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Šolta – a synonym for hedonism of all senses!

IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST. What could be the connection between the father of Croatian literature, Marko Marulić, famous emperor Diocletian and Illyric queen Teuta?

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An irresistible pearl on a salty surface of Split waters – the island of Šolta! Queen Teuta of divine beauty hid in its bays and allegedly built her court; Diocletian had a fish pond there; Marko Marulić wrote some of his most significant works there, enjoying in soft humming of the sea and silence of Nečujam, where he gladly gathered with his friends.

But, to have an imperial holiday on this island – you do not have to be of royal blood or an artistic soul – although the peace and untouched nature will be truly pleasant and inspiring there!


THEY SAY THAT A WAY TO SOMEONE’S HEART IS THROGH THE STOMACH, so we recommend starting with an adventure – for your palates! What about a portion of fresh, just caught grilled fish, seasoned with olive oil and wild aromatic herbs like marjoram or rosemary? This is the way to explore the island through your plate, for this emblematic, recognizable Mediterranean dish unites all the best of Šolta – fresh fish, awarded olive oil made of autochthonous varieties oblica and levatinka, wild herbs and of course, a glass of magic dobričić, homemade Šolta’s wine, which is one of the ‘parents’ of famous plavac mali!

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This wine is a true gastronomic treasure – like plavac, but more elegant. Discover its deep dark red colour and aromas of dry fruit, blueberry and a dry tobacco leaf! Together with wine, Šolta’s brands include olive oil made of aforementioned varieties, and a result of years-long tradition of beekeeping – wild rosemary honey locally called Olintio; they are worth finding, buying and even taking home.


If you visit local beekeepers or oil refineries like Olynthie-nature in Gornje Selo, you can get familiar even with the process of production of these great gifts of nature, olive oil being even in the register of protected marks of originality and geographic origin of the European Commission.

HIKE, CYCLE, DIVE, SAIL…DISCOVER BEAUTIFUL BAYS AND BEACHES. You’re wondering where to spend tasty and healthy Mediterranean food calories? There are numerous possibilities!

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From seaside resorts like Maslenica, Stomorska, Nečujam or Rogač set out to explore the island’s inland or set out towards the shore from southern inland villages like Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo or Donje Selo.

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Depending on your preferences, in this beautiful ambience you can hike or cycle, all roads are charted on a map available in all tourist info centres.

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If you prefer water activities, set out on an unforgettable kayaking adventure – if your starting point is beach in Maslinica, you can expect a romantic adventure of discovering nearby islets and the most amazing sunset you have ever seen. If you choose main Nečujam beach, you will enjoy in heavenly beauty of Velika uvala and unique acoustic features – Vallis surda or deaf bay will turn every sound into just a silent whisper!

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If you would like to explore underwaters of these stunning turquoise bays, you will be delighted by more than rich flora and fauna hidden by caves and vertical rocks of the south side of the island – and even by a few sunken ships or remains of Diocletian’s fish pond! Our warmest recommendation is a tour with a licenced guide, with whose help you can even dive at night – for a specially spectacular experience! If you are a true sailor, Šolta won’t disappoint you – yachtsmen have at their disposal two mooring places in Stomorska and Rogač, and modern equipped marina in front of Martinis Marchi Hotel in Maslinica.

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ŠOLTA’S JACKSON POLLOCK. Did you know that Šolta has given some excellent artists, like Eugen Buktenica Đenko, the most significant representative of Dalmatian naïve art? His artistic tradition was continued by Vicko Buktenica, who followed the footsteps of his famous uncle.

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To naïve art he also added abstraction, so many have compared him to one of the most prominent figures of abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock. It would be a shame not to visit Grohote and Gallery of Naïve art with permanent exhibition of paintings by Eugen and Vicko Buktenica, depicting  charming donkeys with golden crowns, emblematic owls, idyllic churches and wooden boats, and – Mate Mišo Kovač, all bursting with joyful colours and positive artistic energy.? The name Grohote actually means come on up – so what are you waiting for?


Photo: , archive TB Central Dalmatia