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Cultural treasures of Split-Dalmatia County: Most Beautiful Fortresses of Dalmatian Zagora

Can you imagine walking around the streets and areas where people used to pass by in the ancient times? To feel the spirit of  history, the beliefs, lifestyle and culture of these ancient peoples? The area of today’s Split-Dalmatia County has been interesting to people since ancient times, and the existing, preserved fortifications are witnesses of those past times.

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There are seven historical forts of Split-Dalmatia County, which have been awaken from their dream. In the next few lines, we will take you on a trip  and introduce you to the most beautiful Dalmatian fortresses, that offer stunning views of their surrounding areas…

Historical fortresses in travel agencies’ programs & offers

Whether you are going to Klis Fort, visiting the attractions of the ancient city of Salona, ​​or coming to Prozor Fortress in Vrlika, Nutjak in Trilj, Kamičak in Sinj or Topana in Imotski, you will actually take a trip back to the past and for a moment, get the feeling that once upon a time, they were fully inhabitated. Do come by Gradina in Vrgorac, which will round up your tour and complete the cultural and historical offer of the Dalmatian Zagora.

Sightseeing of the old forts is part of the programs offered by travel agencies in the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County. This is the first county in Croatia with a complete Strategy for the Development of Cultural Tourism, and so far 69 historical buildings have been valorized, including forts, towers and fortresses, and this number is still not final. This is the first step in creating a new and attractive tourist product.

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KTo help you find what you are interested in, a cultural and tourist guide to the “Split-Dalmatia County Fortresses” was published, by author Ivan Alduk. This guide includes fortresses from the entire county, with emphasis on the best preserved historical buildings, especially the late medieval fortresses and the ones from te period of Otoman-Venet

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Klis Fortress – Must-see travel gem where “Game of Thrones” was filmed

The importance of Split and its surroundings, when it comes to their role  in cultural tourism, was well-recognized by the producers of the world-renowned “Game of Thrones” series, as they chose Klis, among many other locations, to film various scenes from this series, and thus, launched a type of film tourism. The historical stories of Klis Fortress have taken a tour around the world, surprising foreigners in many countries, with the fact that only a few kilometers away from Split, there is a monument which, with its appearance – on the very stone cliff between Mosor and Kozjak mountains, provokes such awe. If you want to see the fort, do get ready for a couple of hours of touring this large building, consisting of walls, passages, towers, stairs and streets. Do not be discouraged and stop halfway because, trust us, when you get to the top, your breath will be taken away by the views of Split and its archipelago. This gorgeous fort justifies all the reasons why it was named “Croatian Camelot”.

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Prozor Fortress – Populated from prehistoric times

One of the fortresses that will capture your attention is certainly Prozor Fortress in Vrlika, which was inhabited in prehistoric times. Today, it can be reached by pedestrian road in about 20 minutes of walking, starting from the Orthodox Church in Vrlika all the way to the top. There is also a longer road, leading from the Vrlika-Drniš road.

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Thanks to its level of preservation, it is one of the most important medieval fortresses in Dalmatian hinterland. The fortress offer an impressive panoramic point on Vrličko polje, Lake Peručko and on the city itself, and its surroundings.

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Nutjak near Trilj

Nutjak Fortress was built downstream from Trilj, at the edge of the lower rocky plateau rising high above the right bank of Cetina River. Just a simple look at this unusual fortress, located on the very edge of the cliff, causes a series of emotions – from awe to admiration.

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The fortress is reachable by a road starting from the village of Živaljići.

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Kamičak – Protected cultural heritage

One of the most important symbols of Sinj is Kamičak Fortres,  located in the center of the town, opposite the Church of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj. Kamičak, a protected cultural heritage, together  with the military horse baracks, is connected with today’s Alkarski Dvori (The Alkari Palace).  

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It was given its present appearance in 1980 when it was additionally surrounded by walls and afforested with pines. On the top of the fort, there is a bell with the inscription – Our Lord, set us free from thunder and evil times – which probably derives from the belief that the sound of the bells or the shooting from old “mužar” canons scares away the clouds and the thunder.

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Topana – Favorite panoramic point

Situated on the cliffs above Modro Jezero (Lake) is the Topana Fortress, one of the most important medieval fortification facilities in Dalmatian hinterland. It is interesting that the fortress was named after a special tower with a cannon platform, known in the local language as “topana”.

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Today, the fortress is in fact a panoramic point, with an unforgettable view of all four corners of the world. In the summer season, there are various cultural events held here.

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Vrgorac Gradina – Where roads meet

Gradina Fortress is situated at the intersection of the roads from the coastline to the hinerland.  Its oldest parts were built by medieval noblemen, who managed this area,  and was later upgraded by Muslim commanders. Visit this fortress and Vrgorac, the town where one of the greatest Croatian poets, Tin Ujević, was born.

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Visit the witnesses of the stormy historical times in the Dalmatian region and choose a rustic family agrotourism in Dalmatian Zagora, for your place of residence. Tourism is booming in Dalmatian Zagora, which is evident in the ever-increasing demand for luxury villas, which offer the charms of both comfort and elegance. The former stone houses of our ancestors today are luxurious villas, many of which have pools, to provide their guests with maximum cosiness during their holidays.

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Photo: , archive of Tourist boards of Split Dalmatia County