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Adrenaline treat for the connoisseurs – trekking adventure in Dalmatian Zagora

ADVENTURE TOURISM AWAY FROM THE CITY ASPHALT.  If you are not among those lucky ones who have long before become familiar with the Dalmatian hinterland, and it being a real kingdom for active walking, hiking and running along the immense mountain and plain terrains  – the Cetina Region – this must be changed urgently!

Two trekking routes in Sinj and Trilj, and even 4 hiking trails in Vrlika, will surely satisfy everyone’s sports affinities, and there is just so much to explore and discover – from the green lungs of Sinj town – Pavića nebesa, to the highest peak of Visošnica, offering an unforgettable view of Sinj , Field of Sinj and the surrounding mountains, the Dicmo valley, the sea and the islands; all te way to the canyon and mountain stream of Sutina, gorgeous landscapes of the green Svilaja and the dark, rocky Dinara, and the fairy-tale hills of Trilj! Go for a trekking adventure along the well-marked and very intriguing routes included in the offers of hiking clubs, or choose a themed tour offered by some of the specialized agencies. If you visit the Cetina Region in pre-season, you can even compete in trekking!

SET OFF ON A JOURNEY THROUGH FAIRY-TALE LABYRINTH. How about a stay in the middle of the forest fresh, while enjoying the beautiful views from the tops of the Dinara and Svilaja, and of course, some refreshments with  healthy home-made food and drinks upon your return? If you like the idea of ​​such an adventure, explore one of the 4 hiking trails in the Vrlika area! Or take the themed trekking tour of the green hills above Trilj – you will enjoy in the delight of green monticules and vineyards, which are complemented by numerous fresh water sources and small streams! Take a sip of pure, crystal clear spring water, purify your lungs with fresh air of Zagora, get to know small rural households, in which food is still produced only in a natural way and try the traditional delicacies such as home-made cheese and bread! And do forget to visit the  archaeological site of Tilurij and the famous Galop stables.

TAKE PART IN A REAL COMPETITION. If besides the adventurous, you also possess a competitive spirit, do take in note that Cetina Region is a spot of many attractive races! We like the Sinj Trail, held in May, which has categories (and trails!) in lengths of 11, 22 and 33 km, inspired by types of competitions in our famous knights’ tournament – Alka (Bar, Čoja, Alka). These trails connect some of the  top attractions – from the church of Our Lady of Sinj and the magnificent Courtyards of the Alkari, to the protected landscape of Sutina and the enchanting viewpoints from which your eyes can reach towards Visoka, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja! The Cetina Adventure Race, takes place in June, and there is an unlimited number of two-member teams which can participate. This race is a combination of various adrenaline disciplines in which teams face natural hurdles, and its “milder” variant is a dynamic City Challenge, which reveals to its participants many unknown spots of the town under Kamičak, and both children and adults can take part in it.

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