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Days of Alka and Velika Gospa, an umbrella event that groups a multitude of colorful and attractive events in the summer months, has always been eagerly awaited by the people of Sinj and their welcome visitors.  

Organizers made sure that the program is rich in diversity and everyone can easily find something to their liking: from concerts of contemporary and classical music, exhibitions, rock and ethno festivals, creative workshops and sports tournaments to Alka ceremonies and church celebrations. Exceptionally designed events, combined with the unparalleled ambiance of Sinj, guarantee unforgettable summer nights in the city at the foot of Kamičak.

The celebrations begin on July 12th in the main city square, Piazza, with the Alka’s Bride play performed by the Sinj Amateur Theatre. A sacred concert will be held at the Church of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj just before the official opening. Multi-award winning young musicians of the ensemble (Martin Krpan, violin, Dunja Čolić, oboe, Anna Ivanov, violin, Ivo Ilakovac, cello, Michael Buturić, organ) will present an attractive program suitable for the sacred space: sacral sonatas by the Baroque composers such as J.S. Bach, G.F. Händel and G.P. Telemann as well as seldom performed Mozart’s church sonatas. A special musical treat is J. Prajz’s modern composition, composed this year for this ensemble in particular. 

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The traditional festival of the Marian spiritual songs titled Klapas to Our Lady Mary of Sinj, performed by klapas, will be held on August 1st in a similar meditative space, in the courtyard of the Monastery of Our Lady. Organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, the Music evenings at Kamičak Fort are an exceptional music event that has been breathing new life into this star-shaped fort that watches over the city of alkars. On August 17th, at 8 pm, the musical notes of the fantastic jazz music performed by renowned world performers – featuring Ratko Zjača – Stefano Bedetti and Nocturnal Four, will be scattered all over the ancient walls.   

On August 23rd and 24th, Kamičak will also host the Kamičak Ethno Festival, yet another splendid music event with foreign and local performers. Argentinean duo Turica Doncel brings the touch of Argentinean folklore combined with the contemporary musical expression. “Nomad girls”, the band Perija, will arrive from Macedonia. 

They are street performers whose musical expression is based on the authentic interpretation of traditional rhythms of Balkans, especially ethno sounds of Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia. A unique interpretation of the musical tradition of Balkans will be presented by the praised band from Belgrade called Naked and Ogenj i Kazan, a great domestic band that will also make an appearance at the festival. Patrick Walker Trio of the English folk scene will present the rhythms of the traditional Irish music at Kamičak.       

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 In the magnificent Alka Knights Court, the people of Sinj and guests will enjoy the performance of the Argentine Tribute band founded in Buenos Aires as a tribute to the famous Croatian musician Oliver Dragojević (on August 11th). With the concert, Argentinian Croats will cover songs of the prematurely deceased beloved singer.

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Summer music school is held from July 8th to 20th and it gathers many young musicians of all ages which have a great opportunity to collaborate with famous professors through different professional approaches and educational methods. Photo workshop The World in colors (August 30th – September 3rd), co-organized by Foto Hrvatska and Sinj Tourist Board, challenges everyone to have a new perspective on what is known and what is unknown through the camera lens.

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For history lovers, Sinj Tourist Board with associates is preparing a historical spectacle The 1715 Siege of Sinj (on August 8th). The indispensible part of the past of Sinj and Croatia is the battle with the Ottomans which gave birth to Alka knights’ tournament and the celebration of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj and it is played out in all its glory before the spectator’s eyes. The bang of the flintlock pistol, the clatter of horses’ hooves, the cries of the grieving people – all serve as reminders of 300 year old events!

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The game between Delmats and Romans takes us even further back into the past (on July 28th). Organized by the association Gaius Laberius, the sworn enemies face each other on the football field under the watchful eye of the emperor Diocletian and empress Prisca. The result is irrelevant – the only reward is a moment of glory (and the realization that the first football was indeed played in the Cetina Region).                     

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The sensational 2019 Sinj Air Show will be held at the Sinj sport airport Piket from August 30th to September 1st. The Air Show is organized by the Aeronautical-Technical association of Sinj and the city of Sinj. The attractive adrenaline acrobatics attract visitors of all ages as well as fans of aeronautics. 

Guests from Italian Sansepolcro, a sister city of Sinj, will present their traditional medieval archery tournament, Palio della Balestra on August 3rd. 
Organized by the SKUP association, 17th Music and beer festival S.A.R.S. will be held from July 19th to 21st and it will host performers of many different music genres: Vojko Vrućina, M.O.R.T., Grše, Jufkamental, Limbonaut, Edo Majka,, Atheist Rap, Dregermajster, Teški Osjećaji, Tony Rose & The Band of Jakeys.

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Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square is traditionally a home to Sinj Village Fair on August 2nd and 3rd and it will host many exhibitors who will display and offer ornaments, handicrafts, delicacies and products from our villages and islands. In hope to preserve old crafts that could go extinct, the Sinj Tourist Board, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, is organizing an educational traditional hand-wheel pottery workshop. Visitors will have an opportunity to see how clay pots are made in crafty hands of the potter Ivan Knezović.  It is important to mention the long forgotten craft of opanak-making (Lilja Vojković).            

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Visitors have an opportunity to taste domestic products and dishes at the fair. Apart from the exhibition and enogastronomic part, the visitors will also enjoy the entertainment program including the performances of many associations and culture and art societies. We will see the performances of the Sinj majorettes, Culture and Art Society Cetina, Culture and Art Society Vrilo, Associations for the Preservation of the Heritage of the Cetina region, URIG from Otok and HKUD Peruća. Traditional circle dances will be performed along with klapa singing and rera singing, traditionally sung at dernek (traditional folk party).    

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Sinj Tourist Board invites everyone who is interested, guests or local people, to join our free tours every Thursday in 7 pm from July 18th to August 29th. It’s a great opportunity to familiarize with the city in the hands of professional tourist guides.  Make sure to visit the Alka race track in mid-July to see the preparations of alkars for the highly anticipated competition in August. A relaxing atmosphere of Prova offers a new perspective on the Alka competition.            

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The highlights of this great manifestation are undoubtedly Alka ceremonies (Bara on August 2nd, Čoja on August 3rd, Alka on August 4th) and the Feast of Assumption of Mary, the heavenly patroness of our city.  On this day we celebrate the Day of the town Sinj! We invite you to have a look at the program The days of Alka and the Assumption 2019, and join us in the summer atmosphere of Sinj!

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Have you been on Vis yet?

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The sequel of Hollywood hit Mamma Mia presented the beauty of Vis to the world. Until 1995 it was merely a military base, an isolated island – today it is one of the most desirable destinations. Vela Srebrna, Rukavac, Smokva, Milna, Zaglav, Stončica… – are bays for sailors to truly enjoy.

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Although it is not an easy task to decide on the most beautiful one, officially this title went to Stiniva in 2016. It is surrounded by two high cliffs, keeping small pebble beach inside them safe.

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In a stiff competition of 300 European beaches, 10 000 readers of European Best Destination portal gave their votes to this beach, located at the south side of the island of Vis.

