Fall in love with Škrip – a living postcard of the essence of Brač

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Brač is mystical, intriguing, stratified and interesting – as craggy as the hrapoćuša cake from Dol, ancient and irresistible like a crunchy vitalac (a popular dish from Brač).

 While these dishes make the mouths of experienced gastronomists water, only ten kilometres away from Supetar, lie delicacies hidden for culture lovers! Get to know the most authentic place on the island of Brač – the ancient Skrip!

The Museum of the Island of Brač, located in the Radojković tower from the 16th century, is one of the most visited museums in all of Croatia. The foundations on which it is located date from about 1500 BC, and legend has it that in the lower part of the museum and the tower, which houses a Roman mausoleum, lie Valeria and Priska – the wife and daughter of Emperor Diocletian!

Enjoy viewing Roman reliefs and altars, as well as items from the more modern history of Brač – such as chests, paintings, newspaper clippings, antique furniture and antique farm tools.

However, this is not the end of this island’s gems of historical heritage – visit the Cerinić family’s castle on the main square with two Roman sarcophagi, and in the nearby cemetery, the picturesque little church of the Holy Spirit (Sveti Duh) from the 4th century!

If you’re a lover of valuable sacral heritage, you will also be delighted by two paintings by the skillful Venetian mannerist-style painter Palma Giovane of the Baptism of Christ, carefully guarded in the 18th century Church of St. Helen. According to legend, St. Helen (Jelena), mother of Emperor Constantine, was actually born in Škrip, and in her honour, on August the 18th, there is a fair!

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Enjoy the Chakavian dialect. Do you know that Škrip also gave a real poetic virtuoso to the Croatian literature scene? Visit the Chakavian word festival “Štefe Pulišelić” in honour of the Chakavian poet, born in Škrip, who has provided us with as many as 14 fantastic collections of Chakavian poems!


Discover the history of olive oil on Brač.

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A must-visit station is the Uja Museum in Škrip, where you can get acquainted with the divine flavours and the process of making this liquid gold!


Photo: , TB Supetar, author: Sanja Grgić Ćurić

This post is also available in: Croatian