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Adrenaline Activities in Dalmatian Zagora – conquer the river…or the mountain!

WHEN WE WOULD CLAIM  that our travel itinerary for August does not have Sinj written in bold letters all over it, it would be a complete lie – no, we do not want to give up the solemn spirit of Alka – the ceremonial knight game which includes the euphoria and thunder of  “mačkula” (traditional small cannons) , comming at the moment when the “srida” (full center) is hit, as well as the wonderful feeling of peace and communion that invigorates us when we see numerous believers arriving to this heroic town from everywhere , to celebrate the festivities of Our Lady!


Except for the festive events or, as the locals call them, “fjeri”, and of course, delicious and lovingly served home-made delicacies, we now have an additional reason to invite you to Sinj – to come and grab a gram of sports adrenaline, all year long!


CONQUER THE RIVER. If  you have always wanted to try rafting or sports rowing, according to your fitness level of course, Cetina River is an ideal scene for these activities and you are the ones to dose the levels! For example, if you want a completely tranquill adventure, choose the rowing on the part of Cetina through Sinj Field, as part of the canoe safari.

These are leisure activities suitable for all generations – they do  not require any previous experience, special physical effort or skill, while spacious and stable canoes provide guests with a sense of adventure. The rowers mostly relax by observing the surrounding wildlife or photographing it. According to their wishes, they can enter one of the small dead ends of the river, and enjoy observing the swampy ambience, or get off the canoes and explore the river eyot.

It is worth mentioning that canoe safari is also possible on Peručko Lake – explore its coves with a view of Dinara and Svilaja mountains!

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If the very mention of the words “relaxing and calm” make you feel like someone hit the snooze button, then a great choice for you is rafting on Cetina, as the experts say, the best one in the neighborhood. Grapple with the river rapids named Z and Javornica, indulge yourself with the unforgettable experience of passing through the small, magical waterfall Studenci…  With experienced skippers you will master event the most demanding parts of the river, take a peek at the place where the famous Winnetou movie was filmed, and the whole adventure will remain recorded by the sharp eye of a professional photographer.

And if you want to observe Cetina from a birds’ perspecive – we recommend to take the adrenaline bombs such as the zipline and paragliding. While in the first case it comprehends a “flight” over Cetina canyon by means of steel ropes, the other discipline is even more extreme – it is about walking on a rope at a high altitude, usually over a canyon or a chasm. Although you are protected by a security rope during this activity, it really is one just for the bravest ones, and those who have tried it claim that balancing over the source of Cetina in Vrlika, which seems like an emerald&blue eyes, is something else!

IF YOU’D RATHER SAIL THROUGH THE BLUE SKIES, dare to go paragliding with, and set off at one the best parachuting airstrips in Croatia – from Greda in Hrvace! The excellent thermal environment allows flying from early morning hours, and the start, with an accessible approach, is at 820 meters above sea level. Take a tandem flight, or a basic or advanced course,  organized by the local Klub slobodnog letenja (flights club).

FOR MORE MOVEMENT OUT ON THE OPEN, choose hiking, trekking, or orientation running! This last discipline is particularly beneficial for the body, because of the active time spent in the unpolluted nature, distant from the urban environment, and not to mention the aesthetic moment of the beautiful, picturesque landscape of Sinj and its surroundings!

It requires a collaboration of the mind and the body, as well as multiple psychophysical engagement of participants in optimal climatic conditions, and  it can be done by people of all  ages and genders, regardless of their fitness level. As for hiking, Svilaja Mountain and its southeastern slope Visoka will be a perfect challenge for you, and additionally, you will be able to enjoy  the beautiful view of Peručko Lake in the Cetina valley and across it, all over to Troglav and Sinj, Sinj Field and the surrounding mountains, the Dicmanja valley and, finally,  the sea and the islands in the distance. The mountaineering associations of Sinj, Trilj and Vrlika will greatly contribute to your mountaineering adventure, and we are especially fond of the traditional winter climb to Kamešnica, organized by the Trilj mountaneering association.

MORE ADRENALINE? WHY NOT! Although we feel that we have given you quite enough suggestions to actively spend your time in Sinj hinterland, there are many more options, especially for those who want to get in touch with their wild side. What do you say about 160 kilometers of exciting off-road driving in a QUAD vehicle?

Choose from three different adventure levels, and dare to take the journey through the local roads, rivers, mountain ranges and canyons, oh and do not forget to spice up the adventurous atmosphere with activities such caving, climbing and paintball! The none-the-less-adventurous is the photo jeep safari along the intact nature of Vrlika and its surroundings – feel the pleasure of riding in the legendary field safari vehicle – Land Rover Defender!

The project Sinj u sridu was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion.

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Photo: Tz grada Sinja