Alka – dance of freedom

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Spectacular blend of art, human skills and cultural heritage

Hot Sinj’s summer brings numerous interesting events. In co-operation with Marija Šćekić, pioneer of vertical dance in Croatia, and artistic organization Histeria NOVA, project “Alka- dance of freedom” was designed. It is a spectacular blend of art, human skills and cultural heritage. Vertical dance is a very exciting and impressive form of modern dance in which artists – dancers perform in the air, with the support of a climbing rope.

Marija Šćekić is a winner of numerous significant international awards, and for years she has been cooperating with international artists, scientists and business partners.

She worked as a head of Department for contemporary dance on Art academy in Reykjavik on Iceland where she made contact with Italian choreographer Wanda Moretti and French choreographer Fabrice Guillot; there she became a part of international project Vertical Dance Forum co-financed by EU – programme Creative Europe.

She is a leader of her own project “Vrata Velebita” focused on preserving cultural-natural heritage of South Velebit and the Republic of Croatia. Art organization Histeria NOVA has been working for decades on exploration and promotion of contemporary dance as a unique blend of audio-visual and performative art.

With the reconstruction of walls of fort Grad in Sinj, the town joined association European Walled Towns that supports and is concerned with joint interests of fortified cities all around the Europe. “Alka – dance of freedom” will use south walls of the fort as its stage with 3D video mapping projection as a visual stage of the show. 3D video mapping is a new and exciting technique of projecting, which can turn almost every surface into dynamic video wall. It enables buildings to move, breathe, change their shape and even communicate.

Fort Grad lives in memory of Cetina region people as a place of mythical victory over by far superior Turkish enemy. In honour of the battle, even today after three centuries, in Sinj Alka – knight game is held. As a vow to Virgin Marry the Day of Our Great Lady is celebrated. According to the legend, she walked all dressed in white over the walls of the fort – and made the enemy retreat.

Thousands of people pilgrim in August to Sinj and pray to Miraculous Our Lady of Sinj.

The walls of Grad cherish till today famous history and eagerly watch over its town. “Alka – dance of freedom” will unite centuries old tradition of the locality and cultural heritage of Sinj and contemporary artistic move into unique audio-visual sensation.

Performance will be held on August 18.

The project has emerged within a greater project Sinj u sridu worth 68.114.000,00 kunas, of which 56.843.992,20 kunas are outright grants given by European Union.


This post is also available in: Croatian