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Spectacular blend of art, human skills and cultural heritage

Hot Sinj’s summer brings numerous interesting events. In co-operation with Marija Šćekić, pioneer of vertical dance in Croatia, and artistic organization Histeria NOVA, project “Alka- dance of freedom” was designed. It is a spectacular blend of art, human skills and cultural heritage. Vertical dance is a very exciting and impressive form of modern dance in which artists – dancers perform in the air, with the support of a climbing rope.

Marija Šćekić is a winner of numerous significant international awards, and for years she has been cooperating with international artists, scientists and business partners.

She worked as a head of Department for contemporary dance on Art academy in Reykjavik on Iceland where she made contact with Italian choreographer Wanda Moretti and French choreographer Fabrice Guillot; there she became a part of international project Vertical Dance Forum co-financed by EU – programme Creative Europe.

She is a leader of her own project “Vrata Velebita” focused on preserving cultural-natural heritage of South Velebit and the Republic of Croatia. Art organization Histeria NOVA has been working for decades on exploration and promotion of contemporary dance as a unique blend of audio-visual and performative art.

With the reconstruction of walls of fort Grad in Sinj, the town joined association European Walled Towns that supports and is concerned with joint interests of fortified cities all around the Europe. “Alka – dance of freedom” will use south walls of the fort as its stage with 3D video mapping projection as a visual stage of the show. 3D video mapping is a new and exciting technique of projecting, which can turn almost every surface into dynamic video wall. It enables buildings to move, breathe, change their shape and even communicate.

Fort Grad lives in memory of Cetina region people as a place of mythical victory over by far superior Turkish enemy. In honour of the battle, even today after three centuries, in Sinj Alka – knight game is held. As a vow to Virgin Marry the Day of Our Great Lady is celebrated. According to the legend, she walked all dressed in white over the walls of the fort – and made the enemy retreat.

Thousands of people pilgrim in August to Sinj and pray to Miraculous Our Lady of Sinj.

The walls of Grad cherish till today famous history and eagerly watch over its town. “Alka – dance of freedom” will unite centuries old tradition of the locality and cultural heritage of Sinj and contemporary artistic move into unique audio-visual sensation.

Performance will be held on August 18.

The project has emerged within a greater project Sinj u sridu worth 68.114.000,00 kunas, of which 56.843.992,20 kunas are outright grants given by European Union.


In Okrug it is easy to choose activity according to your taste, thus you will definitely find something for yourself! In near vicinity of more than 3000 years old, UNESCO-protected Trogir, there is a small town Okrug that will enchant you at first sight. It abounds in beautiful beaches like Kuzmić bay, Mavarčica Rudej beach, Rastići, Kava or Punte Rožac, each of them characterized by white pebbles. Nevertheless, the main star among these beauties is Toć beach, favourite destination of Okrug people who dearly call it Okrug’s Copacabana.

This one-kilometre long beach is the centre of day and night life. During the day it is packed with swimmers, and during the night with entertainment. Okrug offers various possibilities for active vacation so you can go sightseeing the place and its surrounding by bike, just like participants of Tour of Croatia did. While taking a break from cycling visit sea depths and explore Okrug’s underwaters.

If you need help, you will gladly be assisted by employees of Trogir Diving Centre, located in Mavarčica bay. There are even 30 diving locations at your disposal, considered by many visitors to be among the best ones in entire Central Dalmatia. You will be enchanted by rich flora and fauna on these locations, and especially by rare and impressive red gorgonian!

Together with these activities, sea joys on the beach will suit you  – from jet ski and ski tubing to aqua parks for the youngest visitors. You can also play tennis or go hiking in idyllic Mediterranean ambience, “spiced” with picturesque images of Okrug’s olive groves, dry walls and scents of aromatic herbs!

But, by far most attractive Okrug’s advantage is its Dalmatian cuisine. Busy hands of Okrug’s chefs will prepare specialties like grilled dentex, boiled scorpion fish, sea bream, sea bass or john dory, and all other members of sea royalty!

There are also very popular shellfish dishes, and if you want to treat yourselves with a truly divine meal, then we recommend lobster, common lobster or octopus under the baking lid.

Photo: TB Okrug


In Okrug it is easy to choose an activity according to your own taste, so you will most certainly find something for yourself!

Why not explore cycling roads enriched with intriguing local landmarks, enjoyed by the greatest cycling stars in Tour of Croatia race? Pleasure of cycling in typical Mediterranean surrounding has won hearts of world-famous cycling enthusiasts (like London mayor Boris Johnson!) and all the magic of cyclotourism à la Dalmatia can be found in Okrug!

You prefer the sea to the land? Set out on an underwater adventure and explore magnificent diving locations! Trogir Diving Center will be of great help, situated in beautiful Mavarčica bay. There are even 30 diving locations at your disposal, described by many as the best in whole Central Dalmatia. Rich flora and fauna of steep underwater walls hide a special curiosity – very rare and impressive red gorgonian!

