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ATTRACTIVE IN PRESEASON AS WELL. However – and wherever – you decide to explore it – on two wheels, along the paths of its worthy cultural heritage, or even through its cuisine – Brač is equally mysterious and irresistible.

Let your visit be active, but tasty as well – cycling in idyllic ambience and going on excursions to cultural-historical treats can be spiced up with gourmet ones – homemade lamb that melts in your mouth, wine that gently tickles your nostrils and palates – and one of the most delicious cakes in the world!

A WAY TO BRAČ’S HEART. In recent years Brač has made an incredible progress as far as cyclotourism is concerned, and we can say that interest for an adventure on two wheels has spread from Sutivan, which has always been associated with sports thanks to Vanga Regule festival and Bike Friendly Sutivan project.

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Brač is an island with the greatest number of arranged cycling roads – even 25! All you have to do is choose the one according to your taste. They were named after saint-patrons, winds and Mediterranean herbs. We especially like Heart of Brač – it will present you with untouched Brač as it used to be, but also with ten medieval and Renaissance churches!

Some roads are so intriguing that aren’t for those of weak nerves – for example, Macića and Vivera road was named after surreal creatures from local legends about Postira, and it will take you to the oldest place on Brač – Škrip and Dol – home of the famous hrapoćuša cake full of walnuts and strong ingredients, resembling Brač’s karst!

If you want truly royal experience of cycling, set out on the longest of all tracks – St. Juraj!

This 180.1 km long road takes you to all the places on the island of Brač, and it rightfully bears the name of the island’s patron saint. It contains the best of everything – the most beautiful bell tower of parish church in Ložišća, whose author is Ivan Rendić; church of St. Peter with a pine grooving from its roof in Nerežišća, magical Golden Cape in Bol that changes shape depending on the wind and sea currents; church of Christ King in Selca – the so called Brač Cathedral, early-Christian basilica in Povlja, Masonry School in Pučišća and the Island of Brač Museum in Škrip!

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CULTURAL SITES WORTH VISITING. Did you know that Brač is a true treasury of worthy cultural-historical and sacral heritage? Although sightseeing of certain locations can be combined with riding along cycling roads, to visit Brač particularly for its cultural heritage is a great idea in pre- and post-season. Our starting point would be Selca, a place of the same-named municipality that is known as the centre of Brač culture – beautiful stone alleys and squares reveal long tradition of masonry, while the greatest church on the island – Brač’s Cathedral, keeps many more jewels of sacral heritage, like the sculpture of Christ’s Heart by Ivan Meštrović.

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Nearby village Povlja also has many curiosities – maybe you didn’t know that there you can find one of the oldest Croatian language and cultural-historical monuments, like Povaljska Charter and Povaljski Threshold, and early-Christian basilica from 6th century? This is just one of even 116 noted Brač’s sacral objects distinguished by different style!

Much aware of this enormous treasury of our greatest island, leading men of County’s tourism published cultural tourist guide several years ago, with a concept of itinerary, where you can find true sightseeing jewels – from Baroque parish churches and their worthy altarpieces, to medieval churches with characteristic hanging stone arch (like the one in Sv.Petra Dol) with later upgraded distaff-shaped  bell tower.

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Renowned names like Juraj Dalmatianc, Nikola Firentinac or Brač’s sculptor Nikola Lazanić are the makers of worthy altar reliefs often found in these sacral buildings. BRAČ HAS HAD ITS DRAGONS – FOR AGES! But, do not miss a visit to true stars of Brač’s cultural heritage – like Island of Brač Museum in Škrip, which will delight you with series of fragments of early-Christian stone furniture, or Dragon’s Cave dating back even further in past!

This fascinating cave with a relief of a dragon, after which it was named, combines Slavic mythology and Christian iconography, and it’s a real wonder it didn’t catch the eye of authors of the most popular fantasy series Game of Thrones! Together with Dragon’s Cave make sure to include Blaca Desert to your itineraries; it is for centuries upgraded monastery in rocky desert, rich with contents that were  part of Glagolitic priests’ everyday lives.

Photo: Central Dalmatia, Tourist boards of Split Dalmatia county


Designers, models, photographers, fashion icons, world-famous bloggers, an entire pleiad of publicly  famous names will shine on the one & only red carpet in Croatia on June 05th in the fairy-tale court of Split’s Perivoj, where the second prestigious presentation of  My Global Fashion Awards will be held.

Who will take the title of best designer of men’s or women’s clothing, who will be the “best model 2018” and who be celebrated as fashion icon – we will find out  in less than a week, at the biggest fashion event.

There are five categories of nominees, yet the number of nominated people was significantly higher so  the expert jury members –  Nenad Korkut, Zvona Vučković, Neda Makjanić-Kunić, Josip Grabovac, Marco Consoli and Vanja Ljubić had not an easy task to pick the best ones.

The categories in which we already know the new owners of the award statuettes are  “Life Achievement and Contribution to Fashion” , which will be awarded to Tihana Harapin Zalepugin and the “Fashion Icon” category, which will be awarded to Judita Franković,  by the jury’s direct decision.

The other nominees in five categories , will be kept on tenterhooks  for a few more days, says Gianna Apostolski, organizer and founder of My Global Fashion Awards.

There are reasons for that too, as the names of  nominees were carefully selected, so in the category “Men’s Fashion Designer“, Toni Rico, Anthony Avangard and Tomislav Bahorić will compete, and in the women’s version of the award, the competitors are Twins, Loredana Bahorić and Arileo.

The competition is strong in other categories as well, in the one for best designer of fashion accessories – Sovilj, Grubić Design and Tamara Bombardeli, and int he category of  “Fashion photographer 2018” the race will be decided between Mare Milin, our local force from Split – Bruna Kazinoti and Filip Koludrović.

Gordana Dude, Ana Lea Janžić and Drago Pezić are competing for the title “Model 2018” and the main prize of the MGF Award will be kept as the biggest secret till the award ceremony, which is also the highest award of this event.

Like last year,  this year’s event as well includes guests from different countries of the world, and some of them will receive direct awards in certain categories.