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On this side there is also uninhabited Ravnik islet, famous for the attractive Green Cave. It is a worthy competitor to more famous the Blue Cave – located in Balun bay on Biševo islet, only 5 nautical miles from Vis. In the Blue Cave sunrays penetrate through its vault, reflect of the seabed, giving the cave its mystique, unforgettable blue colour.

About thirty planes, mostly bombers and pursuit planes from WW2 have been found in Vis waters and present a testimony of military history of the island. During WW2 Vis was an Italian military base, later on taken by the Allies to build military airport.

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Today Vis waters attract divers from all over the world, who especially target three diving points with crashed planes: near Polivalo cape on the south side of the island, east from Biševo and by Paržan islet.

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Although instead in marina, mooring places are on the local waterfront, Vis town has become an unavoidable hot spot in sailing across Dalmatia.

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Ambience of this little place, attractive restaurants and rich cultural heritage present a reason enough to sail in to this quiet port. It can also be a great starting point for island exploration.

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Make sure to visit Komiža, a place on the southwest of the island. Among its irresistible beaches, the most famous one is Kamenice – with underwater springs of cold water it is ideal for an escape from summer heat.


Pfoto:, Tourists boards of Vis and Komiža

A unique bitter-sweet aperitif as an inspiration for inventive magic at the bar.

Stari Grad on Hvar is unique for many reasons (just remember the Stari Grad plain or the Tvrdlja Castle of Petar Hektorović!) And now it has come up with a completely unique festival!

Namely, this is the first international Pelinkovac festival, which will be organised on the Škor town square, organised by a company with the hedonistic name of Bon Vivant, with the support of the Stari Grad Tourist Board and the City of Stari Grad, on June the 27th, 2019.

Stari Grad

Even though this is something that is being organised for the first time ever, the festival has already been very well recognised, with as many as 10 recipes supported by Croatian producers – Dalmacijavino and Badel with Gorki, Orange and Antique Pelinkovac, Coca Cola with Golden (Zlatni) Pelin and with their bitter-sweet candidates in optimal harmony with aromatic herbs – Maraska, Darna, Perković rakija, Natura Antunović and Degenija Velebit will bring their own contributions.

The aim of this festival is to raise awareness of the quality of Pelinkovac as something special and what is for this climate, a typical product, as well as a quality supplement, with both classic and modern cocktails. A lecture and a workshop have been created based on this theme, where all those present can try all of the 10 exhibited types, and independently discern which flavours function best.

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An A+ event!

Although mugwort hasn’t been all that popular as a cocktail ingredient because of its famed bitterness, the great barmen at this event are there to prove the opposite to you! Although it is most often served separately with ice and a lemon or an orange slice, the complexity of its taste is in fact an inexhaustible source of variations for making both refreshing summer spritzers, as well as classic, more bitter cocktails.

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Chris Edwardes

Going by the five to five principle, five bartenders will create five cocktails based on five different types/brands of Pelinkovac – besides their unique craft cocktails, there’ll be five-in-one tasting of all five types used in their creation.

Surrender to  the charms of the legendary bar guru Chris Edwardes from the Hidden bar on Ibiza, Lukasz and Mischa Lewicki from Stari Grad’s Bon Vivant, as well as Croatian masters Marko Skarpa of Lampedusa bar, and Marino Karinja from Solutions bar!

Mischa and Chris will jointly host a Masterclass on the theme of Pelinkovac in classic cocktails (12.00-13.00h); we like the Pelin workshop ‘’in my way’’ (13.00-14.00h), and we particularly like the pop-up bars on Škor square (17.00-23.00h) as well as the after party at Lampedusa bar! As there is already so much in the name of the number 5, we don’t doubt that Stari Grad really is going to create a brand new and inventive, A+ event!

Photo: Tz Stari Grad, Badel 1862


Unjustly in a shadow of coastal and island tourist destinations, Dalmatian Zagora has recently been revealing itself as an unexplored terra incognita, a treasure map abounding in X spots – there are so many hidden treasury chests revealing themselves to their visitors.

The one thing Zagora doesn’t have – the sea – is replaced by numerous natural and cultural sights, contemporary and historical manifestations, which are unavoidably spiced up with drops of wine ripen under the hot karst sun and the most delicious bites of traditional cuisine, nowhere else in the world to be found – we can assure you!


It wasn’t by chance targeted by the conquerors – every bit of freedom here was paid in blood, and every bite taken from the karst. It is a region where every stone has its story, a region of legends, fairies, uskok and hajduk knights, lively folk tales, but above all, a region where people stingy with words, offer their heart instead.


Tucked in a flow of clear and cold the Cetina River, surrounded by peaks of rocky mountain beauties Svilaja, Dinara and Kamešnica, knight’s town Sinj is proud of its jewels: UNESCO protected Alka and church of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj.

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The liveliest period in Sinj is in August, when except the Alka festivities, hordes of pilgrims come to celebrate the day of Our Great Lady, (August 15), searching for comfort and hope in front of painting of Miraculous Lady of Sinj and her gentle look. Concert of Marian spiritual music Klape Gospi Sinjskoj, (August 1), is an exceptional event, while Music Nights on Kamičak Fort, (August 17), authentic star-shaped fortress with a beautiful stage under the clear sky  hosts concerts of classical, traditional and jazz world musicians (Ratko Zjača & Nocturnal four).

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Historical spectacle The Siege of Sinj 1715, August 8, as a time machine takes the audience in the times of famous battle under Sinj. Sinj village fair, (August 2 – 3), traditionally presents and offers various homemade eco-products – from decorations and handy crafts to gourmet delicacies and products of our villages and islands. Visitors can anjoy in grear live music, at S.A.R.S. Music and beer festival, (July 19 – 21), Etno Kamičak festival, (August 23 – 24), hypnotic untouched nature and pleasant company – Gljevstok, (June 22), whichis more than a festival – it is an ode to escape from everyday haste, harmony and peace which can be found only far away from city asphalt  – under the starry sky unspoiled by artificial lighting.

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. If you want to experience full adventure of Sinj, then go to the Sinj hippodrome and enjoy in Gallop and hurdle race, or visit Aeroclub Sinj Airport (Airshow, Sailing Cup, Parachute Cup) at Piket. Professional instructors will show you their sport activities and show you one different perspective of the city.

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Town of bridges over the Cetina, is one most perfectly harmonised combination of active vacation, unique nature and cultural-historic sights and elegant manifestations. Visitors can try rafting, horse-riding, cycling but also get to know cultural heritage of Trilj and the surrounding by visiting forts Nutjak and Čačvina, Grab mills or precious archaeological locality Tilurij. Trilj Cultural Summer (June – September) always offers interesting program, and it’s worth pointing out Thrill Blues Festival, (July 5 – 6) that attracts to Cetina region the greatest names of world blues and is exceptionally visited.

Trilj, „grad mostova“ na Cetini, još je jedna sjajno usklađena kombinacija aktivnog odmora, jedinstvenih prirodnih i kulturno-povijesnih znamenitosti te izvrsno osmišljenih manifestacija. Posjetitelji se mogu okušati u raftingu, jahanju, biciklizmu te upoznati kulturnu baštinu Trilja i okolice posjetom utvrdama Nutjak i Čačvina, grapskim mlinicama ili dragocjenom arheološkom lokalitetu Tilurij. Triljsko kulturno ljeto (Lipanj – Rujan) uvijek nudi zanimljiv program, a valja izdvojiti Thrill Blues Festival (5.- 6. Srpnja) koji u Cetinsku krajinu redovito privlači najveća imena svjetskoga bluesa i iznimno je dobro posjećen.     