Next to these activities, ‘sea joys’ on a beach will most certainly please you – from jet-ski and sea tubing to aqua parks a for the youngest ones. You can also choose to play a game of tennis or hike in idyllic Mediterranean ambience, spiced up with picturesque scenes of Okrug’s olive groves, drywalls and scents of aromatic herbs!

No matter what your preferences are, make sure to visit Okrug’s manifestations – from fun and dynamic City Games to concerts of famous national performers, interesting workshops and shows for children within Children’s Week.


If you are visiting Okrug, here you can have a truly royal meal! Taste various seashell dishes, choose one of the two types of lobster or an octopus under the lid, try desserts like homemade kroštule and fritule!

To the delight of all gastronomads’ , restaurants and taverns in Okrug offer a wide choice of traditional specialties. Healthy Mediterranean diet is unthinkable without fish seasoned with high quality olive oil and aromatic herbs, while specialties like grilled lobster, boiled scorpion fish, sea bream, sea bass or John Dory are at the very top of attractive Dalmatian ‘sea’ menu.

We highly recommend trying famous pašticada – representative dish made of aitchbone. Due to its complex preparation, which includes at least one-day marinating and cooking for several hours, it is on the List of Croatian gastronomy heritage! Seashell dishes are very high in demand, and if you want to truly treat yourselves with a royal meal, chose lobster, common lobster or octopus under the lid!

Dessert offer is no less attractive – during holidays Okrug’s hosts always prepare popular fritule and kroštule, and you should also try Trogir’s rafioli, allegedly named after miss Rafioli who was held captive in a tower and spend her days baking cookies!

And if your palates take you to Split, try Split cake, rožata, paradižot…

But, what is a tasty meal without a glass of quality homemade wine? Try plavac mali, our the most significant autochthonous variety, bold, thick ruby red wine with a bluish reflection, or have a glass of kaštelanski crljenak, distant relative of American zinfandel, characteristic for its rustic taste and a red fruit bouquet with hints of pepper and anise.


Photo: TB Okrug

Love is ″bol‶ (Croatian word for pain), and Bol (″pain‶) is on Brač. This is a charmingly ironic phrase, which represents the spirit of Croatian humor but also invites all fans of walking, cycling, gastronomy, wines and all other forms of tourist offer to come and visit this   picturesque place. According to Croatian National Tourist Board’s ratings, Bol carries the title of the best small destination on the Adriatic.

This former habitat of winemakers, fishermen and sailors, today is a real tourist mecca, visited by many tourists from around the globe. And while Bol is perfect for all sorts of hedonistic, top-class vacations, mostly because of Zlatni rat – one of 40 most beautiful beaches in the world, this location also offers many possibilities for active holidays.

All those who like to cycle or hike, thus use their own feet instead of their two-wheeled pets, need to visit Vidova Gora, set at 778 meters of altitude. It offers a beautiful view of the archipelago – the islands of Hvar, Korčula and Vis. Take a walk along Bol’s promenades or grab a quad and have a dynamic ride, slightly more off-road.

The increasingly popular Nordic climbing will take you to Murvica, from where you can continue by light climb till Silvio and Stipančić monastery, where you can admire stone tombs. Keep going further to Zmajeva Špilja (Dragon’s Cave), which is unsually decorated with particular reliefs, engraved triptychs and unique images.

An elite tennis destination 

At the already mentioned Zlatni rat, besides trying to catch a nice suntan, you can do kiteboarding and windsurfing, thanks to the ideal atmospheric conditions and the constant ″maestral‶ wind. If you prefer to explore the depths of the sea, you definitely need to visit some of the local diving centers which offer courses and diving programs for beginners, as well as professionals.

All those who prefer to be more laid back will surely enjoy swimming, boat and pedalo rides, gondolas and kayaks. Fans of water skiing and jet skis will come to their own as well. In addition to watersports and tennis, for which Bol is best known, there are many other sports that you can practice and try out – mini soccer, handball, basketball, trampoline jumping, beach volleyball and table tennis.

Why is Bol really known as an elite tennis destination? For years, it has been home to WTA Croatia Bol Open, the only professional tennis tournament for women in Southeast Europe. The tournament, held at the BlueSun Tennis Center, promises a week of top-class tennis and entertainment, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

BlueSun Hotels, along with other facilities under the management of this company, have been recognized as providers of top accommodation and all other related high-quality services. In addition to top-notch tennis, there is also an excellent entertainment program, but not only during the tennis tournament – during the entire summer in Bol, various entertainment events are held, and eminent world DJs come to perform in Bol.

From shy stones, a drop of wine flows  

Along with excellent gastronomy, do not miss out to taste the top quality wines of Stina Winery. What is the actual meaning of ″stina″? It is a unique white stone, symbol and flourish of Brač Island. Simple and stern in its beauty, it has always been a source of inspiration for many artists on Brač, and so it has charmed its way into winemaking as well. Stina represents the effort and persistence to get precious wine drops from shy, silent, stone-quilted land, so the winery carries the name Stina, representing their top-notch wines. At the end, we are taking you back to Zlatni rat – the legend says that on this 600-meter-long sandy beach, there is a lucky stone, in form of a snail’s shell. Whoever finds it – great happiness awaits him or her! So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey, as you never know where you will encounter a spark of good fortune.