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We must point out that the award for “MGF blogger 2018” will be awarded  to the world-renowned blogger Tamara Kalinić, who works with world-famous designers and brands and has just launched her own sunglasses line named So Shady, worn by Camila Coelho, Janice Joostema, Sophia Smith and many others.
This year, a special MGFs Master Tailor 2018 Award  will be appointed to the hands of the famous Italian Luca Moritto, a junior member of the old academy founded in 1575 in Rome.

The Oscar-styled program will be hosted  by actor Slavko Sobin and tv columnist, comedian and radio host Andrea Andrassy, ​​while the famous radio host Ines Nosić, will be reporting from the red carpet.

All those who will have the honor of attending the awards ceremony, will be able to treat their taste buds with delicious dishes of our chefs Hrvoje Zirojević, Braco Sanjin and Ivan Pažanin, supported by the gastro-partner Tommy.

Let’s not forget that the fun continues even on the next day, during the fabulous MGF Party on Palmižana at Laganini Lounge Bar, where only selected guests will enjoy in the sea, sun, top quality food, drinks and good entertainment.

“I lived in direct contact with the history tailoring  thanks to the  Marchesini brothers and I want that this connection remains a guideline for my professionalism. I will follow my own style, support my creativity, but from the roots of trade born from the hands of great people, I will draw out the beauty that knows how to overcome  time, “said the young talented Italian.

The Oscar-styled program will be hosted  by actor Slavko Sobin and tv columnist, comedian and radio host Andrea Andrassy, ​​while the famous radio host Ines Nosić, will be reporting from the red carpet.

All those who will have the honor of attending the awards ceremony, will be able to treat their taste buds with delicious dishes of our chefs Hrvoje Zirojević, Braco Sanjin and Ivan Pažanin, supported by the gastro-partner Tommy.

Let’s not forget that the fun continues even on the next day, during the fabulous MGF Party on Palmižana at Laganini Lounge Bar, where only selected guests will enjoy in the sea, sun, top quality food, drinks and good entertainment.

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The ninth annual Cetina Adventure Race does not need a special introduction for true adventurists. Year after year it becomes more attractive to adrenaline junkies, as well as those who enjoy breath-taking natural beauty. The Race tests one’s physical and mental abilities and teamwork, while the backdrops of Visoka, Visošnica, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja mountains and the Sutina and Cetina river canyons reward all competitors participating in the race. 

Date: Sinj, June 8 2019. at 7 a.m. i 5 p.m.

The race consists of 3 disciplines

One of them is trekking, which also contains canyoning. While the point of trekking is to find the shortest possible route, canyoning requires the competitors to exclusively use the canyon from the entry to the exit point, which is determined by the organizer. 

Besides trekking and canyoning, the participants will compete in kayaking and mountain biking. The layout of the track and the control points is kept in secret until the technical meeting, which will take place a day before the race. The organizers only hinted at one detail: the mountain biking part of the race will be over 50 km long (out of the total 100 km length of the race).

The start is at 7:00 (handing over of equipment will be between 5:30 and 6:30 at the starting line). The organizer retains the right to change the starting hour if necessary. 
The technical meeting will take place the day before the race from 17:10 until 19:00 (included in the meeting will be the handing out of starting packages) and the location is to be announced to all participants in an email.

The race will take place on 7 June 2018. The start and finish line are in front of the Youth Center (Piccadilly disco club). Men’s, women’s and mixed teams can participate in the race. The maximum number of teams is the first 30 ones to apply.

The teams that do not make the cut are put as reserves in case some of those applied cancel their participation. The time limit to complete the race is 14 hours.

For all additional information contact  Cetina AdventureFacebook page.

City Challenge Cetina Adventure

Apart from the Cetina Adventure Race popular among the physically ready adrenaline junkies, the “Cetina Adventure” adventure sports club also organizes the City Challenge Cetina Adventure, open for participation for all, regardless of age and fitness condition.

The challenge is designed so that the participants have to discover certain points around the town of Sinj with the help of a map and directions. The city challenge can be completed in 30 minutes, or at walking pace with children, within the timeframe of 2 hours. The recipe is simple: you are all invited to have fun and discover the hidden nooks of the town under Kamičak. A good time in good company is guaranteed!

The city challenge will take place on 8 June. The starting and finish line will be in front of the Youth Center (Piccadilly disco club). The track is 8 kilometers long and there are a number of categories for participating – the adult categories (male and female) and children categories. Maximum number of participants is 500 and the time limit to complete the race is 2 hours. 

The start of the race is at 17:00. The organizer retains the right to change the starting schedule if necessary. A technical meeting will take place an hour before the start, at 16:00.

Više: Tz Sinj

IF IN AN AFTERNOON WALK THROUGH STUNNING SPLIT’S CITY CORE you find groups of tourists gazing at Papalićeva street and Diocletian Cellars as if they are looking for something, there’s a great chance you bumped into ardent fans of the most watched series of all times – Game of Thrones!

LOOK FOR ATTRACTIVE LOCATIONS – IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT! These mega popular TV series have put our Dalmatia on a map of attractive film locations of the world; although it has always been attractive for sharp artistic eyes (just remember Winnetou and a mastermind enchanted by Zadar – Hitchcock!).

And while emblematic Dubrovnik Walls and baroque stairway, which act as King’s Landing in fantasy world of Game of Thrones are easily recognizable, just like cellars of Diocletian Palace – the center of Queen Daenerys’ power with dragons and a throne; stone alley in Split where slave mutiny occurred, Klis – conquered town of Meereen and locations on the area of Kašte Gomilica and Žrnovnica are somewhat more difficult to recognize as filming sets.

Nevertheless, they’re worth searching for, while recently opened Game of Thrones Museum in the centre of Split, with over 300 realistic exhibits on 100 m2 will make every true fan tremble with excitement!

DO NOT MISS A THING. To stop you from aimless wandering about, Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County has prepared an attractive map of shooting locations of Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones paths map

Leading man of County’s tourism, Joško Stella, proudly points out that the region is advertised on numerous tourist fairs as an attractive Game of Thrones destination and that the arrival of great number of tourists was motivated exactly by this series. .