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It’s (not) coming home? Although before the defeat from Croatia in last World Championship, the English claimed that football is coming home, Cetina people wouldn’t agree, and they have solid evidence – tombstone of a 7-year old Roman boy Gaj Liberije, holding a ball ornamented with hexagons is the first symbol of a real lather ball, (proof of this is that the stem was found on Gardun near Trlja, and is located in Vrlička street in Sinj).

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Originally Illyrian, football is a game Delmats used to play long before the arrival of Roman army, but it was the most popular in Trilj’s Gardun, amongst Roman soldiers and noblemen. Today we can enjoy in show football match between Delmats and Romans, very fun comedian theatrical show, which is held in Trilj during summer and in Sinj (July 27).

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Before it became a site of attractive battles, intrigues, betrayals and revenges of the Game of Thrones, Klis Fort has stood proudly for centuries, blended in a stone cliff like a chameleon. A master-piece of fortification architecture, at the crossroads between the hinterland and the sea, it was a residence of first Croatian rulers, especially in stormy times of Croatian resistance to Ottoman attack.

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The memory of those turbulent days is cherished by a Klis Uskok troups. Uskok’s battle for Klis is a traditional medieval festival held every year in summer (July 26 – 28). The main event is spectacular staging of the famous battle from 1532, when many uskoks faced the Ottomans, severely outnumbered. Visitors can see medieval market, try archery and enjoy in sword dance, learn traditional folk songs, taste homemade dishes and drinks and buy authentic souvenirs.

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Klis Cultural Summer (June – September) is a main manifestation abounding in theatrical shows, concerts, exhibitions and folk festivities and fishermen nights. Klapa gathering on Klis gathers the best performers of this autochthonous Croatian a capella music performance. On the south slope of Klis make sure to visit parish church of Resurrection of Blessed Virgin Marry, a basilica decorated with frescas of Biblical and historical motifs, one of which tells the story of the fort.

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Wells on Rajčica, an intriguing mosaic of 10 perfectly built circles with steps descending down to the water, is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena of Klis hinterland. The wells surrounded by drywalls are protected Croatian intangible heritage and present an unavoidable attraction wrapped in a veil of mystique – legend says that the wells were here even before the Roan came, and that in spite of severe draughts they’ve never run dry.




Another significant medieval fortification, Prozor Fort, was built at the turn from 14th to 15th century. From the fort spreads an impressive view of Vrlika field, Perućko lake and the very town and its surroundings.

Česma (Vrilo) is a picturesque park from 19th century, a spring of one of many the Cetina tributaries. As an important place for gatherings and socializing, it was an inspiration to Milan Begović and his libretto for the most popular Croatian opera comedy “Ero the Joker”, (August 3) performed every year at this exact authentic location. Final dance of the opera is a Vrlika silent circle dance, UNESCO-protected intangible cultural heritage.

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Hundred kilometres of pure beauty of the Cetina river comes from at least 11 tributary springs, but the biggest, the strongest and the most beautiful is Glavaš spring, 130 metres deep. It is watched over by old-Croatian church od St. Spas from 9th century, one of our most precious and most beautiful archaeological sites. Cetina is to be credited for the beauties of Perućko lake, with its breath-taking beauty and vast richness of flora and fauna. It is popular especially with rowers and fishermen and bathers during summer.

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Vrlika people organize several interesting manifestations, and even one world championship – in frying Vrlika’s doughnuts (July 20). Cultural-art association “Milan Begović” organizes very visited traditional Night of song, dance and folk customs (July 27) when cultural heritage of the entire Croatia is presented, and speciall Vrlika silent circle dance and ojkavica ( traditional folk singing).

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Vrgorac – town of poetry, ballads, towers, tombstones, the sweetest strawberries, autochthonous Dalmatian prosciutto and wine, a town of mystic beauty, belvederes, springs, canyons and caves.

In honour of great Croatian poet Tin Ujević, born in Dizdara Fort, since 1995 Vrgorc has cherished  literary-cultural manifestation With Tin in Vrgorac. On his birthday anniversary, on 5 July, poetry laureates are awarded with annual literary award of Society of Croatian poets “Tin Ujević”. Tin cultural summer treats visitors with numerous theatrical shows, workshops and concerts.

The locals are proud of their traditional three-day wine-gastro manifestation Days of Dalmatian prosciutto and wine (May 31 – June 2 2019.), which gathers many producers and exhibitors, and visitors can enjoy in top quality Dalmatian prosciutto and other meat delicacies, exceptional wines of autochthonous Vrgorac varieties like zlatarica vrgoska and trnak and many other homemade products.


Only 15 km from Omiš and the place where Cetina flows into the Adriatic sea, Šestanovac Municipality is an ideal destination for excursionists and those in search of relaxation in untouched nature, small villages and vacation houses.

It is exactly the Cetina river, untouchable karst beauty, that offers the most vacation opportunities, Cetina rapids aren’t too demanding, and waterfalls and deep canyon are a stunning stage for rafting and canyoning. Rafting is adjusted to all age groups, while warm Mediterranean climate together with mountain canyon and the river are a guarantee for unforgettable adventures.

If you want to enjoy the river without additional requisites canyoning is ideal activity – jumping in refreshing Cetina, swimming, hiking and floating through the river, rock climbing…

Šestanovac is proud of its ecological olive grove Jurin dvor, which raises plantation of olives since 2006 exclusively on ecological grounds. Winery Biskupović has cherished the tradition of wine-making for thirty year; each of their 3000 vines has fought relentless conditions of scarce ground.


Imotski, located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia attracts attention with its most picturesque natural master-pieces, Red and Blue Lake, favourite excursion destination of the locals and tourists.

During summer heat Blue Lake turns into a lively refreshing destination, and when it dries up it becomes an attractive and unique football field. Red Lake is unapproachable due to steep cliffs that surround it. Nature has played here and created more lakes of peculiar looks and names: Two eyes, Prosutica lake, Krenica and Provalija, Galipovac, Lokvičićka lakes and  Knezovića lake.

Imotska sila (July 5 – 8) (silo/sijelo – village evening gathering due to some joint work, with entertainment) is a cultural manifestation bringing fun and a spirit of culture into Imotski nights since 1976. This year start with Hasanaaginica performance. Actors in Zagvozd (June 30 – August 10) is a traditional gathering of the best national theatre performances.

As organizers put it – a fairy tale-like journey into a little oasis of theatre, music, dance, art, socializing and friendship. It is especially lively in Imotski on 2 August, during celebration of Our Lady of Angels, patron saint of the town and entire Imotski region. Our Lady of Angels is celebrated in memory of 1717, when outnumbered and poorly armed Imotski people, with the help of Venetians, defeated mighty Ottoman army.


Dugopolje is situated next to the field of the same name, under north slopes of Mosor mountain, rich with sinkholes and karst pits you can visit by following many mountaineering roads.

