Gastronomy of Trilj region – meet the rhapsody of tastes that exhilarates

MYSTERIOUS AND SOMEWHAT MISTIQUE TRILJ, has embossed its gastro map with a similar print. It originated in the place of old Roman camp Tilurium, and not only did it intertwine the roads of ancient people, but also the most diverse culinary influences!

In Trilj’s cuisine karst and river blend, while dishes are refined with honey, dates, figs and old Roman condiments! Besides characteristic Dalmatian specialties, Trilj will spoil your palates with veal under the baking lid, frog stews, Cetina trout and crab stews, but with successfully interpreted dishes with ancient mark as well! If you are eager to find out which specialties awaken a true pride among Trilj people, which delicacies date back to ancient times, which you mustn’t miss – it’s worth reading on!

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A FEATURE OF IRRESISTABILITY. Favourite dishes renowned as true classics on Trilj area are by all means, veal and lamb on a spit or under the baking lid. Both ways of preparation give this food the same feature – you just can’t resist them! Namely, how else to describe tempting meat on a stick, which depending on a type of wood the stick is made of, captures sophisticated wood aromas that make your heart mellow? Or truly delicious, tender veal or lamb under the baking lid, heated with beechwood, cooked and roasted at the same time under the iron lid strewn with wine grape live coals?


SWEETEN YOUR PALATES WITH MEAT – OR EVEN RIVER SPECIALTIES. When an important dinner for a special occasion is prepared in Trilj, there is a great chance that aforementioned dishes will be on a menu. Even though exquisite octopus can also be found under the baking lid, very special Trilj delicacy is polestar (young rooster)! Bread is also often baked under the lid, and they are especially proud of their traditional dish made of lamb meat – Trilj’s šiša – made of three times boiled lamb offal and intestines, with addition of bacon, home-grown onions and tomatoes! A particularly typical of Trilj is also baby beef tongue in sauce, followed by kaštradina (dried mutton), and game meat prepared in various ways. This being a region of wild and powerful the Cetina river, it’s not surprising that, besides meat you get to sweeten your palates with an abundance of river trout and crabs, or frog stew.

ENJOY IN MEALS PREPARED ACCORDINFG TO A COOKBOOK – FROM 1ST CENTURY! In Trilj you can taste the best sheep and goat cheese, fresh cow cheese, often accompanied by delicious doughnuts! Sacrificial bread Libum presents a true gastronomic sensation, and it’s still made in Trilj in ancient way!

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The most interesting fact is that this bread, besides flour ad eggs, contains also sheep cheese and laurel leaves, while there are versions when it’s made with 5 types of cheese, one egg, and no flour at all! To make this gastro story even more interesting: this is just one of the many ancient dishes made in Trilj on specific gastro points – there are trout with Roman dressings, Lukanijeve sausages that are a combination od meat and honey, and dumplings made of cow cheese, honey, olive oil and poppy seeds. Together with Trilj’s grandma’s recipes, jealously kept for generations, to gastronomads’ joy, there is also a cookbook from the 1st century – very much in use!

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DO NOT FORGET SMOOTH WINES AND AUTOCHTONOUS DELICACIES. We haven’t forgotten about those in love with a sophisticated wine drop – after all, tasty and distinctive meals need to be finalized in grand style! Let it be homemade Trij wines of harmonious, luxurious and velvety taste, grown on the slopes of Strmendolac and Čaporice, like ninčuša, glavinka, plavina and babić.

Zaboravljene delicije

Forgotten delicacies

Those with a sweet tooth should try Trilj Cake, the so-called Padišpanja.

Photo: TB Trilj

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