You have wished for a vacation in a unique serene oasis? Then you should choose Seget, one of the stars of Trogir’s riviera and one of 5 the most preferred tourist destinations in Split-Dalmatia County.

Apart from attracting with its appearance because it resembles Diocletian’s Palace due to its spatial organization, this place also has a terrific traffic position. Namely, from Seget you can easily and quickly reach national parks like Plitvice Lakes, UNESCO-protected jewels of Split, Šibenik, Trogir and even Dubrovnik.

In Seget you can experience a new dimension of vacation. Together with quality accommodation, the most important thing for the locals and tourists is health and active vacation. Attractive, isn’t it? Especially if you won’t give up recreation and sports activities even during your vacation!

Visit Seget at any time of the year, in post- or pre-season or during high season. In every moment this place provides you with all the possibilities of active vacation – hiking and cycling roads or water sports.

For start, set out along Health Road and treat yourselves with a beautiful view from peaks Vlaška and St Ilija; if you are bold enough cycle across Napoleon Road, built in 1807 by Napoleon’s marshals! For even more adrenaline, reach for a true treat like nearby rafting and zip-line on the Cetina, activities which enjoy a cult status among adrenaline enthusiasts! It will do good to both your physical health and spiritual peace.

Secret trumps up Seget’s sleeve

Picturesque Seget has another powerful advantage. Its long and clean sandy beaches are a trade mark of Seget Riviera and a real tourist bate. In accommodation facilities nothing was left to chance. A proof of this is new eco-friendly facility where a return to nature is especially emphasized and guests are offered organic food.

Crystal clear sea and even 2700 sunny hours per year are the best invitation for enjoying in sea joys, in high season but also in post- and pre-season.

Not to leave it all on active vacation, Seget has prepared for its guests even more surprises. Guests who are true sailors can find everything they need in modern equipped ambience of Baotić Marina. At night, be sure to visit some of performances of KUD Lobišnica, like the one on Ojkalica Festival in Prapatnica, while true Dalmatian party you can experience on merry fishermen’s nights.

Apart from gastronomic pleasures in grand company, we recommend you to visit some of nicely decorated hotel restaurants or some of numerous taverns in the place. There you can enjoy in autochthonous Dalmatian specialties that can be enriched by great wine and a dessert – fritule, kroštule or rožata.

Turist board Seget


Photo: TB Seget

TZ Seget logo



One of the most visited and most successful Croatian destinations profiled in recent decades as an absolute mecca for tourists and a place which in its essence sums up virtually all the beauty of Dalmatia. Few locations boast such harmony of architecture, nature and numerous beaches that are so beautiful that the first impression about them is are they real or not!


Bol has many beautiful secluded beaches that are sometimes unfairly overlooked in favor of Zlatni Rat. The best thing is that they are all located only a few minutes from the town center. But Bol has a rich historical and cultural heritage as well, that best reveals itself to the visitor in off season, when one doesn’t have to seek shelter from the heat under the cloak of Zlatni Rat, but is able to explore all the treasures of this island.

125K Series Croatia Bol Open 2018 is the third edition of women’s tennis tournament that takes place in beautiful, picturesque place Bol, on the island of Brač, from 5th till 10th June (second week of Roland Garros).

Bol exclusively entered WTA calendar in 2016 (alongside with US San Antonio and New York) and will be the only WTA tournament of any kind in Southeastern Europe. WTA 125K Series tournament in Bol is only one of two WTA tournaments which are organized on some island and that makes it even more special.

The tournament’s first edition was held in late April 1991, and then again every year from 1996 to 2003. Through years, the tournament was visited by many famous tennis stars such as Anna KournikovaAmelie MauresmoElena DementievaKim ClijstersLleyton HewittIva MajoliKatarina SrebotnikSandrine TestudPatty SchnyderVera Zvonareva etc. So, after 13 years, WTA tournament is back in Bol. And at the moment when Croatian women’s tennis have as never before so many young, talented and upcoming players such as Ana KonjuhDonna VekicJana FettTena Lukas etc.



Photo: TB Bol,

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Have you ever tried to catch the wind? By your touch or your body? Maybe it gently tangled your hair? Isn’t it just romantic! And all this romance has kissed & met with the sport segment, by active participation or by viewing the best recreational bike race XCM marathon “Uvati vitar” (Catch the Wind), which was held on Brač Island from May 18th till May 20th.

It was one of the best “two wheels” races for which no license was required. “Uvati vitar” took place on three trails – ʺBonacaʺ 18 km, ʺVitarʺ 43 km and ʺBuraʺ 75 km.

But that does not mean that top cycling competitors did not get their own special treat. For them, as well as for all those who love long runs, an attractive, 70-kilometres-long trail with a special windy name “Bura”, was prepared. At the end of the race, all those who craved fast downhill, single track trails, demanding uprises which highlight physical preparation and strength, especially of the lower limb muscles, were very satisfied with their performance, as well as the results of other competitors.