It is most definitely worth visiting Kraljeva peć, unique natural phenomenon and Vranjača cave – a miraculous underground world of stalagmites and stalactites and stone sculptures created by water flow.

You can also take a walk along Roman road, which used to lead from Salona to Aequum settlement (Čitluk near Sinj) and military camp Pons Tiluri (Gardun near Trilj). International folklore gatherings Beauty in the Stone have been held in Dugopolje since 2004. In late September (29.9.) Dugopolje celebrates its patron saints St. Michael and Jeronim. Together with traditional holly masses and processions, numerous sports and cultural events are organized, with unavoidable folk festivities.


Photo:, Tourist boards of Sinj, Trilj, Imotski, Klis, Vrlika, Vrgorac, Dugopolje, Šestanovac

Exceptionally favourable geomorphological and geographical location of Cetina region resulted in astonishing natural elements that offer incredible perspectives to hikers, mountaineers or occasional recreationists. Glades, boskets, sinkholes, springs, rivers, cracks and plateaus together with encyclopaedic richness of flora and fauna present priceless reward to determined climber.

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Karst mountain beauties that surround Cetina region – Visoka, Kamešnica, Svilaja, Dinara – hide so much unexplored beauty that will make you come back again, once you’ve visited them for the first time.

Mountaineering in Cetina region has a long and rich tradition. Several mountaineering societies from Sinj area regularly organize hiking tours, lectures and training, mountaineering schools and ecological actions. Constant increase in number of members speaks of great interest of locals for this type of recreation. Mountaineering shelters and homes (Orlove stine, Sv. Jakov) are opened for all kind souls to relax, refresh and socialize.

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Numerous marked roads are arranged and designed to provide maximum safety and pleasure to visitors. They can be explored individually (recommended only to experienced climbers), or more preferably, with expert guides. They will, apart from leading the way, share various information and some new perspectives.

Within MedPaths project, financed by EU via IPA program (Adriatic Overseas Cooperation), to joy and pleasure of national and foreign guests, numerous cycling, horse-riding, hiking and mountaineering roads were fixed and arranged.

Photo: , TB of Sinj, Trilj and Vrlika

Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut ; naziv datoteke je cetinska-krajina-logo-1-1024x586.jpg

Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut ; naziv datoteke je eu-logotipi.jpg

ADVENTURE TOURISM AWAY FROM THE CITY ASPHALT.  If you are not among those lucky ones who have long before become familiar with the Dalmatian hinterland, and it being a real kingdom for active walking, hiking and running along the immense mountain and plain terrains  – the Cetina Region – this must be changed urgently!

Two trekking routes in Sinj and Trilj, and even 4 hiking trails in Vrlika, will surely satisfy everyone’s sports affinities, and there is just so much to explore and discover – from the green lungs of Sinj town – Pavića nebesa, to the highest peak of Visošnica, offering an unforgettable view of Sinj , Field of Sinj and the surrounding mountains, the Dicmo valley, the sea and the islands; all te way to the canyon and mountain stream of Sutina, gorgeous landscapes of the green Svilaja and the dark, rocky Dinara, and the fairy-tale hills of Trilj! Go for a trekking adventure along the well-marked and very intriguing routes included in the offers of hiking clubs, or choose a themed tour offered by some of the specialized agencies. If you visit the Cetina Region in pre-season, you can even compete in trekking!

SET OFF ON A JOURNEY THROUGH FAIRY-TALE LABYRINTH. How about a stay in the middle of the forest fresh, while enjoying the beautiful views from the tops of the Dinara and Svilaja, and of course, some refreshments with  healthy home-made food and drinks upon your return? If you like the idea of ​​such an adventure, explore one of the 4 hiking trails in the Vrlika area! Or take the themed trekking tour of the green hills above Trilj – you will enjoy in the delight of green monticules and vineyards, which are complemented by numerous fresh water sources and small streams! Take a sip of pure, crystal clear spring water, purify your lungs with fresh air of Zagora, get to know small rural households, in which food is still produced only in a natural way and try the traditional delicacies such as home-made cheese and bread! And do forget to visit the  archaeological site of Tilurij and the famous Galop stables.

TAKE PART IN A REAL COMPETITION. If besides the adventurous, you also possess a competitive spirit, do take in note that Cetina Region is a spot of many attractive races! We like the Sinj Trail, held in May, which has categories (and trails!) in lengths of 11, 22 and 33 km, inspired by types of competitions in our famous knights’ tournament – Alka (Bar, Čoja, Alka). These trails connect some of the  top attractions – from the church of Our Lady of Sinj and the magnificent Courtyards of the Alkari, to the protected landscape of Sutina and the enchanting viewpoints from which your eyes can reach towards Visoka, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja! The Cetina Adventure Race, takes place in June, and there is an unlimited number of two-member teams which can participate. This race is a combination of various adrenaline disciplines in which teams face natural hurdles, and its “milder” variant is a dynamic City Challenge, which reveals to its participants many unknown spots of the town under Kamičak, and both children and adults can take part in it.

Photo: , Dalmatia explorer

Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut ; naziv datoteke je cetinska-krajina-logo-1-1024x586.jpg

Foto: Tz grada Sinja, Dalmatia explorer

Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut ; naziv datoteke je cetinska-krajina-logo-1-1024x586.jpg
Ova slika ima prazan alt atribut ; naziv datoteke je eu-logotipi.jpg
Napišite opis…

WHO SAID that man cannot fly?  In the Cetina Region, an adrenaline paradise for connoisseurs, it is a well-known secret that we can fly, without turning on any engine, all with the help of winds, mountain slopes and thermal air currents!

Enjoy an atypical view of nature – the way it has been experienced only by the bravest – from above! – and fly wherever you want, while respecting the basic rules. Opt for a one-man flight or a tandem flight with an instructor, or take part in a real competition; in any case, the images of Cetina Region and its rocky scenery, filled with both hills and valleys, seen from up above,  will be a real bombshell and a magnet for many likes on social networks!

WHAT MORE CAN YOU WISH FOR? Fantastic take-off point, beautiful scenery, excellent flying and a safe landing. What more can you wish for? – these were words uttered by a satisfied guest,  who tried flying at Greda in Hrvace, a well-known point for fans of sky adrenaline adventures and sailing along celestial spaces.

WHAT MORE CAN YOU WISH FOR? Fantastic take-off point, beautiful scenery, excellent flying and a safe landing. What more can you wish for? – these were words uttered by a satisfied guest,  who tried flying at Greda in Hrvace, a well-known point for fans of sky adrenaline adventures and sailing along celestial spaces.

This is also the only location in Central Dalmatia which organizes flights by paragliding and hang gliding aircrafts (an activity in which a pilot flies with a light, non-motorized plane). This is a high-quality and very beloved service, in which guests who love flying really enjoy, and it is also accompanied by an excellent offer of additional services – from the accommodation itself, the so-called parataxi, to the delicacies in authentic local taverns and camping services.

There is no fear in case of bad weather – the hosts have prepared additional extra activities meant for these situations, so you practically do not get to miss out on… anything! A flight that ends with a delicious barbeque after its completion, and also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the features of the Cetina Region – well, to us that sounds more than great! Bonus advice – make sure to have someone record your flying adventure with a good quality camera – you will have a wonderful memory and exciting content for your news feed on social networks!