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“In the last two years, Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County has presented itself as an exceptional location for enjoying in filming sets – first of all of Game of Thrones, but also other series and films that were filmed on its area, like Mamma Mia – says director Stella, pleased with the non-declining interest for visits to significant locations, regardless of the end of the last season.

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Igra 1a

If you do not want to explore by yourselves, choose attractive theme tours offered by local agencies, which will make sure you don’t miss any important detail! Tours include visits to Diocletian’s Cellars, Klis fort, Kaštel Gomilica (which became city on the sea Braavos in the series) and idyllic mills of Žrnovnica that perfectly blended in the scene of Missandei’s bathing in green oasis.

Guide Adriana Dada guides the group through the treasures of Diocletian s Palace  scene of some of t...

Each tour, depending on the price and duration, includes at least two attractive locations, while we especially like the one that includes – all four of them – with a truly royal treatment! Apart from covering Diocletian’s Palace, Žrnovnica, Kaštel Gomilica and Klis, it ends in the tastiest way ever – with traditional Dalmatian dish under the baking lid in real Game of Thrones ambience!

The spectacular nature of Dalmatia was a theme of the trip. Game of Thrones filming location at Anto...

VISIT A MUSEUM THAT TURNS FAN’S HEADS! But, to get a great insight into the characters (in natural size!) and attractive props and clothes – you don’t have to go too far!

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Emblematic Split’s Bosanska Street, at the very heart of Split, together with souvenir shops, small charming jewelry shops and typical Mediterranean ambience, since May also has fantastic Game of Thrones Museum, which has completely attracted the attention of fans!

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This is not surprising since at the very entrance you will be welcomed by one of Daenerys’ dragons, while the entire space smells like cedar, jasmine and lavender; with dark painted walls that perfectly evoke a bit of a gloomy atmosphere of the series!

But, not to reveal just everything, set out to this fan ‘gold mine’ in 9 Bosanska Street, and don’t forget to take a few wacky photos and collect piles of likes on social media!


Photo: , Game of Thrones promo photos

Vrijeme održavanja: 6. i 7. travnja 2019.


On April 6 & 7 the 2019 Swimrun season will start with a blast. ÖTILLÖ Hvar in Croatia will have the biggest starting field until date and with many of the absolute best teams in the world.

The last five months have been long and it seems as if the start of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series has been longed for.

ÖTILLÖ Hvar, off the Croatian coast is the ideal setting to start the season. Spring weather, crystal- clear waters and beautiful race courses over the whole weekend. More than 400 racers from more than 20 nations will travel to participate and to get the season started.


The following races are the confirmed 2019 World Series races. One more might be added towards the end of the season.

Each of these races act as qualifiers and also generate ranking points towards ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship; which is always held on the first Monday of September in the Stockholm Archipelago.

The races:

The World Championship

  • ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship (14th edition) 2 September 2019 Images from 2018
  • 75 km over and between 26 islands in the Stockholm Archipelago
  • Renowned as one of the toughest one-day races in the world (CNN 2012)


An ÖTILLÖ Swimrun weekend is a full immersion into the sport of swimrun and its community. You can now be either a beginner or elite and find the right race for you.

We usually have around 20 nations participating over the weekend with 400+ racers.

We start the Friday afternoon with a #cleantheocean activity where we spend an hour picking garbage from beaches and land in the vicinity of the start & finish area.

On Saturdays we have our Sprint Experience races. These you can either do as a team (two persons) or solo.

The Sprint is approx. 15 km and the Experience is approx. 7 km. These two races really make it possible for any one to participate. The courses are fun and the camraderie is great. If you want to be competitive the front of the Sprint moves quite fast.

On Sundays we have the World Series event which is approx. 42 km It serves as a qualifier for the World Championship. These events can only be done as a team.

This means that a weekend gives an opportunity for anyone to either try swimrun for the first time or to be extremely competitive all under a world- class organization.

Photo: ӦTTILӦ Swimrun

WHETHER YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL OR A BEGINNER, riding a horse in a beautiful, picturesque ambience of Sinj and its surrounding is an experience you must trat yourself with!

Can riding through vast, impressive Sinj field be matched by anything, for a horse enthusiast?

Maybe only participating in famous Alka competition, when all eyes are on Alka men, who regardless of summer heat and traditional costume soaked in sweat, driven by applause and admiration of the crowd (and of course, Dalmatian spite!), proudly gallop on their full-blooded horse, pointing at the elusive center?

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If you want to feel like them, at least for a moment, or just enjoy recreation with this beautiful, noble and sociable animal, equestrian sports in an idyllic ambience of Sinj and surroundings are our warmest recommendation.

Namely, together with Alka and Our Great Lady festivity, Sinj has been just inseparable from horses – for centuries now! Alka lasts for almost three hundred years, and the town has hosted numerous national and international gallop and hurdle races. A key year for Sinj was 1979, when for the purposes of Mediterranean Games in Split, Sinj hippodrome was built, today second largest in the country.

ALKA AS AN INSPIRATION. If you decide to take a tour of town’s surroundings and the Cetina river on a horse, with professional guide, it is important to stress that the horses are exceptionally calm and trained, while the guides have great expertise and adequate licenses.

Many equestrian clubs in Sinj and Trilj and a series of smaller private stables have bred some of the most successful horses; achieving great results on competitions throughout Croatia, whilst keeping tradition of horse breeding and equestrian sports alive in Sinj. Together with their competitional  and breeding activities, these clubs offer wide range of contents for various groups of visitors, like recreational horse-riding and organization of social equestrian meetings.

As Alka never ceases to excite, all the more children and young people want to master at least the first riding steps, so horse-riding schools are very active and wanted.

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You can practice horse-riding on family excursion sites on wider Sinj area – 20 000 square meters of green surface including horse area, grassland, meadow, sports terrain, field for traditional bowling game, trim track and a restaurant – all promise a first-class experience!

