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Korčula – medieval beauty which many rulers tried to conquer

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Due to its irresistible beauty that attracted many ancient rulers, it had to raise some of the nicest city walls and towers to defend itself. To this day it has kept specific charm of ancient times!

Dive into Korčula’s street web (stone lions await you on every step, as a reminder of Venetian rule) and discover majestic palaces and old, preserved houses. In the evening hours follow shades of trembling light to discover magnificent Adriatic sunset.

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Take a dip in bays where Penelope Cruz relaxed. Find inspiration for awakening your inner patriot while enjoying in traditional dances – they have magical force to please and delight your soul. Overall, enjoy in deeply rooted traditions and obvious proofs of great stonemasonry skills. We present you – Korčula!


IT HAS CONQUERED THE BIG SCREEN AND – THE SEVENTH FORCE! Korčula has accomplished what not many could – it has conquered the seventh force! Journalists from all over the world arrive to this town to be delighted by its beauties, just like TV producer and two-time Emmy winner Ashley Colburn. By choosing to include wine tasting in her promo video about the island she pointed out the fact that Korčula is a home to many autochthonous and top-quality wine varieties (best opportunity to taste them is Wine Festival in July). Also, she added House of Marco Polo to the list of a must-see attractions in her documentary WOW Croatia!

St. Mark cathedral - Ornaments

Cameras just love Korčula! Proof enough is the most recent film that spread the word of its beauty – Venuto al mondo (2013), whose main protagonist is famous Almodovar muse – Penelope Cruz.

The town was also proudly presented in Nova TV’s summer commercial– it depicts fascinating Moreška sword dance and its red and black-dressed knights as they boldly wave their swords. All this blends nicely into a strategy of the head people of Korčula’s tourism.

Their goal is to promote the town as a destination for chosen clients and emphasize cultural experience one can get upon the visit. Special effort is made into creating synergy between all tourism participants

A FIVE STAR CULTURAL DESTINATION. Just a glance of sophisticated private and hotel accommodation facilities shows that Korčula is becoming an elite holiday destination.

Hotels and villas of modern and minimalistic design complement images of sea-mountain landscape with their shiny, turquoise pools.

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Various luxury contents have been present in world tourism for some time now, but what Korčula has always cherished in particular are 5-star cultural contents. Lonely Planet especially pointed out St. Mark’s Cathedral. It dominates a lovely square at the very heart of the town and attracts attention of visitors with interesting details on its exterior: beautifully carved bell tower, intriguing two-tailed mermaid, figures of Adam and Eve and of an elephant.

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Sharp journalist’s eye spotted also Abbey Treasury – one of the richest collections on islands, with especially valuable poliptych Our Lady with Saints by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin from 1431. Korčula Town Museum also keeps valuable cultural treasure: collections of shipbuilding, stonemasonry and maritime collection – shortly – exhibits depicting city life of Korčula from middle ages onwards.

St. Mark cathedral - Ornaments

Imposing, wide stone steps leave a special impression and additionally compliment magnificence of Tower Revelin from the 14th century, where permanent exhibition about Moreška is set. The exhibition truly enriches the experience of this exceptional dance.

Even greater choice of cultural contents is going to be presented once the House of Marco Polo is renewed (2020) and upon opening of Tower of All Saints, which is to get new architectural solution.

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BROOTHERHOODS’ PROCESSIONS, SWORD DANCES, FESTIVALS, CONCERTS… if you are a true culture enthusiast, you will also be delighted by Korčula’s intangible cultural treasures. If you are there during great religious holidays, we recommend impressive processions of Korčula’s brotherhoods. Of course, an absolute must are sword dances – Moreška, Kumpanija and Moštra. With small differences they are performed in different places on the island and in Korčula (more frequently during Korčula Cultural Summer).

Enjoy in an unusual atmosphere created by these dances, charged with patriotism, feelings of admiration and thrill, but exceptional sword-dance skills as well! Those who like classical music will definitely enjoy events held in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral. Literature enthusiasts will be delighted by the fact that in July Korčula will become – the literature centre of Europe! From 11 to 28 July 2019 one can enjoy in poetry, history, modern and children literature and travel writing, dealing with topics tied to Korčula in various ways!

World renowned Korčula Baroque Festival (31 August-14 September 2019) offers top music performances by exquisite artists. Therefore, hop on the first ferry and – surrender yourselves to Korčula’s magic!

Dubrovačka cesta 19, Korčula, 20260, Croatia.


Photo: TB Korčula, Korčula hotels, Andrija Carli, Stjepan Tafra, Damir Pačić

This post is also available in: Croatian