TRY THE BEST VERSION OF FLYING. Aviation sailing is considered to be the most beautiful form of flying – depending on weather conditions, but also the skills of the pilot, it can last for several hours and include hundreds of kilometers of area, all in one flight!

From August 10th to August 18th 2019, Sinj will be the center of the 10th Croatian National Aviation Sailing Championship and the International Open Gliding Cup. Another of the top events is the Alkar Parachute Cup, which attracts a large number of visitors each year, at the end of July. It is also worth seeing the spectacular Air show, an international air show event, which will be held from August 30th to September 1st  2019. If you are especially inspired, try skydiving at Sinj’s sports airport, or just enjoy the pleasures of chivalry Alkari spirits, which this particular town has managed to transfer even to the heavenly heights!

Photo: TB Sinj

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Since the times of ancient Faros, dreamy summer houses, stone alleys whose every rock cherishes centenarian memories and breath-taking natural beauties have made this island a jewel tucked in sea foam, wrapped up in scents of lavender, sheltered by ivy.

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Time marches inexorably, former renaissance summer houses and churches have been upgraded by achievements of modern times, from luxury yachts and tourists from all over the world in search for new experiences. Many things have changed, only the beauty of Hvar has stayed untouched. 

In order to enrich natural beauties and supply the residents of the sunniest island and their guests with pleasures for all senses, Gastro Hvar has been opened, retail-wholesale Centre, on the very entrance to Hvar, cosily placed in a bay on the southwest end of the island.

Daily fresh fish and high-quality products for the most demanding customers

Sales channel for catering Ho.Re.Ca has joined forces and in one place united all high quality products that are to please even the most demanding customers, staring from locals and adventurist seamen, to tourists in search of local tastes lifted on a new level.

Rich offer of Gastro Centre Hvar encompasses wide range of the best national and world products from fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit to the most appreciated domestic and foreign wines, champagnes, cheese and truffles.

Thanks to renowned brand s like Centaurus d.o.o. (Gastro Fishmarket Brač), Škokić d.o.o. (Butcher’s shop Škokić), Fistonić d.o.o. (Fruits and Vegetables), Purex d.o.o. (Croatian village products), Acrobat d.o.o. (Wine distribution), Nirs d.o.o. (Production, sales and distribution), Zigante Tartufi d.o.o. (Production, sales and distribution) that have joined their long time experience and knowledge, an outstanding offer of products has emerged, which is to enrich offer of premium groceries on the entire island, and ensure that a destination famous for its natural beauties becomes a gastronomic treasure.


Hvar is an important nautical centre since the times of Greek colonization, since the roots of its name go back ( Greek pharos – lighthouse). Like a lighthouse to ships in the night, newly opened centre is willing to light the way for many seaman into their gastronomic voyages. Providing yachts supply is a way to please appetites of seaman and present them with the beauty  of Mediterranean food and drinks, which creates a perfect synergy with sea beauties, and holds them in its arms, protecting and delighting as the port shelters their boats.


The centre of island’s tourism and the most desirable destination of tourists and seamen deserves a space where one can experience tastes of the Mediterranean that will persist as the nicest memory. Locals like to say – “Put your finger in the sea, and you’re connected with the entire world”; while Gastro Hvar with its newly opened centre made sure to connect you with the nicest parts of the Mediterranean through quality products offer whose value has placed them side by side to cultural and historical heritage and will most certainly become an unavoidable destination of all those who prefer high quality groceries.

All the beauties of Hvar and all the contents it offers couldn’t be presented neither by poets nor many novelists, because sometimes words are not enough. Therefore, to experience everything this jewel of Croatian tourism has to offer, it is best to come, taste and – come back!

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Tel: +385 91 785 2040

Photo: Gastro Hvar, Gastro ribarnice Brač, Jakša Kuzmičić

ATTRACTIVE IN PRESEASON AS WELL. However – and wherever – you decide to explore it – on two wheels, along the paths of its worthy cultural heritage, or even through its cuisine – Brač is equally mysterious and irresistible.

Let your visit be active, but tasty as well – cycling in idyllic ambience and going on excursions to cultural-historical treats can be spiced up with gourmet ones – homemade lamb that melts in your mouth, wine that gently tickles your nostrils and palates – and one of the most delicious cakes in the world!

A WAY TO BRAČ’S HEART. In recent years Brač has made an incredible progress as far as cyclotourism is concerned, and we can say that interest for an adventure on two wheels has spread from Sutivan, which has always been associated with sports thanks to Vanga Regule festival and Bike Friendly Sutivan project.

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Brač is an island with the greatest number of arranged cycling roads – even 25! All you have to do is choose the one according to your taste. They were named after saint-patrons, winds and Mediterranean herbs. We especially like Heart of Brač – it will present you with untouched Brač as it used to be, but also with ten medieval and Renaissance churches!

Some roads are so intriguing that aren’t for those of weak nerves – for example, Macića and Vivera road was named after surreal creatures from local legends about Postira, and it will take you to the oldest place on Brač – Škrip and Dol – home of the famous hrapoćuša cake full of walnuts and strong ingredients, resembling Brač’s karst!

If you want truly royal experience of cycling, set out on the longest of all tracks – St. Juraj!

This 180.1 km long road takes you to all the places on the island of Brač, and it rightfully bears the name of the island’s patron saint. It contains the best of everything – the most beautiful bell tower of parish church in Ložišća, whose author is Ivan Rendić; church of St. Peter with a pine grooving from its roof in Nerežišća, magical Golden Cape in Bol that changes shape depending on the wind and sea currents; church of Christ King in Selca – the so called Brač Cathedral, early-Christian basilica in Povlja, Masonry School in Pučišća and the Island of Brač Museum in Škrip!

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CULTURAL SITES WORTH VISITING. Did you know that Brač is a true treasury of worthy cultural-historical and sacral heritage? Although sightseeing of certain locations can be combined with riding along cycling roads, to visit Brač particularly for its cultural heritage is a great idea in pre- and post-season. Our starting point would be Selca, a place of the same-named municipality that is known as the centre of Brač culture – beautiful stone alleys and squares reveal long tradition of masonry, while the greatest church on the island – Brač’s Cathedral, keeps many more jewels of sacral heritage, like the sculpture of Christ’s Heart by Ivan Meštrović.

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Nearby village Povlja also has many curiosities – maybe you didn’t know that there you can find one of the oldest Croatian language and cultural-historical monuments, like Povaljska Charter and Povaljski Threshold, and early-Christian basilica from 6th century? This is just one of even 116 noted Brač’s sacral objects distinguished by different style!

Much aware of this enormous treasury of our greatest island, leading men of County’s tourism published cultural tourist guide several years ago, with a concept of itinerary, where you can find true sightseeing jewels – from Baroque parish churches and their worthy altarpieces, to medieval churches with characteristic hanging stone arch (like the one in Sv.Petra Dol) with later upgraded distaff-shaped  bell tower.

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Renowned names like Juraj Dalmatianc, Nikola Firentinac or Brač’s sculptor Nikola Lazanić are the makers of worthy altar reliefs often found in these sacral buildings. BRAČ HAS HAD ITS DRAGONS – FOR AGES! But, do not miss a visit to true stars of Brač’s cultural heritage – like Island of Brač Museum in Škrip, which will delight you with series of fragments of early-Christian stone furniture, or Dragon’s Cave dating back even further in past!

