First International Pelinkovac Festival Held in Stari Grad on Island of Hvar

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A unique bitter-sweet aperitif as an inspiration for inventive magic at the bar.

Stari Grad on Hvar is unique for many reasons (just remember the Stari Grad plain or the Tvrdlja Castle of Petar Hektorović!) And now it has come up with a completely unique festival!

Namely, this is the first international Pelinkovac festival, which will be organised on the Škor town square, organised by a company with the hedonistic name of Bon Vivant, with the support of the Stari Grad Tourist Board and the City of Stari Grad, on June the 27th, 2019.

Stari Grad

Even though this is something that is being organised for the first time ever, the festival has already been very well recognised, with as many as 10 recipes supported by Croatian producers – Dalmacijavino and Badel with Gorki, Orange and Antique Pelinkovac, Coca Cola with Golden (Zlatni) Pelin and with their bitter-sweet candidates in optimal harmony with aromatic herbs – Maraska, Darna, Perković rakija, Natura Antunović and Degenija Velebit will bring their own contributions.

The aim of this festival is to raise awareness of the quality of Pelinkovac as something special and what is for this climate, a typical product, as well as a quality supplement, with both classic and modern cocktails. A lecture and a workshop have been created based on this theme, where all those present can try all of the 10 exhibited types, and independently discern which flavours function best.

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An A+ event!

Although mugwort hasn’t been all that popular as a cocktail ingredient because of its famed bitterness, the great barmen at this event are there to prove the opposite to you! Although it is most often served separately with ice and a lemon or an orange slice, the complexity of its taste is in fact an inexhaustible source of variations for making both refreshing summer spritzers, as well as classic, more bitter cocktails.

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Chris Edwardes

Going by the five to five principle, five bartenders will create five cocktails based on five different types/brands of Pelinkovac – besides their unique craft cocktails, there’ll be five-in-one tasting of all five types used in their creation.

Surrender to  the charms of the legendary bar guru Chris Edwardes from the Hidden bar on Ibiza, Lukasz and Mischa Lewicki from Stari Grad’s Bon Vivant, as well as Croatian masters Marko Skarpa of Lampedusa bar, and Marino Karinja from Solutions bar!

Mischa and Chris will jointly host a Masterclass on the theme of Pelinkovac in classic cocktails (12.00-13.00h); we like the Pelin workshop ‘’in my way’’ (13.00-14.00h), and we particularly like the pop-up bars on Škor square (17.00-23.00h) as well as the after party at Lampedusa bar! As there is already so much in the name of the number 5, we don’t doubt that Stari Grad really is going to create a brand new and inventive, A+ event!

Photo: Tz Stari Grad, Badel 1862


This post is also available in: Croatian