The start for all trails was in Sutivan, where also all the accompanying events took place. On Sutivan’s promenade, all the biggest cycling brands were presented, so the competitors and visitors were given a great opportunity to socialize with their representatives.

ʺBuraʺ, ʺVitarʺ and ʺBonacaʺ

Just before the start of the race, the more advanced recreative sportspeople, who didn’t really know if they were sufficiently physically prepared to withstand the demanding “Bura” race segment, decided to participate in a 40-kilometers-long race called “Vitarʺ (Wind). It was enough to get their muscles all worked up, but at the same time, they could enjoy occasional glances of the environment –  to get a better idea of the environment where they were spinning the pedals of their two-wheeled pets.

The recreational enthusiasts, looking for a more relaxed pedaling, including a view of the vivid landscape of Brač Island, were destined to race on the 20-kilometers-long “Bonaca” (Calm Wind) trail. This track was designed for the so-called tourist ride & sightseeing of the island.

The most demanding section of “Bura” (Strong North Wind) in M2 category, was won by Matjaž Budin, a competitor from Slovenia. Slovenians confirmed their dominance by overtaking the second place – Robert Schangulin, and third place too – Zvonimir Pokupec. All other categories featured domestic competitors on the winning positions. This is once again confirmed the old Croatian folk proverb “Daj materi dite!” (Get the child to where it belongs – to the mother!)

The category M3 was won by Alan Buhin, Zoran Perić came in second, and Zoran Bingula in third place. But the cycling ladies were not far behind their male colleagues – in “Bura”, the fastest one to reach the finising line was Paula Vrdoljak, the second place was taken by Majda Horvat, and third place by Jelena Rovčanić.

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The “Vitar” race in M1 category was won by Filip Barač, Marko Varga came in second place and Danijel Peštaj in the third one. Marin Pejdo was the best in category M2, second place was won by Saša Vidović, and third place by Davor Krezić. In M3 category, Marko Barač celebrated as a winner, second place was won by Zoran Teur, and third place belonged to a competitor from Poland, Karel Vylet. In that race as well, we had a female competitor from Croatia to win the first place –  Josipa Papec, the second place was won by Petra Runtas and the third one by Mateja Cah.

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and outdoor

And last but not least … as cherry on top for the recreational race “Bonaca” – the M1 category was again won by a domestic competitor Jere Lukšić, Vedran Jutronić came in second place and Petar Vrsalović in third place. M2 was won by Krešimir Pavlinić, the second one was Gordan Periš, and the third place was won by a competitor from Sweden, Patrik Wallin. Djura Tot won the M3 category, second place was won by Zvonimir Perkušić, and the third one by Darko Vedrina. The Croatian competitor, Renata Ogrizek, was the fastest among female cyclers, second place belonged to Tanita Salkić, a competitor from Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the third was won by another local competitor, Daniela Farčić.


Rich prize pool

All award-winners, the hosts have prepared a rich prize pool, and all the visitors could participate in an attractive lottery. The locals from Brač haven’t skipped the youngest ones either – they organized them a proper competition – The Kids Race and made it possible for them to take photos with the winners of the XCM race.

This year’s “Uvati vitar” race has surpassed all expectations, as well as all previous races, and all its participants had only words of praise. While our minds are still fresh from this year’s race, we are already starting to prepare for the next one, so consider yourself all invited to the XCM “Uvati vitar” race in 2019!


As we all know 2018 is a very big year for the town of Hvar, as it celebrates 150 years of organized tourism. Preparations are ongoing since the beginning of the year to celebrate this historic event that will manifest itself through a series of cultural and music events. The multi-day celebration will take place from the 10thuntil the 15th of May at various locations in Hvar.

150 years!

May 15th is the date that the town marks a century and a half of tourist tradition. Undoubtedly the beauty and rich cultural heritage of island Hvar have influenced the beginning of organized tourism since 1868, when the first organized group of tourists arrived in Hvar. After the opening of the exhibition “150 Years of Hvar Tourism” in the Arsenal, there will be a commemorative session at Hotel Riva for the Tourist Board Hvar and their Hvar150 guests. The celebrations will continue in the evening, followed by a concert by Gibonni at the Hvar main square.

6-day event…

The following days are not only important for Hvar’s tourist tradition, but also for the country’s. The focus is on is on the natural and historical heritage that played a crucial role for the development of organized tourism since 1868, when the Hygienic Society was founded. This was what encouraged further development of the tourism branch, turning Hvar into a world-famous tourist destination that it is today.

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Super Cover Band, Fashion show, Dance of the Sails, Četiri Tenora…

Enjoy the evenings filled with compelling live performances by Super Cover Band and Četiri Tenora to match the equally fantastic days in Hvar. This weekend, also experience the spectacular Dance of the Sails at the Hvar’s port, including a fashion show “Hvar Dress Code” brilliantly designed by Toni Carić Rica.