HOW DOES THERAPEUTIC HORSE-RIDING WORK? Each of equestrian clubs on wider Sinj area offers services of therapeutic horse-riding, which has proven to be extremely beneficial with disabled persons or those with developmental difficulties. Namely, horses are very sociable animals, and they also sense and reflect human’s stimuli.  Swinging stimuli, transmitted from horse’s back to a rider resembles a human walk, so by learning this behavior in controlled conditions, therapeutic horse-riding users develop a unique connection with big and strong animal, which has a very beneficial effect on his/her self-confidence, concentration and patience. For these activities to be successful well-trained horses are of outmost importance.

VRLIKA AND TRILJ KEEP UP THE PACE. If you appreciate nice scenery, you will be delighted by terrain horse-riding across cliffs of Svilaja mountain and its surrounding, or along the edges of Sinj field under Kamešnica mountain and on the area from the Cetina spring to Vrlika.

These activities, as well as horse-riding school, riding for beginners with a guide and therapeutic horse-riding for disabled persons are all available in Vrlika and Trilj as well. We especially liked increasingly popular riding tour Trilj. Two hours of horse-riding along the silent flow of the Cetina river offers an unforgettable experience, and it’s for sure that among 18 beautiful, tame horses owned by this stable, you will most definitely find your favorite.


Photo: , archive of Tourist boards of Split Dalmatia County, HC Mustang, HCAlkar

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HVAR IS NOT BY CHANCE CALLED A CAPITAL OF WINE AND GASTRONOMY, and this is known to anyone who enjoyed a feast to remember on our sunniest island at least once!

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Its wine yards, olive groves, lavender fields, flowery meadows and woods, intertwining with dry walls and stone piles like an attractive mosaic, offer ingredients of immeasurable freshness and quality.


Indeed, is there anything better (or healthier!) than freshly caught fish, aromatic herbs picked in one’s own garden, preservatives being only salt, north wind, smoke, homemade oil and vinegar?


If we add to this a far known Hvar’s wine map, where proudly stand plavac mali and bogdanuša, it’s not surprising that this island attracts palates from all over the world.

Image result for taste the mediterranean HVAR

To the image of a true gastro capital of islands festival Taste the Mediterranean contributed immensely. It celebrates healthy and tasty Mediterranean food and lifestyle; and if you, encouraged by our lines, decide to put Hvar on your travel itineraries, study our recommendation for your personal gastro adventure.

TASTE THE WINE WHICH CONQUERED VIENNESE COURT. What vugava is for Vis and crljenak for Kaštela, pošip and grk for Korčua, for Hvar it is its white wine bogdanuša –  fresh and soft with aromas of overripe fruit. Its divinity is proven by the fact that it was served exclusively on special occasions, for holidays and with sophisticated fish specialties, and due to its exceptional quality it was consumed on Viennese court as well!

If you prefer red wines, enjoy in bold and rounded taste of ruby-red plavac mali – enthusiastic oenologists say  that it is as enchanting as a beautiful girl walking down Hvar’s waterfront!

The south side of the island, with its steep slopes that turn into valleys and end in beautiful pebble beaches, offers a superb location for this variety – look for it in numerous Hvar’s wine cellars and rural family households, or complete your meal in one of perfectly secluded, heavenly gastro oases on Pakleni islands.


MEET THE ROYALTY OF TRADITIONAL CUISINE.  Wherever you go on Hvar, it’s a great chance you will come across a small family restaurant with the most delicious homemade food, made according to recipes of Hvar’s grandmas! Picky gastronomads will be delighted by the jewels of island gastro tradition – Hvar’s gregada, Hum’s panada, Grablje’s pašticada, Brusje’s brujet or old island’s dish pećica na tećicu – a dessert made of young goat cheese with honey or sugar!

Image result for GREGADA HOTSPOTS

We especially liked small family restaurants and taverns in Zavala, Pitve and Sv. Nedjelja, where you can “spoil” your palates with octopus burgers, pasta with prawns and shrimps, fish ”a la dry” – cooked for hours without any liquid with onions, garlic, olive oil and spices; or mutton on a juniper spit – which absorbs the aroma of juniper rosin!


DO NOT FORGET PAPRENJACI. Hvar’s gastro delicacies can be a great (and very tasty!) souvenir. For example, Starigrad’s paprenjaci are aromatic cakes made of honey, saffron, coves, cinnamon and nuts, and scented prosecco and golden-yellowish Hvar’s olive oil.

Image result for HVAR MASLINOVO ULJE

A rhapsody of tastes of this kind consolidates the very essence of Hvar, and they are mentioned even in Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk by renaissance author Petar Hektorović! Make sure to try this ancient delicacy, as well as famous lavender liqueur, characteristic for its violet colour and distinctive taste.


A bottle of this liqueur, which will be used for special occasions (try also those made of lemon, orange, carob and walnuts!), or a nice jar of lavender, rosemary, ling, bearberry or sage honey will be a perfect reminder of your tasty and sweet-scented Hvar gastro adventure!

Photo: TB Hvar, TB Jelsa, Taste The Mediterranean, Sunčani Hvar hotels


DID YOU KNOW that Omiš is a true source of sports adrenaline?

This picturesque town – as if engraved in rocks that rise mighty above it – is recorded in history as a pirate’s town. Omiš’s monarchs Kačići were famous for piracy, and so courageous that they used to reach even Boka Kotorska and Italy with their boats!

Image result for mirabela omiš

This dynamic and energetic town’s spirit has been preserved even till today, and instead of pirate activity, it has been turned into an abundance of adrenaline contents. Therefore, if you wish to stride along the same steps where pirates would rush upon spotting Venetian ships, tackle the Cetina river rapids or take a tour of its canyon from a highly interesting point of view (bird’s view) stay with our lines!

FIND INSPIRATION IN – “A MILLION DOLLAR” – VIEW! One cannot tell a story of Omiš without mentioning forts Fortica and Mirabela, symbols of town and its rich history. Fortica fort, on the very top of Omiš’s Dinara, can be reached by excellently marked road starting at the centre of the town and leading through Baučići.

