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Are You Ready for the Sinj Trail?

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May 12 2018 marks an important day for sports in Sinj. Sinj and the Cetinska krajina region will be hosting the competitors of the Dalmatian Trail league for the first time. The Cetina Adventure Club for adventurist sports, sponsored by the Town of Sinj, Sinj Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia Municipality, is organizing the fifth annual DTL, and all the points scored by the participants will be entered in the final League scoreboard.

Hosting this event represents a great honor for Sinj residents, which have proven themselves to be persistent and successful competitors in numerous trail competitions throughout Croatia. The splendor and diversity of nature in the Cetinska krajina region represent an ideal surrounding for this mind and body activity.

The competition is organized into three categories:

1. Alka: 33 km, 1700 meters ascent (start at 9:30)
2. Čoja: 22 km, 1000 meters ascent (start at 10:00)
3. Bara: 11 km, 390 meters ascent (start at 10:30)

The start for all categories is at the Šetalište Alojzija Stepinca (in the town center, next to the Miraculous Lady of Sinj church), and the finish line is at the City pool, Antuna Konstantina Matasa 7 (about 500 meters away from the starting line).

Applications are open until May 5 2018 at 23:59:59.
It is possible to apply on the day of the race, May 12 2018 at the application counter at the following times:

• From 8:00 until 9:00 –Alka category
• From 8:00 until 9:30 –Čoja category
• From 8:00 until 10:00 –Bara category

Competitors who applied after May 3 2018 will not be issued the official shirt in the starting pack.

The start fee is 100 kn for the Čoja and Alka categories and 70 kn for the Bara category.

Children under the age of 14 are entitled to 50% discount.

In the Bara category the third member of the same family has free starting fee. To be eligible for the discount all three members must have the same place of residence, evidence – personal identity card (for persons over the age of 16)

Competitors who participated in all DTL races – are entitled to 50% discount: (Antonela Banovac, Nađa Ramić, Jelena Gugić – Boko, Mario Barić, Ivan Roguljić, Andrija Savić, Ante Bubić, Jakša Rošin).

For contribution to the DTL – 100 % – Nenad Keč.

Starting fee refund is available until April 30 2018. After that date, the starting fee is non-refundable. The starting fee is the same on the day of the race, but it does not include the official race shirt.

Included in the price are: race organization, shirt with the official logo of the race, hot meal at the end of the race, refreshments during the race, use of locker rooms for showering and changing.

All competitors will receive bags to mark with numbered stickers (which will be the same as the starting numbers), in which they can store their belongings and hand over to the organizer for safe keeping, which will wait for them at the finish line.


First three places in men’s and women’s categories – separate for each category

First, second and third team place – a team is made of representatives of a specific club in all three categories including men and women. It is necessary for a team to have a minimum of one member per category, but if they have more, only the member with the best time in that category counts. Decision about the final three is made on the times of the fastest representatives, which are then added and make a final score (the placing is not considered in this case).


Free parking for all competitors arriving by car is located at the Marko Marulić Elementary School zone (next to the City pool Sinj), at the parking lot in front of the City pool Sinj, parking lot in front of Kaufland, parking lot next to the City bus station and the parking lot in front of Konzum. Competitors can also use the city parking at a day-price of 10 kn.

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In case some of the competitors are in need of accommodation they can contact us and we will try to organize accommodation at the lowest price.
For those who prefer camping, we are organizing “Gajo” camp in the Lučane village, right next to Sinj, which can accommodate a maximum of 7 tents. Food and drinks are provided in the camp, as well as toilet facilities and friendly staff. The camp is completely free of cost for the participants of the race and those accompanying them. It is possible to arrive a day or two early in the camp (necessary notice a week before).

Category details:

Bara category: with the length of 11 km (390 m ascent) it runs through all the largest Sinj landmarks and it is ideal for hikers, families and those seeking recreational activities, as well as those who want to try trail running for the first time. The start of the race is in front of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj church and it continues next to the beautiful Alka Halls and climbs via paved road up to the Old town and St Michael’s church. Descending, the trail then leads to a wide gravel road and ascent towards the lungs of Sinj town, Pavića nebesa. It runs through the entire length of Pavića nebesa through beautiful pine and oak forest and continues on the northern side of Pavića nebesa on a wide gravel path towards the finish line. The trail is circular, not technically difficult and marked the whole length by trail marks, signs and ribbons.

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Čoja category: with the length of 22 km with 1000 m ascent it runs the same way as the Bara trail till the intersection at Lučane, where it continues on a paved road for a kilometer before entering the protected Sutina landscape and ascends towards the highest summit around Sinj, Visošica (907 m altitude). The trail is marked with trail marks and ribbons all the way to the top. From the top of Visošica the trail descends into the Sutina canyon via wide gravel path, through Perjanica, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Sinj region. The trail runs beside the Sutina mountain creek almost the entire length from the spring and it re-emerges towards Pavića nebesa and returns toward the finish line. The trail is circular, marked by trail marks, ribbons and signs. It is aimed at more experienced competitors and recreational runners.

Alka category: with the length of 33 km and 1700 meters of altitude difference, it starts from the same place as previous two categories and separates at the middle of Pavića nebesa by a wide gravel path which then ascends towards Sinj’s most beautiful viewpoint, the Visoka summit at 896 m altitude. It then continues on a technically challenging mountain trail towards the Visošica summit where it descends into the Sutina canyon. The Sutina canyon runs on its left side and from the canyon it ascends towards its northern summit Bukovac, one of the most beautiful summits looking at Visoka, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja. It runs the entire length of the Bukovac summit moving in the direction of Svilaja till the Kačar area. There, it connects again to the technically difficult Plivišica descend where it exits into Lučane and runs towards the finish line on a wide gravel path. The trail is also circular, marked by trail marks, ribbons and signs. It is aimed at experienced competitors and recreational runners.

Children under the age of 14 can only participate in the Bara category, but exclusively with the accompaniment of parents or guardians and their written consent. Children ages 14 to 16 can participate individually in the Bara and Čoja category, but need to provide a written consent by a parent or guardian.
Children ages 16 to 18 can participate in all categories, but need to provide a written consent by a parent or guardian.

More details:

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