Počinje brendiranja Hvara

Kulminacija obilježavanja 150. godišnjice organiziranog turizma bit će u utorak, 15, svibnja kada će se održati niz događanja s ciljem isticanja bogate hvarske turističke tradicije. Otvorit će se izložba 150 godina hvarskog turizma u obnovljenoj galeriji u Arsenalu nakon čega će uslijediti svečana sjednica Skupštine Turističke zajednice grada Hvara.


May 11th marks the feast of St. Prošper who was a patron saint of the town.

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Throughout the day there are various events that take place, while the entire main square is filled with different stands where locals sell their own produce. Also, be sure to enjoy the different performances, including dancing and singing by the youth of Hvar town.

Later in the evening experience traditional Dalmatian Klapa, a UNESCO protected intangible heritage.


Photo: TB Hvar, Sunčani Hvar


May 12 2018 marks an important day for sports in Sinj. Sinj and the Cetinska krajina region will be hosting the competitors of the Dalmatian Trail league for the first time. The Cetina Adventure Club for adventurist sports, sponsored by the Town of Sinj, Sinj Tourist Board and the Split-Dalmatia Municipality, is organizing the fifth annual DTL, and all the points scored by the participants will be entered in the final League scoreboard.

Hosting this event represents a great honor for Sinj residents, which have proven themselves to be persistent and successful competitors in numerous trail competitions throughout Croatia. The splendor and diversity of nature in the Cetinska krajina region represent an ideal surrounding for this mind and body activity.

The competition is organized into three categories:

1. Alka: 33 km, 1700 meters ascent (start at 9:30)
2. Čoja: 22 km, 1000 meters ascent (start at 10:00)
3. Bara: 11 km, 390 meters ascent (start at 10:30)

The start for all categories is at the Šetalište Alojzija Stepinca (in the town center, next to the Miraculous Lady of Sinj church), and the finish line is at the City pool, Antuna Konstantina Matasa 7 (about 500 meters away from the starting line).

Applications are open until May 5 2018 at 23:59:59.
It is possible to apply on the day of the race, May 12 2018 at the application counter at the following times:

• From 8:00 until 9:00 –Alka category
• From 8:00 until 9:30 –Čoja category
• From 8:00 until 10:00 –Bara category

Competitors who applied after May 3 2018 will not be issued the official shirt in the starting pack.

The start fee is 100 kn for the Čoja and Alka categories and 70 kn for the Bara category.

Children under the age of 14 are entitled to 50% discount.

In the Bara category the third member of the same family has free starting fee. To be eligible for the discount all three members must have the same place of residence, evidence – personal identity card (for persons over the age of 16)

Competitors who participated in all DTL races – are entitled to 50% discount: (Antonela Banovac, Nađa Ramić, Jelena Gugić – Boko, Mario Barić, Ivan Roguljić, Andrija Savić, Ante Bubić, Jakša Rošin).

For contribution to the DTL – 100 % – Nenad Keč.

Starting fee refund is available until April 30 2018. After that date, the starting fee is non-refundable. The starting fee is the same on the day of the race, but it does not include the official race shirt.

Included in the price are: race organization, shirt with the official logo of the race, hot meal at the end of the race, refreshments during the race, use of locker rooms for showering and changing.

All competitors will receive bags to mark with numbered stickers (which will be the same as the starting numbers), in which they can store their belongings and hand over to the organizer for safe keeping, which will wait for them at the finish line.


First three places in men’s and women’s categories – separate for each category

First, second and third team place – a team is made of representatives of a specific club in all three categories including men and women. It is necessary for a team to have a minimum of one member per category, but if they have more, only the member with the best time in that category counts. Decision about the final three is made on the times of the fastest representatives, which are then added and make a final score (the placing is not considered in this case).


Free parking for all competitors arriving by car is located at the Marko Marulić Elementary School zone (next to the City pool Sinj), at the parking lot in front of the City pool Sinj, parking lot in front of Kaufland, parking lot next to the City bus station and the parking lot in front of Konzum. Competitors can also use the city parking at a day-price of 10 kn.

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In case some of the competitors are in need of accommodation they can contact us and we will try to organize accommodation at the lowest price.
For those who prefer camping, we are organizing “Gajo” camp in the Lučane village, right next to Sinj, which can accommodate a maximum of 7 tents. Food and drinks are provided in the camp, as well as toilet facilities and friendly staff. The camp is completely free of cost for the participants of the race and those accompanying them. It is possible to arrive a day or two early in the camp (necessary notice a week before).