About an hour long walk to the top will award you with a beautiful view of the entire town, the Cetina river canyon and the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta. No less impressive is a viewpoint of Mirabela fort, which dates back to 13th century and offers a view of Omiš and the entire Brač’s Channel! You can reach it by very narrow steps, so if you’re not in your top climbing shape, be extremely careful both while climbing and descending! And one more thing, do not forget your camera – ”million dollar” views offered by these stone beauties will be an excellent addition for your Facebook or Instagram timeline!

Omis stari grad

TACKLE RIVER RAPIDS. Active vacation enthusiasts will not find it hard to set out to Omiš even from the most remoted places in order to enjoy in rafting on the Cetina, marked as the very best in the area by many! Tackle the river rapids – adrenaline rapid Z that brings your adventure to the fever pitch and Javornica through which you have to squeeze as through an eye of a needle!

Indulge yourself with an unforgettable experience of going thorough small, magic Studenci waterfall, and enjoy in wilderness sightseeing on calmer parts – crystal clear waters are swirling with fish, ducks are swimming calmly, and somewhat rarer but equally interesting guests can be turtles and sea dragonflies! With expert skippers you will tackle even the most demanding parts of the river, popularly called labyrinths; peek into a place called Tisne stine (Narrow rocks) where famous movie Winetou was filmed, and the whole adventure will be captured with a camera of a professional photographer. Besides rafting, both kayaking as canoeing will enable you to take a peek into the most hidden places, and we especially like bathing under Velika and Mala Gubavica waterfalls!

ZIP LINE – ADRENALINE BOMB FOR THE MOST DEARING! Wild beauty of the Cetina canyon can be enjoyed from a totally different perspective – for above! Zip line is an activity made popular several years ago, and it keeps attracting all the more visitors!

Image result for omiški polumaraton

Namely, it is a flight over the rocky Cetina landscape with the use of a steel rope. One of the most interesting reviews of this exciting activity was left by an elderly gentleman from Great Britain, who rated it with 5 stars, with a comment: ”You only live once!”

Omiški gusari str 06

He said that with this “venture” his grandchildren were immensely amused, and for the next couple of days all he did was relax, with a bear! If you’re not afraid of heights, and you would like a tour which is all but conventional, dare to try this adrenaline treat, hugely praised by satisfied users on numerous foreign travel portals.


Photo: , arhiva Turističkih zajednica

To be totally honest, all our small boroughs (in local dialect: malo misto) are gorgeous in their own way, but the tourism professionals have confirmed that Sutivan is indeed something special! This year, on the prestigious event “Tourism Days” (Dani turizma), Sutivan was awarded in the category of best authentic seaside destination, leaving behind 20 other small boroughs that came in shortlist. To find out what’s new in Sutivan, what kind of valuable projects are in preparation and which are our top suggestions for the most enjoyable accommodation experience and active holidays, stay tuned with us in the following lines!

ATRACTIVE INNOVATION. Sutivan doesn’t intend to stop just at this flattering acknowledgment, which is proven by most diverse projects that will surely enhance and expand this small town’s tourist offer. For example, persons with disabilities are more than welcome guests here –  appropriate access points have been designed as part of the most important municipal project, “Open Doors for Friends “ (“Prijateljima vrata otvorena”), which is currently in underway in the administrative segment,  for them to be able to visit attractions such as Kavanjinovi Dvori (residential and farm area), “old Brač plastika”, the former oil mill and the cinema, for all the planned contents. Construction work which started in April this year, has been completed on for the extension of the swimmers dock, which now boasts with the Aqualift – intended for facilitating the entrance & exit in the sea for persons with disabilities.

As a tourist magazine, we highly commend this extraordinary initiative, which will make all Sutivan guests feel comfortable there! Apart from the before mentioned Kavanjinovi Dvori, there is also a new nursery in plan, as well as the renovation of the center of the borough and its promenade, as well as the setup of additional features on the beaches. Sutivan will receive an additional dose of luxury – it is intended to build three new high class hotels in the area of ​​320,000 square feet of land. In all likelihood, Sutivan’s bright future in tourism is at hand’s reach!

SPEAKING OF SOPHISTICATED ACCOMMODATION, you must see Sutivan’s heritage hotel “Lemongarden”! When we typed its name into Tripadvisor’s search engine, the results blinked with full 5 stars (totally deserved!) in front of our eyes! Guests, already thrilled by the fact that Brač has its own airport, which greatly facilitated their arrival, experienced a real euphoria when they saw that Lemongarden not only corresponds to everything it is said about the hotel in their attractive promotional materials, but that it is even more fascinating in real version!

One foreign guest made a joke with the metaphor of “amazing grace” (feeling incredible bliss), which perfectly suits everything he saw and experienced there, starting from the flawless elegance and cleanliness of the facility, spacious and modernly equipped apartment, to a relaxing atmosphere, a nearby a park and fabulous, 50-meters-long pool. This hotel, surrounded by bougainvilleas, roses, hibiscus and lemon trees, perfectly adapts to Sutivan’s vista, and has its own private beach, and – oh, but of course – lemon based delicacies according to its adorable name – from the exquisite lemon liqueur to lemon jam, which tastes so good that the guests would like to bring it home!

NOW, FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO ADD A SPLASH OF ACTIVITIES, BESIDES FULL HEDONISM DURING THEIR STAY, there are great options for an active holiday here in Sutivan! The combination of excellent cycling trails and the idyllic island setting (not to forget the divine Brač lamb dishes!) thrilled the former mayor of London, and passionate fan of recreation on two wheels, Boris Johnson, who came to visit the borough two years ago and became one of the best & loudest promoters of Sutivan in the world . That all his praise is well-founded, it can be easily understood by all visitors who decide to master the attractive bicycle trails named by the typical local winds – Tramuntana, Maestral, Levant.

