Be active

Active Vacations in Split-Dalmatia County Jump, pedal, dive… have a smile!

Cycling, rafting, trekking, horseback riding, canoe safari … all of these are just part of the active vacation options available on beautiful islands and locations in Central Dalmatia. Come and spend some unforgettable moments…

Can you imagine a small geographic area where you can do numerous sports activities? The Split-Dalmatia County, with its natural resources, settlements and islands, offers countless opportunities for active holidays. Sea, rivers, mountains, forests, rocks, cycling and hiking trails… are just some of the possible basis for your adrenaline recharging or venting, as well s for an easy meditation when you’ve had enough of every day stress and need to have some me-time.

The DNA of the locals is encrypted with information about such amazing sport spots, as the Split-Dalmatia County is the home region of many top athletes and Olympic medal winners. We probably got you wondering what amazing activities are available in this little piece of heaven on Earth…so let’s get going!


Would you like to see, listen and get in touch with nature, while enjoying a light bike ride, or do you want to conquer the top? The cycling routes in the Split-Dalmatia County are divided into five segments – Split Riviera, Makarska Riviera, Brač Island, Hvar Island and Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian hinterland area). Now, what you need to do is to read carefully the following lines with a list of cycling trails and you will immediately want to go on a two-wheeled adventure…  Tri polja in Vrgorac – hilly trail, Mate svjetskoga in Vrgorac – mountain trail, Via Brachia in Selca – hilly trail, Vrh Brača in Selca – straight trail, Panorama Povlja in Povlja – hilly trail, Kadulja in Bol – hilly trail, Pinija in Bol – mountain trail, Česmina in Gornji Humac – straight trail, Plavac mali in Bol – hilly trail, Ružmarin in Bol – straight trail, Srce Brač in Pučišća – mountain trail, Profunda in Postira – hilly trail, Macića and Vivera in Postira – hilly trail, Sveti Roko (St Rocco) in Supetar – straight trail, Drvenik Gradac tour in Drvenik – hilly trail, Igrane Živogošće Tour – hilly trail, Tučepi – Podgora Tour in Tučepi – hilly trail, Biokovo Tour in Makarska – mountain trail, Makarska Tour in Makarska – hilly trail, Brela Tour in Brela – hilly trail, Sveti Lovre (St Lawrence) in Supetar – hilly trail, Sveta Jelena (St Helena) in Supetar – hilly trail, Sveti Juraj (St George) in Supetar – mountain trail, Sveti Petar (St Peter) in Supetar – mountain trail, Sveti Jere (St Jeronim) in Supetar – hilly trail, Sveti Josip (St Joseph) in Supetar – hilly trail, Levanat in Sutivan – straight trail, Tramuntana in Sutivan – hilly trail, Maestral in Sutivan – straight trail, Fortress and lantern in Milna – straight trail, Cvrčka in Milna – hilly trail, Medulla in Milna – mountain trail, Sunca in Milna – hilly trail, Lesina – Vira – mountain trail, Težačka in Hvar – hilly trail, Malo Grablje in Hvar – hilly trail, Sveti Nikola (St Nicholas) – Selca – mountain trail, Purkin kuk in Stari Grad on Hvar Island – hilly trail, Through Dračevica in Vrbovska on Hvar Island – straight trail, Kabal in Stari Grad – hilly trail, Preko vrha – Jelsa – hilly trail, UNESCO tour – Jelsa – straight trail, Dubova – Selca – hilly trail, Humac – hilly trail, Deset uvala – Bogomolje – hilly trail, Sućuraj – hilly trail. The quality of cycling trails also points to the fact that Hvar was selected by the eminent world cycling team “Bahrain Merida” for their preparation ahead of the start of competition season.

Horseback riding

The offer of active holidays in Central Dalmatia includes horseback riding. In Sinj, Split and Trilj, there are horse-riding and equestrian clubs which organize riding schools for beginners, and provide recreational riding for professionals. Treat yourself to a ride and, trust us, you will never forget the feeling of the unity of a man and a horse during this noble activity.