Category details:

Bara category: with the length of 11 km (390 m ascent) it runs through all the largest Sinj landmarks and it is ideal for hikers, families and those seeking recreational activities, as well as those who want to try trail running for the first time. The start of the race is in front of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj church and it continues next to the beautiful Alka Halls and climbs via paved road up to the Old town and St Michael’s church. Descending, the trail then leads to a wide gravel road and ascent towards the lungs of Sinj town, Pavića nebesa. It runs through the entire length of Pavića nebesa through beautiful pine and oak forest and continues on the northern side of Pavića nebesa on a wide gravel path towards the finish line. The trail is circular, not technically difficult and marked the whole length by trail marks, signs and ribbons.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and shoes

Čoja category: with the length of 22 km with 1000 m ascent it runs the same way as the Bara trail till the intersection at Lučane, where it continues on a paved road for a kilometer before entering the protected Sutina landscape and ascends towards the highest summit around Sinj, Visošica (907 m altitude). The trail is marked with trail marks and ribbons all the way to the top. From the top of Visošica the trail descends into the Sutina canyon via wide gravel path, through Perjanica, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Sinj region. The trail runs beside the Sutina mountain creek almost the entire length from the spring and it re-emerges towards Pavića nebesa and returns toward the finish line. The trail is circular, marked by trail marks, ribbons and signs. It is aimed at more experienced competitors and recreational runners.

Alka category: with the length of 33 km and 1700 meters of altitude difference, it starts from the same place as previous two categories and separates at the middle of Pavića nebesa by a wide gravel path which then ascends towards Sinj’s most beautiful viewpoint, the Visoka summit at 896 m altitude. It then continues on a technically challenging mountain trail towards the Visošica summit where it descends into the Sutina canyon. The Sutina canyon runs on its left side and from the canyon it ascends towards its northern summit Bukovac, one of the most beautiful summits looking at Visoka, Kamešnica, Dinara and Svilaja. It runs the entire length of the Bukovac summit moving in the direction of Svilaja till the Kačar area. There, it connects again to the technically difficult Plivišica descend where it exits into Lučane and runs towards the finish line on a wide gravel path. The trail is also circular, marked by trail marks, ribbons and signs. It is aimed at experienced competitors and recreational runners.

Children under the age of 14 can only participate in the Bara category, but exclusively with the accompaniment of parents or guardians and their written consent. Children ages 14 to 16 can participate individually in the Bara and Čoja category, but need to provide a written consent by a parent or guardian.
Children ages 16 to 18 can participate in all categories, but need to provide a written consent by a parent or guardian.

More details:

• facebook Cetina Adventure


The International  Rural Tourism Congress will be the largest scientific and professional tourist gathering in Supetar in the last 20 years, an event that we are extremely proud of. Tourist Board of the City of Supetar will be proud host and coorganizer.

The fourth edition of an international conference on rural tourism will be held in Supetar on the Adriatic island of Brac on May 9-13 and is expected to attract about 250 participants from 15 countries under the slogan “A new age – An age for rural tourism”. Speaking on behalf of the organisers, Dijana Katica recently underscored the cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism Management and Hospitality in Opatija and the support of the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and the tourist board in Supetar, too.

Rural tourism in Croatia, Europe and beyond has good prospects considering that it advocates and is based on sustainability and ecology, and this year’s conference, like those previously, will address the current topics in that segment, Katica said.

Seeing that 2018 has been proclaimed as the year of Europe’s cultural heritage, some of the topics at the conference will be related to cultural routes in rural tourism because they can certainly be an attractive tourism product that practically all of Europe is working on, she said.

“Rural areas account for 90% of Croatia’s territory, and in addition to its natural wealth, the country has a rich historical and cultural heritage everywhere which could attract a certain audience if it is properly presented,” Katica said.


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Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

2pm-7pm Arrival, accommodation and registration of participant

7pm-8pm Participant and guest gathering, welcome beverages

8pm-9.30pm Congress opening ceremony

9.30pm-11pm Welcome reception

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

10am-1pm Opening words and lectures

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1pm-2.30pm Business lunch

2.30pm-6pm Lectures, panel discussions, presentations

10am-6pm Exhibition of LAGs and LAGURs, Croatian islands’ products

8pm-10pm Theme evening event

Friday, May 11th, 2018

10am-1.30pm Lectures, panel discussions, presentations

10am-1.30pm EkoEtno TradeShow – B2B

1.30pm-3pm Business lunch

3pm-6pm Lectures, panel discussions, presentations

10am-6pm Exhibition of LAGs and LAGURs, Croatian islands’ products

8pm-11pm Theme dinner event “awaken the Brač native in you

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

10am-3pm Tour across rural areas in the proximity of Brač

3pm-5pm Supetar tour

5pm-12am Sustainable development festival, “Detour” band concert

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

9am-12pm Departure from Supetar

SEGET IS A TRUE MINI HEAVEN, and it proudly sits among the top 5 of the most frequently visited destinations in the Split-Dalmatia County. The fusion of the long tourism tradition and the irresistible charm of the small Dalmatian place is its formula for success – stay tuned and you will discover the motives of numerous travelers and the whole families to return there year after year!

  1. A LOCATION TO DIE FOR! Did you know that Seget has a great traffic position? Much beloved national parks such as Krka and Plitvice Lakes, the Marian shrine of Medjugorje, and of course, UNESCO’s jewels such as Split, Šibenik, Trogir and even Dubrovnik, are just a stone’s throw away! Choose Seget for a peaceful oasis, and for even more content, go for a tailor-made excursion!

2. ACCOMMODATION EXPERIENCE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. Friendly Seget hosts are well aware that the accommodation is an important segment of the tourist offer, and something that is constantly being upgraded.

