In honour of the vines and the goats! Bikla Days in Vrgorac and the 20th ‘’Biklijada’’

Bikla Days in Vrgorac is a distinctive autumn tourist attraction!

Time and place: September the 28th, 2019, at Korzo in Vrgorac!

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Do you know what bikla is? This is a traditional drink of the Vrgorac region, a blend of young, unripe wine and goat’s milk, of a characteristic colour, and a strong and pleasant taste, which has been produced in the Vrgorac region for centuries after the grape harvest, in honour of both the vines and the goats.

Many visitors come to the ‘’Biklijada’’ in Vrgorac to taste this traditional Vrgorac beverage, which has been being made in Vrgorac for over a hundred years.

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Bikla Days and the 20th Biklijada are part of an autumn folk festival full of tradition, folklore and gastronomy organised by the Vrgorac Tourist Board and sponsored by the City of Vrgorac. It was created to honour the authentic customs and traditions of the Vrgorac region on the days when the bikla is drunk, at the town Korzo in Vrgorac!

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The festival starts at 19:00 with an evening fair of local products, handicrafts and culinary specialties, while the cheerful atmosphere will be complemented by a folklore program, live music by the acoustic Gojak band and a concert by the VERSI group.

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The Biklijada Folk Festival takes place at the end of September and the beginning of October, when the grape harvest is already coming to an end, and has become a well recognised autumn tourist attraction

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Bikla has occupied an important place in nutrition in the Vrgorac region, especially in difficult living conditions, due to its strong properties. It is prepared by mixing hot wine with milk. It is important to pour the wine into the container first and then add the milk and slowly mix clockwise until the colour of cyclamen is obtained.

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You then drink it in accordance with your work, while in the evening, you drink it in front of a warm fireplace and in a wooden ‘’glass’’ (Dalmatian: bukara) which contains half a litre. As such, bikla has gained importance in comfort in relaxing moments. It has remained in the tradition of the Vrgorac region to this day and in its honour, the Bikla Days are organised.

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This traditional one-ethno and gastronomic festival nourishes and revives this authentic custom, and with its offer of an evening fair of local products and handicrafts, folklore and entertainment programs, the festival makes this area richer, more meaningful and attractive for locals as well as for guests looking for live and more authentic events.

See you in Vrgorac!

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