Sea kayaking

When you get tired of the crowds and the noisy beaches full of swimmers, the absolutely unforgettable alternative is to reach quiet, secluded, pebbly beaches accessible only by sea, while doing sea kayaking. Explore caves and grottos, touch the underground water springs and swim in the beautiful, crystal clear sea around the islands of Brač, Hvar, Šolta and Vis.

Rafting and canyoning

Rafting on Cetina River is a special attraction for all adventurers. Although going downwards on a frothy river requires a certain amount of skill, there are several rafting segments in which younger rafting sportsmen can participate too. You do not have to be afraid because the skipper will instruct you exactly on how, when and how strong do you need to roam, or when you have to duck down in the boat and hold tightly. Rafting on Cetina River is particularly interesting as it draws its visitors with purity of water, as well as the possibility to have a swim in it. Additionally, during rafting, you will be able to enjoy the views of cliffs up to 180 meters of height, cascades and the Gubavica Waterfall, which attracts all the visitors with its unique beauty and 50 meters of  height.

Canoe safari

If you are a fan of light paddling, then the right choice for you is a canoe safari on Cetina River. Light rowing on the calm parts of Cetina, in an unsinkable kayak for two, or in a canoe built for more people, as well as overcoming the river’s rapids, will stay in your memory forever.

Free climbing

Free climbing, under instructors’ supervision and with the appropriate climbing equipment, is a completely safe sport, suitable for just about everybody. The most important thing to know is to choose the direction – the climbing weight must correspond to the attendant’s physical abilities and the joy of climbing will follow by itself. This kind of activity is available to be done on rocks in Omiš, Perun Hill near Podstrana and on the south side of Split’s most famous hill – Marjan.



The beauty of the hidden trails, the view of the seaside settlements and the islands, the cultivated fields, the olive groves and the vineyards on the terraces of soil, stolen away from the arrid stone ambience, tirelessly continue to tell us the history of the local people. Doing trekking everywhere around the Split-Dalmatia County, especially in the Dalmatinska zagora (Dalmatian hinterland area) – Vrlika, Dugopolje, Trilje and Sinj, as well as on the islands of Brač and Hvar, will make you feel joyful in every single moment of your activities.


Do you like to play games? Shooting and boosting adrenaline? Paintball is your cup of tea. In this game, it is important to have a physical preparation, but also the to be very logical and fast-thinking. This is a tactical game, where you shoot balls that leave a trace of color, and it will require your full attention and concentration. Paintball, besides the already existing terrains, can be organized on numerous different locations in the Split-Dalmatia County.


If you are man of the sea and come to sail in the Split aquatorium, you will get to satisfy your curiosity in many different ways. First of all, you will be welcomed in Split by very friendly hosts, after which you can start your sailing adventure. It is particularly nice to sail around the islands of Hvar, Šolta and Vis.

Scuba diving

Are you interested to experience the sensation of being under the sea surface? Scuba diving in Central Dalmatia makes it possible to discover a small, but extremely attractive part of the “world of silence.” The crystal clear sea of ​​Central Dalmatia is rich in beautiful diving destinations, and the diversity of its flora and fauna will surely be a delight for everyone.


How does this situation sound to you: descending along a steel wire at a height of 150 meters just above the beautiful canyon of Cetina River? All the more so, knowing that at one point, you will reach the speed of 65 kilometers per hour during this exciting adrenaline-boosting activity? Of course, we are talking about a new product in tourism, intended for tourists looking for adrenaline-boosted & active vacations – zip line or “flight” over river cliffs, using steel ropes. But do not be afraid – you will be fastened with a safety belt while you take your exciting descenting route. If you want to try this adrenaline treat, visit Omiš, Tučepi and Solin, where zip-line facilities are located.