Dalmatian Zagora – enjoy in contents for equestrian sports enthusiasts!

WHETHER YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL OR A BEGINNER, riding a horse in a beautiful, picturesque ambience of Sinj and its surrounding is an experience you must trat yourself with!

Can riding through vast, impressive Sinj field be matched by anything, for a horse enthusiast?

Maybe only participating in famous Alka competition, when all eyes are on Alka men, who regardless of summer heat and traditional costume soaked in sweat, driven by applause and admiration of the crowd (and of course, Dalmatian spite!), proudly gallop on their full-blooded horse, pointing at the elusive center?

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If you want to feel like them, at least for a moment, or just enjoy recreation with this beautiful, noble and sociable animal, equestrian sports in an idyllic ambience of Sinj and surroundings are our warmest recommendation.

Namely, together with Alka and Our Great Lady festivity, Sinj has been just inseparable from horses – for centuries now! Alka lasts for almost three hundred years, and the town has hosted numerous national and international gallop and hurdle races. A key year for Sinj was 1979, when for the purposes of Mediterranean Games in Split, Sinj hippodrome was built, today second largest in the country.

ALKA AS AN INSPIRATION. If you decide to take a tour of town’s surroundings and the Cetina river on a horse, with professional guide, it is important to stress that the horses are exceptionally calm and trained, while the guides have great expertise and adequate licenses.

Many equestrian clubs in Sinj and Trilj and a series of smaller private stables have bred some of the most successful horses; achieving great results on competitions throughout Croatia, whilst keeping tradition of horse breeding and equestrian sports alive in Sinj. Together with their competitional  and breeding activities, these clubs offer wide range of contents for various groups of visitors, like recreational horse-riding and organization of social equestrian meetings.

As Alka never ceases to excite, all the more children and young people want to master at least the first riding steps, so horse-riding schools are very active and wanted.

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You can practice horse-riding on family excursion sites on wider Sinj area – 20 000 square meters of green surface including horse area, grassland, meadow, sports terrain, field for traditional bowling game, trim track and a restaurant – all promise a first-class experience!

HOW DOES THERAPEUTIC HORSE-RIDING WORK? Each of equestrian clubs on wider Sinj area offers services of therapeutic horse-riding, which has proven to be extremely beneficial with disabled persons or those with developmental difficulties. Namely, horses are very sociable animals, and they also sense and reflect human’s stimuli.  Swinging stimuli, transmitted from horse’s back to a rider resembles a human walk, so by learning this behavior in controlled conditions, therapeutic horse-riding users develop a unique connection with big and strong animal, which has a very beneficial effect on his/her self-confidence, concentration and patience. For these activities to be successful well-trained horses are of outmost importance.

VRLIKA AND TRILJ KEEP UP THE PACE. If you appreciate nice scenery, you will be delighted by terrain horse-riding across cliffs of Svilaja mountain and its surrounding, or along the edges of Sinj field under Kamešnica mountain and on the area from the Cetina spring to Vrlika.

These activities, as well as horse-riding school, riding for beginners with a guide and therapeutic horse-riding for disabled persons are all available in Vrlika and Trilj as well. We especially liked increasingly popular riding tour Trilj. Two hours of horse-riding along the silent flow of the Cetina river offers an unforgettable experience, and it’s for sure that among 18 beautiful, tame horses owned by this stable, you will most definitely find your favorite.

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Photo: www.dalmatia.hr , archive of Tourist boards of Split Dalmatia County, HC Mustang, HCAlkar