This fascinating cave with a relief of a dragon, after which it was named, combines Slavic mythology and Christian iconography, and it’s a real wonder it didn’t catch the eye of authors of the most popular fantasy series Game of Thrones! Together with Dragon’s Cave make sure to include Blaca Desert to your itineraries; it is for centuries upgraded monastery in rocky desert, rich with contents that were  part of Glagolitic priests’ everyday lives.

Photo: Central Dalmatia, Tourist boards of Split Dalmatia county

ATRAKTIVAN I U PREDSEZONI. Kako god – i kad god! – ga odlučite istražiti – na dva kotača, putem njegove vrijedne kulturne baštine, ili pak kroz ukusne pijate! – Brač je jednako zagonetan i neodoljiv.

Nek Vaš posjet bude aktivan, ali i ukusan – bicikliranje u idiličnom ambijentu i izlete do kulturno-povijesnih poslastica, začinite onim gurmanskim – domaćom janjetinom koja se topi u ustima, vinom koje nježno bocka nosnice i nepca – i jednom od najukusnijih torti na svijetu!

PUT DO SRCA OTOKA. Brač je posljednjih godina nevjerojatno napredovao kad je u pitanju cikloturizam, a možemo reći da se interes za avanturom na dva kotača proširio iz Sutivana, koji je oduvijek imao sportski predznak zahvaljujući festivalu Vanka regule i projektu Bike friendly Sutivan.

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Brač je otok s najviše – čak 25! – uređenih biciklističkih staza, a na Vama je samo odabrati onu po svojem ukusu. Nazvane su prema otočkim svecima-zaštitnicima, vjetrovima, ili pak mediteranskom bilju, a nama se naročito sviđa Srce Brača – ponudit će Vam neoskvrnjeni Brač kakav je nekad bio, ali i čak deset srednjovjekovnih i renesansnih crkvica!

Ima i tako intrigantnih staza da nisu za one sa slabijim živcima – primjerice, staza Macića i Vivera dobila je ime prema nadnaravnim bićima iz mjesnih legendi vezanih za Postira, a odvest će Vas i do najstarijeg bračkog naselja Škrip, te Dola – doma čuvene torte hrapoćuše prepune oraha i krepkih sastojaka, izgledom nalik na brački krš!

A želite li uistinu kraljevsko iskustvo bicikliranja, odvažite se i krenite najdužom od svih staza – Sv. Juraj!

Ova 180.1 km dugačka staza vodi do svih naselja na otoku Braču, te je s pravom ponijela ime otočkog zaštitnika, a sadrži ono ponajbolje – najljepši zvonik – onaj župne crkve u Ložišćima s potpisom Ivana Rendića, crkvicu Sv. Petra s borom u krovu u Nerežišćima, čarobni Zlatni rat u Bolu koji mijenja oblik ovisno o vjetru i morskim strujama, crkvu Krista kralja u Selcima – takozvanu Bračku katedralu, ranokršćansku baziliku u Povljima, Klesarsku školu u Pučišćima i Muzej otoka Brača u Škripu!

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OBJEKTI KOJE VRIJEDI RAZGLEDATI. Jeste li znali da je Brač prava riznica vrijedne kulturno-povijesne i sakralne baštine? Iako se razgledavanje pojedinih lokacija može sjajno iskombinirati sa vožnjom biciklističkim stazama, ciljano otići na Brač u razgled kulturne baštine odlična je ideja za posjet u predsezoni i posezoni.

Mi bismo krenuli od Selaca, mjesta istoimene Općine koja slovi za centar kulture Brača – prekrasne kamene ulice i trgovi odaju dugu tradiciju bavljenja kamenoklesarstvom, a najveća crkva na otoku – Bračka katedrala, krije još dragulja sakralne baštine, poput skulpture Srca Isusovog, autora Ivana Meštrovića.

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A tek obližnje mjesto Povlja skriva prave kuriozitete – možda niste znali da se ondje nalaze jedni od najstarijih hrvatskih jezičnih i kulturno-povijesnih spomenika, poput povaljske listine i povaljskog praga, te ranokršćanske bazilike iz 6. stoljeća? Ovo je tek jedan od čak 116 zabilježenih bračkih vrijednih sakralnih objekata, koje odlikuju različiti stilski izričaji!

Svjesni ovog neizmjernog bogatstva našeg najvećeg otoka, čelni ljudi županijskog turizma prije nekoliko godina izdali su i kulturno-turistički vodič s konceptom itinerara, u kojem možete naći prave dragulje idealne za razgled – od mahom baroknih župnih crkvi i njihovih vrijednih oltarnih pala, pa do srednjovjekovnih crkvi karakterističnog visećeg luka (poput one Sv. Petra u Dolu) s kasnije nadograđenim zvonikom na preslicu. Zvučna imena poput Jurja Dalmatinca, Nikole Firentinca ili pak bračkog kipara Nikole Lazanića, stoje iza vrijednih oltarnih reljefa koje ove građevine nerijetko kriju.

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BRAČ ZMAJEVE IMA – ODAVNO! No, nipošto nemojte propustiti razgled pravih zvijezda bračke kulturne baštine – poput Muzeja otoka Brača u Škripu, koji će Vas oduševiti nizom ulomaka kamenog namještaja iz razdoblja ranog kršćanstva, ili pak Zmajeve špilje, koja seže u još ranija razdoblja! Ova fascinantna špilja s reljefom zmaja po kojem je i dobila ime, spaja slavensku mitologiju i kršćansku ikonografiju, a pravo je čudo da nije zapela za oko tvorcima najpopularnijih fantasy serijala, poput Game of Thrones!

Pored Zmajeve špilje, neka i pustinja Blaca – stoljećima dozidavan samostan u stjenovitoj pustoši, prebogat sadržajima koji su bili dio svakodnevnice vrijednih svećenika glagoljaša i monaha, bude obavezna stavka u Vašem putnom itineraru.




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If you wish to explore nautical world of these two beautiful islands and their gorgeous turquoise bays, you will be enchanted by a view of breath-taking landscapes and more than rich flora and fauna hidden by caves and steep rocks of the most beautiful south-Dalmatian islands – and even by a few sunken ships or remains of Diocletian’s fish pond!

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If you are sea depths enthusiast, we strongly recommend accompanying licenced guide, with whose help you can dive even at night, for especially spectacular experience!

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If you are a true sea-dog, islands Šolta and Vis will not disappoint you – seamen have at their disposal modern equipped marinas, moorings and nautical ports.

Stračinska 4
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But, if you want to have a truly royal experience of the island’s treasures, in an atmosphere of original Dalmatian architecture and islanders’ way of life – in that case, the peace, untouched nature and high-quality gastro offer will be exceptionally enjoyable and inspirational!

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Depending on your preferences, in beautiful ambience of inland part of the islands you can hike and cycle, all roads are marked on a map available in every tourist information centre.


Photo:, TB Šolta, TB Vis, TB Komiža


Due to its irresistible beauty that attracted many ancient rulers, it had to raise some of the nicest city walls and towers to defend itself. To this day it has kept specific charm of ancient times!