In addition to offering great cycling experience in an authentic Mediterranean setting, these trails leads to attractive points that are unique thanks to their plant and animal diversity, or to cultural and historical significance: for example, from the sandy Likva bay, not far from the coast, at 30 meters of depth, you will encounter the submarine site of an antique shipwreck, and you will be led further to the picturesque places of Bobovišća and Ložišća, villages with wonderfully preserved rural features (take a look at the masterpiece of Ivan Rendic – a magnificent belfry from the second half of the 19th century in Ložišća!). And if you want to have a go at the real competition, the XCM “Uvati vitar” race is a great choice for you – choose one of the three interesting tracks which fit your condition level and join this beloved race, which will take place from May 17th till May 19th 2019. In the words of the organizers, in the next year, this race, which significantly contributed to Sutivan’s positioning as a bike friendly destination, will be enriched with additional, expanded contents, and we cannot wait to see what the best little borough has prepared for us!

WHEN A DESTINATION is awarded by professionals, and our island metropolis – Supetar, had this privilege for three years in a row now, then you know that you are in the right place!

In football terms, Supetar achieved a real hattrick, winning three prestigious awards “Sunflower of Rural Tourism” (in Croatian – Suncokret ruralnog turizma) – for the Dolce Vita themed trail and the project “Island Cuisine”, yet the most recent Sunflower award was won for its famous Museum of Oil (in Croatian – Muzej uja). So, if you’d like a vacation in the original island ambience, spiced up with traditional delicacies – it’s time to buy your ticket for the first available ferry!

… AND UNLOCK YOUR INDIVIDUAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE in Supetar. It is, in fact, the new slogan of the Supetar Tourist Board, which combines the head leitmotif of the tourist offer and the emblematic symbol – the key – found in the coat of arms of Supetar town, held by St. Peter, the local saint-patron. Let this creative slogan invite you to do exactly what are the head tourism professionals in Supetar had in mind – explore and create your own personal, tailor made experience of Supetar!

Whether you are a gastronomad, an active holiday fan, a curious visitor in search of attractions, a real party person – or perhaps all of the above, Supetar has something for you! Unlock an active holiday, traditional tastes, cultural heritage, or entertainment, and opt for the facilities and programs according to your affinities!

Bike Brač (1)_1

Another great boost of motivation for this successful destination to expand and improve its offer is also given by significant anniversaries, such as the 25th anniversary of the Supetar Tourist Board, as well as the 110th anniversary of Banje, Supetar’s favorite beach.

PROJECTS WHICH OFFER THE BEST OF BRAČ. Supetar town does not just boast on its glory – the professionals here are very determined to enrich and extend its offer, what is nicely shown in the project of revival of Škrip area, thus presenting the part of the strategy for a more evened-out development of tourism throughout the town. This initiative will especially thrill all fans of protected cultural heritage and original island environments, as an authentic rural unit and many attractive objects (such as Kaštel Cerineo, Kaštel Radojković – Brač Island Museum, St. Jelena Church, St. John the Baptist Church, ancient Roman quarry etc.) will be given a new life. At the same time, it will raise the quality of life of the local population, so the tourism valorization of the said attractions will result in benefits for the entire community.

But that’s not all – new and inviting attractions are here to put a wide smile on the faces of active holiday fans – what do you think of a 140-km long walk around the whole island? Namely, it is a praiseworthy project of making the Brač promenade – a pedestrian-hiking trail based on existing macadam paths, which will take you to explore all the most attractive spots on the island (such as Zlatni Rat, Blaca desert, the bays on the south side of the island, Ložišća, Škrip, Museum of Oil, Lovrečina Bay, stonemasons’ school in Pučišća, St. John’s Church in Povlja…). Recreation with a dose of intriguing sights, which are genuinely here to encourage guests to find out what’s coming up next along the path? If you ask us – a total hit!

A FEW FABULOUS GASTRO STORIES. We do not object to those guests who, when coming to Supetar, are motivated to explore another side of it – the one appealing to the palate. The authenticity, with a small dose of mystique that Brač exudes, has not surpassed the island’s local kitchens (in local dialect – kužine), including the ones in Supetar. It is a must to mention that the gastronomy of Brač, apart from the widely known lamb, home-made wines and tasty cheeses and prosciutto, boasts with several dishes that have reached the national list of protected intangible heritage, such as “hrapoćuša” cake, which irresistibly resembles the visual image of Brač karst or the ancient dish made with lamb intestines – “vitalac”.


And speaking of lamb, we cannot skip to mention the splendid rural households on Vidova gora. Already in the olden days, 200 years ago, this was a favorite gathering place for eating, drinking and socializing, and today it is one of the island’s hottest gastronomic points, worthy of all recommendations. Namely, only fresh meat will be served here because the hosts do not have a fridge and they prepare meat only when they have guests in arrival!

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In addition to lamb, they also have their vineyard with 2500 vines, and produce their own wine, cheese, juices, brandy, vegetables … Visit this truly unique place and try their grilled or steamed lamb, lamb tripe and of course – the famous “vitalac”!

Srdele, DigitalvizijaIN

If you are in search for an excellent way to taste “the best of” gastronomy in Brac, projects and culinary events in Supetar promise a real spectacle for the palate. The Sunflower awarded “Island Cuisine” project started in 2016, with the aim of promoting authentic gastronomy and reviving simple, old and traditional island dishes, taking them back to restaurant tables!

Thanks to this project, in a few rural households, agrotourisms and taverns, you can taste dishes based on healthy, accessible and original ingredients, coming from domestic gardens and olive groves, prepared by tried-and-true recipes that have been carefully guarded by generations of grandmothers on Brač! The Museum of Oil in Škrip is also part of the project, which regularly delights guests from all the corners of the world, familiarizing them with the traditional olive oil production process, which can also be tasted there, along with a variety of original delicacies.

It is sufficient to take a look at the very strict Tripadvisor and convince yourself of the general thrill which this place provokes in guests! The intense aromas of peculiar delicacies are widespread in Supetar especially in April, when the culinary event “Biser mora” (Croatian for “Pearl  of the Sea”) is held – it is an international competition of culinary maestros, held in Supetar hotels. Inspired by the diversity of Supetar’s gastronomic delights, what else can we say at the very end, but – bon appetite!

