stone partition of a cave that was a shelter of hard working hermits against the Ottomans. Its interior will take your breath away – see old monastery kitchen, manuscripts, piano, gramophone, telescope… And for a complete experience of one of emblematic Brač’s traditions, set out on a theme road Hercules to stone quarry Rasohe, or visit Pučišća and its stone masonry school where you can see real works of art of hardworking students’ hands – made of far known Brač’s stone!

GASTRO – HEDONISM WITH A MARK OF TRADITION. If of all Brač’s experiences you prefer gastronomic ones, set out on a theme road “Dolčevita” (Dolce Vita) and sail in – sweet life where the most pronounced is gastro magic of Brač – 5 restaurants, taverns and rural households and a family vinery will please even the choosiest gourmets!

Supetar has turned to traditional gastronomy, and with a leitmotif Unlock the taste of authentic Brač island cuisine started a project ISLAND CUISINE Supetar which brings back the dishes made by traditional recipes by Brač’s grannies! This noble initiative has been embraced by 5 Supetar’s restaurants, and gastronomy oriented guests will be delighted to finally have a place to taste simple traditional island’s dishes.

But, they are not to blame, a simple look on tasty menus makes your mouth water, and the fact that the ambience is mostly authentic, in nicely arranged old house, is an extra reason for a visit! Agrotourisms are praised in all languages – a simple view on their tasty delicacies like spit roasted lamb, meat and fish under the baking lid, Brač’s cake and rožata; homemade juices made of Melissa and sage – makes our mind twist. Same thing happened after looking at a menu of Oil Museum, or some of rural households.

THEY WIN PALATES…AND HEARTS. Other Brač’s gourmet destinations offer great stories and experiences. Menu of tavern in Dol, together with already mentioned delicacies, offers rabbit in wine and varenik sauce with homemade gnocchi, manistrus pomidori and carbonara made by the old recipes, and it delighted all its visitors! A good proof of this is a comment posted on strict TripAdvisor by Italian lady Alessandra: “There are no words to describe this place – it is not only a restaurant, but a complete family experience!” This is exactly what head people of Supetar’s tourism wanted to accomplish and share with their guests.

Rural households on  Vidova Gora goes even one step further, they offer tasty homemade prosciutto, cheese and exceptional vitalac (ancient dish from Brač made of lamb or young goat’s offal that is unique in the world!) it offers an experience of a true Brač’s shepherd village! During summer cattle fair is organized here that attracts great number of people from Brač and tourists – this way kind Brač’s hosts win the palates of their guests with offered dishes, and their hearts with lovely animals – donkey named Jozica and cute dog Pipi are very popular on Facebook!


In a quest to delight your palates Oil Museum in Škrip has also been most successful. Together with delicious hrapošćuša cake (decorated with tasty walnuts so it resembles Brač’s karst) it offers nice olive and fig spreads and red homemade wine. It is possible, off course, to taste awarded olive oil and get familiar with the process of its production.

HERKULES u kamenolomu Rasohe, autor Lada Purić (1)_1

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, we can say that Supetar has definitely realized that a way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach; and this is confirmed by numerous positive comments of delighted guests, who didn’t only get a delicious autochthonous meal, but a whole set of authentic island’s ambience. Actually, we are also a bit in love and we can’t wait for a visit to taste at least one piece of gastro-identity of our biggest island. And to its entering gate – adored Supetar, we can foretell great (and tasty!) tourist future!

Hiking and Gourmet road “Dolčevita” and project ISLAND CUISINE Supetar are winners of silver sunflowers of Croatia rural tourism in categories “Rural tourist projects” (2016) and “Traditional rural gastronomy” (2017).


This post is also available in: Croatian