Dive into Korčula’s street web (stone lions await you on every step, as a reminder of Venetian rule) and discover majestic palaces and old, preserved houses. In the evening hours follow shades of trembling light to discover magnificent Adriatic sunset.

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Take a dip in bays where Penelope Cruz relaxed. Find inspiration for awakening your inner patriot while enjoying in traditional dances – they have magical force to please and delight your soul. Overall, enjoy in deeply rooted traditions and obvious proofs of great stonemasonry skills. We present you – Korčula!


IT HAS CONQUERED THE BIG SCREEN AND – THE SEVENTH FORCE! Korčula has accomplished what not many could – it has conquered the seventh force! Journalists from all over the world arrive to this town to be delighted by its beauties, just like TV producer and two-time Emmy winner Ashley Colburn. By choosing to include wine tasting in her promo video about the island she pointed out the fact that Korčula is a home to many autochthonous and top-quality wine varieties (best opportunity to taste them is Wine Festival in July). Also, she added House of Marco Polo to the list of a must-see attractions in her documentary WOW Croatia!

St. Mark cathedral - Ornaments

Cameras just love Korčula! Proof enough is the most recent film that spread the word of its beauty – Venuto al mondo (2013), whose main protagonist is famous Almodovar muse – Penelope Cruz.

The town was also proudly presented in Nova TV’s summer commercial– it depicts fascinating Moreška sword dance and its red and black-dressed knights as they boldly wave their swords. All this blends nicely into a strategy of the head people of Korčula’s tourism.

Their goal is to promote the town as a destination for chosen clients and emphasize cultural experience one can get upon the visit. Special effort is made into creating synergy between all tourism participants

A FIVE STAR CULTURAL DESTINATION. Just a glance of sophisticated private and hotel accommodation facilities shows that Korčula is becoming an elite holiday destination.

Hotels and villas of modern and minimalistic design complement images of sea-mountain landscape with their shiny, turquoise pools.

Gallery image of this property

Various luxury contents have been present in world tourism for some time now, but what Korčula has always cherished in particular are 5-star cultural contents. Lonely Planet especially pointed out St. Mark’s Cathedral. It dominates a lovely square at the very heart of the town and attracts attention of visitors with interesting details on its exterior: beautifully carved bell tower, intriguing two-tailed mermaid, figures of Adam and Eve and of an elephant.

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Sharp journalist’s eye spotted also Abbey Treasury – one of the richest collections on islands, with especially valuable poliptych Our Lady with Saints by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin from 1431. Korčula Town Museum also keeps valuable cultural treasure: collections of shipbuilding, stonemasonry and maritime collection – shortly – exhibits depicting city life of Korčula from middle ages onwards.

St. Mark cathedral - Ornaments

Imposing, wide stone steps leave a special impression and additionally compliment magnificence of Tower Revelin from the 14th century, where permanent exhibition about Moreška is set. The exhibition truly enriches the experience of this exceptional dance.

Even greater choice of cultural contents is going to be presented once the House of Marco Polo is renewed (2020) and upon opening of Tower of All Saints, which is to get new architectural solution.

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BROOTHERHOODS’ PROCESSIONS, SWORD DANCES, FESTIVALS, CONCERTS… if you are a true culture enthusiast, you will also be delighted by Korčula’s intangible cultural treasures. If you are there during great religious holidays, we recommend impressive processions of Korčula’s brotherhoods. Of course, an absolute must are sword dances – Moreška, Kumpanija and Moštra. With small differences they are performed in different places on the island and in Korčula (more frequently during Korčula Cultural Summer).

Enjoy in an unusual atmosphere created by these dances, charged with patriotism, feelings of admiration and thrill, but exceptional sword-dance skills as well! Those who like classical music will definitely enjoy events held in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral. Literature enthusiasts will be delighted by the fact that in July Korčula will become – the literature centre of Europe! From 11 to 28 July 2019 one can enjoy in poetry, history, modern and children literature and travel writing, dealing with topics tied to Korčula in various ways!

World renowned Korčula Baroque Festival (31 August-14 September 2019) offers top music performances by exquisite artists. Therefore, hop on the first ferry and – surrender yourselves to Korčula’s magic!

Dubrovačka cesta 19, Korčula, 20260, Croatia.


Photo: TB Korčula, Korčula hotels, Andrija Carli, Stjepan Tafra, Damir Pačić


Designers, models, photographers, fashion icons, world-famous bloggers, an entire pleiad of publicly  famous names will shine on the one & only red carpet in Croatia on June 05th in the fairy-tale court of Split’s Perivoj, where the second prestigious presentation of  My Global Fashion Awards will be held.

Who will take the title of best designer of men’s or women’s clothing, who will be the “best model 2018” and who be celebrated as fashion icon – we will find out  in less than a week, at the biggest fashion event.

There are five categories of nominees, yet the number of nominated people was significantly higher so  the expert jury members –  Nenad Korkut, Zvona Vučković, Neda Makjanić-Kunić, Josip Grabovac, Marco Consoli and Vanja Ljubić had not an easy task to pick the best ones.

The categories in which we already know the new owners of the award statuettes are  “Life Achievement and Contribution to Fashion” , which will be awarded to Tihana Harapin Zalepugin and the “Fashion Icon” category, which will be awarded to Judita Franković,  by the jury’s direct decision.

The other nominees in five categories , will be kept on tenterhooks  for a few more days, says Gianna Apostolski, organizer and founder of My Global Fashion Awards.

There are reasons for that too, as the names of  nominees were carefully selected, so in the category “Men’s Fashion Designer“, Toni Rico, Anthony Avangard and Tomislav Bahorić will compete, and in the women’s version of the award, the competitors are Twins, Loredana Bahorić and Arileo.

The competition is strong in other categories as well, in the one for best designer of fashion accessories – Sovilj, Grubić Design and Tamara Bombardeli, and int he category of  “Fashion photographer 2018” the race will be decided between Mare Milin, our local force from Split – Bruna Kazinoti and Filip Koludrović.

Gordana Dude, Ana Lea Janžić and Drago Pezić are competing for the title “Model 2018” and the main prize of the MGF Award will be kept as the biggest secret till the award ceremony, which is also the highest award of this event.

Like last year,  this year’s event as well includes guests from different countries of the world, and some of them will receive direct awards in certain categories.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and suit

We must point out that the award for “MGF blogger 2018” will be awarded  to the world-renowned blogger Tamara Kalinić, who works with world-famous designers and brands and has just launched her own sunglasses line named So Shady, worn by Camila Coelho, Janice Joostema, Sophia Smith and many others.
This year, a special MGFs Master Tailor 2018 Award  will be appointed to the hands of the famous Italian Luca Moritto, a junior member of the old academy founded in 1575 in Rome.

The Oscar-styled program will be hosted  by actor Slavko Sobin and tv columnist, comedian and radio host Andrea Andrassy, ​​while the famous radio host Ines Nosić, will be reporting from the red carpet.

All those who will have the honor of attending the awards ceremony, will be able to treat their taste buds with delicious dishes of our chefs Hrvoje Zirojević, Braco Sanjin and Ivan Pažanin, supported by the gastro-partner Tommy.