Everybody’s favorite and well-known places such as campsites with 4 stars, hotels or apartments, don’t lose their shine, but there are also some new sites to consider – hotels  newly opened.

  1. TAILOR-MADE ACTIVE VACATION. You never give up your recreational and sports activities? Take the Staza zdravlja (Eng. Path of Health) and reward yourself with stunning views from the highest summits of Vlaška and Sv. Ilija (St. Elijah); and if you are in a really good shape, try to master Napoleon’s Path (Cro. Napoleonov put) by bycicle – a road built in 1807 by Napoleon’s marshals! For even more adrenaline activities, check out the nearby rafting and zip line on the Cetina river, which enjoy the cult status among active vacationers!
  2. A SPECTACLE FOR THE PALATE. Intriguing Dalmatian cuisine is a special experience for the senses, and Seget’s restaurants which offers a star-studded menu! Try the legendary Dalmatian peka – a signature dish in the same time baked and cooked under an iron lid; grilled meat, vegetables or local fish, and round off your meal with magnificient homemade wine and delicious fried pastry – fritule and kroštule!

Seget Tourist board

Photo: Tz Seget

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The beauty of Kaštela has always attracted many tourists, as well as artists, poets and writers. One of them, the well-known Croatian poet Andrija Kačić Miošić, was especially attached to Kaštela, to which he dedicated a series of poems. In one of his famous verses – to paraphrase his words – he speaks of the seven settlements of Kaštela aligned like seven graciuos swans. The poet wanted to emphasize the beauty, sensuality, grace and sophistication of these little towns, just as the swans are.

The verse about “seven swans or seven Kaštela” is followed by the creation of their beautiful gardens, whose elegance is does not lose a spark in comparison to gardens decorated in French or English style. In seven Kaštela settlements, there are three such beautiful gardens and the fourth – a private one, curated by the Karanušić family from Kaštel Kambelovac, honored with many awards. If your desire is to enjoy natural beauty, peace and the singing of birds, make sure to include in your itinerary a visit to the gardens of Kaštela.

Historical architectural park – Vitturi Park

It was the first such example of park architecture in Kaštela, in the second half of the 18th century. The park was created by Radoš Micheli Vitturi, a nobleman from Kaštel Lukšić. Nowadays, this park is known as Vitturi Park and is located on the shore of Kaštel Lukšić, on an area of 7450 square meters. Vitturi Park was proclaimed a cultural monument in 1968, side by side with the famous Gučetić’s Park in Trsteno, Garanjin’s Park in Trogir and Borelli’s Park in Sveti Filip i Jakov. Because of its characteristics, Vitturi Park is acclaimed as a rare monument of Croatian park architecture. While walking around its lanes, you will find lane frames of boxwood, old specimens of cypresses, alpine pine and laurel pines. There are also various exotic trees like firmiana, from the cocoa family, and scented calicantus.

Botanical Garden of Ostrog Elementary School

In 1976, when the elementary school in Kaštel Lukšić moved to a new building, the rearrangement of the completely neglected school ground area began. On four acres of land surrounding the school, there are more than 1,400 varieties of plants that come from all over the world, but mostly from the Mediterranean zone. The largest part of the botanical garden is occupied by an arboretum, built in the landscape style of an English garden. In the southern part of the garden, there are groups of authentic and exotic trees, bushes, perennials and flowering plants, but the special attention of the visitors is often attracted by aromatic and medicinal herbs. The botanical garden was built according to the English-French principle, so its northern part hosts the so-called “small park“, with completely symmetrical lines. In that zone, there is also a stone stage, where various cultural and artistic events take place. The integral part of the botanical garden is an olive grove, with 170 olive trees. Its variety of 45 domestic and foreign olive trees represents one of the largest collector’s plantation on the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

Biblical Garden Stomorija – Shrine of Our Lady of Stomorija

The historical site of Our Lady of Stomorija, i.e. the church of St. Mary on the slopes of Kozjak, today  hosts the Biblical Garden. For centuries, it has been growing trees, olives, grape vines, figs and plants mentioned in the Bible. Over the years, people have addeed some other plants such as juniper trees, laurels, acacia, as well as spicy and fragrant herbs. At the entrance to the Biblical Garden, there is the Memorial stone, opposite which stands the olive tree of Pope John Paul II, blessed  personally by His Holiness in 1998,  during his visit to Split. In the terrace part of a garden, called Jidro, there is a Monumental lane of stone megaliths, under the shades of the ancient olive trees, tributing numerous belated Croatian dignitaries. From the panoramic point in the Biblical Garden, there is a beautiful view of the field and bay of Kaštela, along with a small vineyard, planted in memory of all the hard working peasants and the grape itself. This small vineyard features as well the ʺKaštela crljenakʺ – an authentic sort, known also as Zinfandel.