Photo: TB Supetar

IT’S NOT A SECRET that true vacation in today’s frenetic times has become a real luxury, but if you ask a person of distinctive taste to recommend you where to relax your soul and body, true tourist experts will whisper in confidence – visit Seget!

But this is no wonder – since entire Croatia, especially Dalmatia, has become a true tourist star, guests from all over the world have peaked in every of its corners. But if you are not keen on hustle and bustle and overcrowded destinations, but your priorities include Mediterranean ambience, domestic gastronomy, intriguing sights  and peace and quiet, Seget  is just the right destination!

Its advantages made it desired by all types of guests – from demanding gourmets to families with children – it is an excellent choice for all those who want to, even outside of high season, literally invigorate their body and soul.

ENJOY IN ACTIVE VACATION, while the level of activity is – up to you! Our choice would be “Health Road”, whose attributes are amazing karst landscape and breathtaking panoramic view. Along this road, besides walking, you can ride a bike, since it is adequately marked and equipped with useful facilities and contents, while adventurous riders will gladly try tackling somewhat more demanding macadam parts. Apart from enjoying in real Mediterranean ambience you will fell the sense of past times; namely, since it was built (1807) by Napoleon’s marshals, it has changed very little, and if you like sights, make sure you visit picturesque church of St. Ilija from 13th century!

If you insist on sea joys even outside high summer season, you will be delighted by the fact that this area is known for fabulous diving locations and sea waters of exceptional clarity, and underwater walls rich with flora and fauna. Together with numerous fish varieties and impressive lobsters, a rare type of coral is especially worth seeing – red gorgonian – one of the most beautiful in the Adriatic. If you are a professional diver, you can look for it somewhere deeper and on shaded vertical underwater cliffs, and if you direct your torch in its way, you’ll discover that its, what seemed blue colour at the first sight, is actually strong red.

STRAIGHT “A” ACCOMMODATION. Another thing about Seget is – you don’t have to worry where to stay. Whether you choose high quality private accommodation where you will be welcomed by hosts known for hospitality and readiness to help, or contemporary equipped hotels (“Rotondo”, “Astoria”, “Jadran”, “Bavaria”, “Viktorija, camp “Vranjica Belvedere”, camp “Seget” and  apartments “Medena” located near the sea shore) we are sure that you will have more than positive experience. We especially like hotel “Ola”, the newest eco-friendly hotel where everything is subjected to return to nature, and where you can enjoy in healthy LCHF diet! Due to great traffic position, any of these accommodation facilities can be used as a starting point for exciting excursions – set out to national pars Krka and Plitvice Lakes, UNESCO jewels Split, Šibenik and Trogir or even Dubrovnik!

Seget Tourist board

Photo: Tz Seget

TZ Seget logo


Rich holiday programme with occasional offer of advent houses, children programme, nights of poetry, DJs and dance programme, numerous sports events, and spectacular entertainment with concerts of popular band Jukebox, Ljetno kino and a performance of popular singer Jelena Rozga are a guarantee for good time in Supetar.

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This year Supetar Christmas Corner is an unavoidable part of the island’s holiday buzz. Programme started with evergreens, on December 7, with a concert of popular band Jukebox on old fish market.


Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Seven musicians with great experience in different musical genres and diverse urban repertoires were a guarantee of good music fun. With food and drinks of Supetar’s caterers from café bars “Lanterna” and “Sweet life”, restaurant “Apinelo” and houses “Slatke čarolije (Sweet magic) the party lasted long into the night.

Rich programme for the youngest ones

When creating content, one always tries to please as many interest groups. Therefore, apart from music and sports programmes, special attention is paid to children programmes – specially designed to animate the youngest ones. In Supetar’s sports hall on December 14 Christmas programme for kindergarten, elementary school and high school will be held. On December 16 children park Ratac “Happy children, happy town” is scheduled to be opened, on December 18 there will be a rich show programme and anniversary of dance studio “Renata”. Day before Christmas Eve, on December 23, a merry children show will be held named “Happy children, happy town”.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, codfish and pršurate will be shared to all, organized by Association of Craftsmen “Brač”.

Manifestation Supetar Christmas Corner is followed by rich and interesting accompanying events through which unique island tradition will be displayed.

This manifestation is organized by Supetar Town, TB Supetar, Communal society ”Grad” in cooperation with Supetar’s caterers.

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Photo: TB Supetar

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Hvar has its own Advent too, which includes many events in holiday spirit before and during Christmas holidays. If you wish to spend some of advent weekends, the merriest of all holidays – Christmas or spend a New Year’s Eve on a nice place, then coming to the sunniest island in Croatia is the right choice.

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This year as well for the locals and their guests advent programme is held in front of Lodge, in small advent houses. Hvar Town, in cooperation with societies, associations and institutions of the town has prepared a programme within which various concerts, shows and performances will be held.

Advent programme started on December 8, and it will last until January 5, 2019. Apart from advent houses on Riva (waterfront) programmes will be held in gallery Arsenal, in Arsenal and in the Cathedral.

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Something for everyone

On Wednesday, December 12, 18th Marin Days will be held – musical-stage collage of High School Hvar and Association “Kapja jubavi” in Museum of Franciscan monastery. Two days later, on December 14  in gallery Arsenal musical-stage programme of GSU Stella Maris Hvar will be held, and concert of choir Stella Mari and Stellice and stage game “Waiting for Santa”. Guests are Little Guitar Players.


On Sunday, December 16 in Arsenal a show “You cheat him, but don’t leave him” will be performed, and the days after that you should visit Christmas concert of Musical School Of Josip Hatze in Orlana. For the youngest they have prepared a magical night which will be held on December 18 in the court of kindergarten Vanđela Božitković. On Christmas holly mass will be held in St Stephen’s Cathedral.

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In Advent programme every generation will find something for themselves because it abounds in entertaining, cultural, children and sports events. Concerts will be given by town musical society, for youth there are DJ programmes, and various band and musicians will also perform, from Split, Kaštela and Zagreb. Throughout December there will be friendly football matches and sailing match race for amateurs.