Let’s not forget that the fun continues even on the next day, during the fabulous MGF Party on Palmižana at Laganini Lounge Bar, where only selected guests will enjoy in the sea, sun, top quality food, drinks and good entertainment.

“I lived in direct contact with the history tailoring  thanks to the  Marchesini brothers and I want that this connection remains a guideline for my professionalism. I will follow my own style, support my creativity, but from the roots of trade born from the hands of great people, I will draw out the beauty that knows how to overcome  time, “said the young talented Italian.

The Oscar-styled program will be hosted  by actor Slavko Sobin and tv columnist, comedian and radio host Andrea Andrassy, ​​while the famous radio host Ines Nosić, will be reporting from the red carpet.

All those who will have the honor of attending the awards ceremony, will be able to treat their taste buds with delicious dishes of our chefs Hrvoje Zirojević, Braco Sanjin and Ivan Pažanin, supported by the gastro-partner Tommy.

Let’s not forget that the fun continues even on the next day, during the fabulous MGF Party on Palmižana at Laganini Lounge Bar, where only selected guests will enjoy in the sea, sun, top quality food, drinks and good entertainment.

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The ninth annual Cetina Adventure Race does not need a special introduction for true adventurists. Year after year it becomes more attractive to adrenaline junkies, as well as those who enjoy breath-taking natural beauty. The Race tests one’s physical and mental abilities and teamwork, while the backdrops of Visoka, Visošnica, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja mountains and the Sutina and Cetina river canyons reward all competitors participating in the race. 

Date: Sinj, June 8 2019. at 7 a.m. i 5 p.m.

The race consists of 3 disciplines

One of them is trekking, which also contains canyoning. While the point of trekking is to find the shortest possible route, canyoning requires the competitors to exclusively use the canyon from the entry to the exit point, which is determined by the organizer. 

Besides trekking and canyoning, the participants will compete in kayaking and mountain biking. The layout of the track and the control points is kept in secret until the technical meeting, which will take place a day before the race. The organizers only hinted at one detail: the mountain biking part of the race will be over 50 km long (out of the total 100 km length of the race).

The start is at 7:00 (handing over of equipment will be between 5:30 and 6:30 at the starting line). The organizer retains the right to change the starting hour if necessary. 
The technical meeting will take place the day before the race from 17:10 until 19:00 (included in the meeting will be the handing out of starting packages) and the location is to be announced to all participants in an email.

The race will take place on 7 June 2018. The start and finish line are in front of the Youth Center (Piccadilly disco club). Men’s, women’s and mixed teams can participate in the race. The maximum number of teams is the first 30 ones to apply.

The teams that do not make the cut are put as reserves in case some of those applied cancel their participation. The time limit to complete the race is 14 hours.

For all additional information contact  Cetina AdventureFacebook page.

City Challenge Cetina Adventure

Apart from the Cetina Adventure Race popular among the physically ready adrenaline junkies, the “Cetina Adventure” adventure sports club also organizes the City Challenge Cetina Adventure, open for participation for all, regardless of age and fitness condition.

The challenge is designed so that the participants have to discover certain points around the town of Sinj with the help of a map and directions. The city challenge can be completed in 30 minutes, or at walking pace with children, within the timeframe of 2 hours. The recipe is simple: you are all invited to have fun and discover the hidden nooks of the town under Kamičak. A good time in good company is guaranteed!

The city challenge will take place on 8 June. The starting and finish line will be in front of the Youth Center (Piccadilly disco club). The track is 8 kilometers long and there are a number of categories for participating – the adult categories (male and female) and children categories. Maximum number of participants is 500 and the time limit to complete the race is 2 hours. 

The start of the race is at 17:00. The organizer retains the right to change the starting schedule if necessary. A technical meeting will take place an hour before the start, at 16:00.

Više: Tz Sinj

IF IN AN AFTERNOON WALK THROUGH STUNNING SPLIT’S CITY CORE you find groups of tourists gazing at Papalićeva street and Diocletian Cellars as if they are looking for something, there’s a great chance you bumped into ardent fans of the most watched series of all times – Game of Thrones!

LOOK FOR ATTRACTIVE LOCATIONS – IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT! These mega popular TV series have put our Dalmatia on a map of attractive film locations of the world; although it has always been attractive for sharp artistic eyes (just remember Winnetou and a mastermind enchanted by Zadar – Hitchcock!).

And while emblematic Dubrovnik Walls and baroque stairway, which act as King’s Landing in fantasy world of Game of Thrones are easily recognizable, just like cellars of Diocletian Palace – the center of Queen Daenerys’ power with dragons and a throne; stone alley in Split where slave mutiny occurred, Klis – conquered town of Meereen and locations on the area of Kašte Gomilica and Žrnovnica are somewhat more difficult to recognize as filming sets.

Nevertheless, they’re worth searching for, while recently opened Game of Thrones Museum in the centre of Split, with over 300 realistic exhibits on 100 m2 will make every true fan tremble with excitement!

DO NOT MISS A THING. To stop you from aimless wandering about, Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County has prepared an attractive map of shooting locations of Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones paths map

Leading man of County’s tourism, Joško Stella, proudly points out that the region is advertised on numerous tourist fairs as an attractive Game of Thrones destination and that the arrival of great number of tourists was motivated exactly by this series. .

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“In the last two years, Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County has presented itself as an exceptional location for enjoying in filming sets – first of all of Game of Thrones, but also other series and films that were filmed on its area, like Mamma Mia – says director Stella, pleased with the non-declining interest for visits to significant locations, regardless of the end of the last season.

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If you do not want to explore by yourselves, choose attractive theme tours offered by local agencies, which will make sure you don’t miss any important detail! Tours include visits to Diocletian’s Cellars, Klis fort, Kaštel Gomilica (which became city on the sea Braavos in the series) and idyllic mills of Žrnovnica that perfectly blended in the scene of Missandei’s bathing in green oasis.

Guide Adriana Dada guides the group through the treasures of Diocletian s Palace  scene of some of t...

Each tour, depending on the price and duration, includes at least two attractive locations, while we especially like the one that includes – all four of them – with a truly royal treatment! Apart from covering Diocletian’s Palace, Žrnovnica, Kaštel Gomilica and Klis, it ends in the tastiest way ever – with traditional Dalmatian dish under the baking lid in real Game of Thrones ambience!

The spectacular nature of Dalmatia was a theme of the trip. Game of Thrones filming location at Anto...

VISIT A MUSEUM THAT TURNS FAN’S HEADS! But, to get a great insight into the characters (in natural size!) and attractive props and clothes – you don’t have to go too far!

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Emblematic Split’s Bosanska Street, at the very heart of Split, together with souvenir shops, small charming jewelry shops and typical Mediterranean ambience, since May also has fantastic Game of Thrones Museum, which has completely attracted the attention of fans!

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This is not surprising since at the very entrance you will be welcomed by one of Daenerys’ dragons, while the entire space smells like cedar, jasmine and lavender; with dark painted walls that perfectly evoke a bit of a gloomy atmosphere of the series!

But, not to reveal just everything, set out to this fan ‘gold mine’ in 9 Bosanska Street, and don’t forget to take a few wacky photos and collect piles of likes on social media!


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