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THE HOLIDAY OF YOUR DREAMS! New promotional video showcasing the beauty of Central Dalmatia launched!

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The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board has launched a new communication concept – a promotional video called Central Dalmatia –  A Dream Waiting For You

After months of dormancy and marketing inactivity, the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board has launched a promotional campaign aimed at the surrounding markets. The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board has been patiently waiting for the adequate conditions to be achieved, i.e. for a favourable epidemiological situation to be declared, and for the establishment of tourist traffic to begin.

The most prominent part of the promotional campaign is a new video, launched just a few days ago, aimed at targeted European markets, and designed by the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board to communicate with its millions of followers on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other online platforms. Making a step forward in terms of marketing as we begin re-opening borders and establishing tourist traffic in these areas. Given the circumstances that have ensued across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the almost complete cessation of tourist movement, this campaign wants to draw the attention of current and future tourists to the beauty of Central Dalmatia, the favourable epidemiological situation in this region, and the availability of travel.

Central Dalmatia and all of its treasures, the beauty of its lakes, rivers, sea, beaches, bays, towns and islands are ready and waiting for guests to arrive. In Central Dalmatia there lie safe, preserved, coronavirus free locations which are full of hidden beauty and are always ready to reveal themselves to dear friends and guests. Central Dalmatia truly represents a treasure trove of feelings and a set of memories for those who have already been met with its beauty.

This is a dream that awaits all those who will meet Central Dalmatia for the very first time. Central Dalmatia is still here and is now ready for socialisation again, sending out an invitation for all who want to get a taste of a holiday which will never leave their minds and hearts. All of the above is why Central Dalmatia is inviting all those who want to experience real adventures on the journey of a lifetime, to come and get better acquainted with this area as the most special and indeed most diverse car destination. At every new corner, behind every bend in the road, and after exiting every tunnel, Central Dalmatia provides a new, most beautiful postcard.

The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board has thus launched promotional campaigns aimed at the markets of Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. And this time, it’s turning towards all those who are ready to step into this new platform of Central Dalmatia’s tourist offer.

Those who do step into this new platform will be provided with a perfect holiday that they will never forget even in the post-coronavirus era. The platform suggests that people come and get better acquainted with the specialties Central Dalmatia offers as a car destination, which includes a wide variety of specifics. Because Central Dalmatia is more than just another tourist destination, one of those aforementioned specificities is the feeling of 100 percent freedom, and at the same time the most beautiful sense of harmony. It is an area where every friend and guest can feel all the treasures this area has to offer – all in one place.

’We are carefully monitoring the situation in the main emitting markets of Central Dalmatia, just as our hoteliers, caterers and hospitality workers, tourist camps, owners of family accommodation and the nautical tourism sector are all waiting for an agreement between the epidemiological and tourist professions which should enable the protection of human health and the realisation of the summer portion of this tourist year. But in the meantime, despite the modest funds available to the County Tourist Board under these circumstances, we have prepared promotional campaigns aimed at our traditional markets of Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. Through them, we will further promote Central Dalmatia as a destination to which one can drive. The most prominent part of the promotional campaign is the new video that was launched a few days ago, which is aimed at targeted European markets and represents a step forward in terms of marketing at this time when we’re starting to open borders again and establish tourist traffic in these areas,’’ says Joško Stella, director of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board.

Through this way of getting better acquainted with the area, every new and previous guest in Central Dalmatia has the opportunity to get to know the connection between the past and the present, the gastronomy offered here, as well as get a taste of adrenaline, fun and relaxation. Through car tours, they will get to see Central Dalmatia’s UNESCO cities, Trogir and Split, drink coffee in Emperor Diocletian’s square, enjoy the healthiest Mediterranean food in the world, and watch kite surfers on the city’s beaches.

They will go to the Dalmatian hinterland, taste grilled trout from the rivers, and taste top-quality home-made wine from carefully looked-after vineyards. They will head south, to the famous beach in Bol, to Zlatni rat, and see this unique world phenomenon that changes shape as the wind blows with their own eyes.

They will swim in the crystal clear coves, enjoy the sea, which has never been more gentle and transparent, and then they will return to the coast again. They can then soar up high into the hills of Omis, to enjoy the lookout from the palms of their hands, and in its centre, in a city where honour and freedom were guarded by the famous Omis Pirates.

There, one can walk through the cobbled streets and head in the direction of the Makarska Riviera and choose which of the gorgeous beaches to descend down to. There, they will feel something that will never leave their heads again, some will feel the warmth of the soul of the place and its people, some will have the feeling of unique fun imprinted on their souls, and everyone will have a memory that will stay with them forever.

Because when Central Dalmatia invites you as a guest, then everyone who responds will start breathing with full lungs again. Come to Central Dalmatia to taste happiness.


This post is also available in: Croatian