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A group from Rijela takes Hvar into the New Year

Two days after Christmas, on December 27, semi-finals of 38th New Year’s mini-football tournament will be held, organized by Association for Mini football Hvar. On the last day of this year there will be a special event – 38th navigation regatta memorial Zdravko Roić and finals of 38th New Year’s mini-football tournament.

Day before New Year’s Eve, on December 30, a young Croatian music celebrity Mia Dimšić is having a concert, while people form Hvar and their guest will be taken into new year by Rijeka’s band Super Cover Band. Advent programme on Hvar ends on January 6, 2019 with occasional programme in advent houses.

Come to Hvar, enjoy in diverse musical, sports and cultural programme and step into the new 2019 in your dancing shoes and with a smile on your face!

Photo: TB Hvar

When thinking about numerous Croatian tourist destinations, your thoughts always wander away to Hvar – destination with authentic Mediterranean spirit, open to tourists from all over the world who come to the sunniest island on the Adriatic to smell the lavender and hear the humming of the sea… and while it was once called Austro-Hungarian Madeira, and then Croatian Saint Tropez, Hvar was and stayed Croatian island with its own identity and a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

Town Hvar is also a world tourist destination that celebrated 150 years of organized tourism this year. Upon founding of Hygienic Society in 19th century, at first called Società Igienica di Lesina, first of the kind in Europe, with aim to obtain everything needed for a pleasant stay of foreigners in this town” a group of local enthusiast set the foundations of modern tourism as we know today. It was one of the reasons why this year Days of Croatian Tourism (DCT) were held in Hvar. This is the most important touristic manifestation in Croatia, attended by all who mean something in tourism. For, if you’re not on DCT, you don’t exist in Croatian tourism!

This year Hvar has celebrated 160th anniversary of foundation of Meteorological Station Hvar, the oldest one in the world with continuous climatological measurements, whose data of beneficial climate were the basis of pioneer initiative of public organization of tourist offer. Additionally, celebrating 160 years since the birth of Ivan Vučetić, dactyloscopy inventor, makes this year exceptional for the town of sun and its guests.

What is there to know about Hvar?

This island has approximately 2726 sunny hours per year. Archaeological findings proved that this was the place where the oldest drawing of a boat in the world was found  – dating back to Neolithic! The oldest public theatre in Europe is also in Hvar, founded in 1612. First hotel was built in 1899 and it was named after Austrian empress Elizabeth, affectionately called Sissi. Hvar is the only island in the world with six UNESCO protected heritage goods, the most recent one listed was drywalls. Perhaps the most interesting one is lace made of agave leaves by Hvar’s Benedictine nuns.

Since it has great gastronomy and even better wine, Mediterranean diet of the island of Hvar is also on the UNESCO list. You should definitely try gregoda – simple dish of Hvar’s fishermen made in a traditional way from fish, potatoes, olive oil and onions. To leave Hvar without trying gregoda would surely be a sin.

Through history in Hvar many beautiful works of cultural and historical heritage were created. One of them is Fortica fort, keeper of the town and the port from 16th century. But, today Hvar is the leading place on the Adriatic in active vacation offer, and this is surely what most attracts tourists.

Sailing, kayaking, diving, hiking, cycling, jeep-safari, are only some of the ways to experience Hvar in a different and unique way – full of adventure, sense of freedom, when only the sky is the limit, where you can do it, if you want it.

A grain of salt and a bit of adrenaline…

Cycling roads like tiny capillaries pass through the entire island, and the ones who sensed its pulse at least once, will hop on bike again and try to conquer all the cyclo-roads on this island. Their knowledge and experience can be tested on 13 arranged cycling roads of total length of almost 500 km. If you prefer hiking, then you’re at the right place as well because there are many hiking roads on Hvar.

But, Hvar is interesting for other athletes, so for the last two year it has been a host for swimrun competition, extremely demanding sports discipline in aquathlon category in which pair take turns in running and swimming on roads from 45 to 75 kilometres. This competition, ÖTILLÖ (in Swedish from island to island) emerged as a result of a bet between two young Swedes in 2006. Their extreme attempt from Stockholm’s archipelago, 10 years later, evolved into a new sports discipline.

Hvar is becoming more recognized by top athletes as an ideal place for sports preparations. In October Australian handball national team was on preparations, whose selector is Ante Jeličić from Hvar. Beauties of the island of Hvar, Hvar’s sights, a view form Fortica fort, and 400 years old theatre have left Australian team breath-taken.

Two years ago in Hvar, European Championship Laser Masters 2016 was held. It was a championship of European society of laser EurILCA for yachtsmen over 35 years of age, who are not active in sailing anymore, but their love for the sea and competition still gathers them on championships all over the Europe.

Cycling sheiks in Hvar

That Hvar is a heaven for cyclists is proved by cycling team Bahrain Merida who were enchanted by this island. And while these cycling sheiks, a member of which is Italian cycling expert Vicenzo Nibali, first visited Istria, for the last two years they have chosen Hvar as their preparation place, and they will continue do so in 2019 as well. With these perfect natural conditions and adequate infrastructure for cycling, it has proved to be an excellent choice for training camp. Cycling events, together with other sports events contribute to the image of a destination as an ideal place for active vacation.

After New Year’s Regatta, running for fun

This year as well, from December 27 – 31 42nd International New Year’s Regatta for Laser, Laser Radial and Laser 4,7 will be held. On the very New Year’s Eve navigational regatta Zdenko Roić Memorial for optimist class will be organized. Next year 9th International Hvar Half-Marathon will take place. As in recent years, it will be marked by a slogan “For run For fun”. Come and join running for fun!

Hvar is a sample example of what we want to do with Croatian tourism – not just to count guests and overnights, but to present quality offer. The island of Hvar is one of the most beautiful Croatian islands where quality has arrived through sustainability, preservation of the existing offer, primarily of historical monuments and culture. Hvar has become a year-round destination.

Photo: TB Hvar