“The Paradise Garden” of Karanušić family from Kaštel Kambelovac

Next to the Karanušić family house in Kaštel Kambelovac, there are more than 300 different plants growing and  forming “The Paradise Garden”. It contains a series of tropical and subtropical plants, about 50 species of palm trees, 10 species of aloes, as well as other plants which grow in Dalmatia. For their beautiful garden, the spouses Katarina and Ante Karanušić received a number of awards. Along with savouring the scents of these magnificent plants, you can hear birds singing and frogs and turtles chatting, all of which will make you feel the true charm of this piece of paradise on Earth.

Visit all these beautiful gardens and make the most of the possibility to meditate there or enjoy in the healing sounds of nature, as this is the only way to experience the ture history of these garden’s past.

Photo: Kaštela Tourist Board

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THE GATES OF OUR BIGGEST DALMATIAN ISLAND – the town of Supetar – has opened its door to a return to tradition and rural tourism. And it is having a very stylish comeback – namely, next year in May Supetar will be hosting a congress dedicated to this specific tourism branch!

This is not by chance, for head people of our island’s metropolis know that a return to everything primal, original and authentic that a destination has to offer is, at the moment, the most current trend in global tourist movements. In this spirit, they have put out on the tables of their restaurants and family rural households the most delicious traditional delicacies, enlivened old customs, brought their guests to authentic stone houses with an enchanting view, and gave us a great material for one of the most intriguing and – the tastiest – texts so far!


4th Congress of rural tourism in Supetar
Congress of rural tourism hosted by Supetar is going to be held from 9 – 13 May 2018. It will be one of the greatest expert tourist events ever held in Supetar. Apart from the professional part, there will be rich accompanying programme of fairs, concerts and excursions where they will present gastronomic, outdoor and heritage offer of Brač’s rural area that has, over the years, become an integral part of Brač’s tourist story.

A WORLD AS TRANSFERRED FROM A VISION. But, before we take a look at Supetar’s kitchens, we can’t resist not to see what cultural-historical attractions the place has to offer, which give a specific picturesque character covered in vail of mystery! For, how else would you describe Dragon’s cave, which looks as if it emerged out of the world between sleep and reality? A 30-min. ascend to the cave from Murvica place, accompanied by an expert guide, is a bit tiring, but you will be awarded with a view of fascinating reliefs that are a blend of Slavic mythology and Christian iconography! In 15th century this cave was a habitat of Glagolitic priests, and an authentic relief of dragon carved in a cliff would certainly be gladly used by makers of Game o Thrones!

festival klapa supetar 2015

No less interesting is Blaca dessert – monk’s monastery built close to a cliff that, like a nice apparition, resists the time! It is hard to believe that this complex of buildings of different purposes started with stone partition of a cave that was a shelter of hard working hermits against the Ottomans. Its interior will take your breath away – see old monastery kitchen, manuscripts, piano, gramophone, telescope… And for a complete experience of one of emblematic Brač’s traditions, set out on a theme road Hercules to stone quarry Rasohe, or visit Pučišća and its stone masonry school where you can see real works of art of hardworking students’ hands – made of far known Brač’s stone!

GASTRO – HEDONISM WITH A MARK OF TRADITION. If of all Brač’s experiences you prefer gastronomic ones, set out on a theme road “Dolčevita” (Dolce Vita) and sail in – sweet life where the most pronounced is gastro magic of Brač – 5 restaurants, taverns and rural households and a family vinery will please even the choosiest gourmets!

Supetar has turned to traditional gastronomy, and with a leitmotif Unlock the taste of authentic Brač island cuisine started a project ISLAND CUISINE Supetar which brings back the dishes made by traditional recipes by Brač’s grannies! This noble initiative has been embraced by 5 Supetar’s restaurants, and gastronomy oriented guests will be delighted to finally have a place to taste simple traditional island’s dishes.

But, they are not to blame, a simple look on tasty menus makes your mouth water, and the fact that the ambience is mostly authentic, in nicely arranged old house, is an extra reason for a visit! Agrotourisms are praised in all languages – a simple view on their tasty delicacies like spit roasted lamb, meat and fish under the baking lid, Brač’s cake and rožata; homemade juices made of Melissa and sage – makes our mind twist. Same thing happened after looking at a menu of Oil Museum, or some of rural households.

THEY WIN PALATES…AND HEARTS. Other Brač’s gourmet destinations offer great stories and experiences. Menu of tavern in Dol, together with already mentioned delicacies, offers rabbit in wine and varenik sauce with homemade gnocchi, manistrus pomidori and carbonara made by the old recipes, and it delighted all its visitors! A good proof of this is a comment posted on strict TripAdvisor by Italian lady Alessandra: “There are no words to describe this place – it is not only a restaurant, but a complete family experience!” This is exactly what head people of Supetar’s tourism wanted to accomplish and share with their guests.

Rural households on  Vidova Gora goes even one step further, they offer tasty homemade prosciutto, cheese and exceptional vitalac (ancient dish from Brač made of lamb or young goat’s offal that is unique in the world!) it offers an experience of a true Brač’s shepherd village! During summer cattle fair is organized here that attracts great number of people from Brač and tourists – this way kind Brač’s hosts win the palates of their guests with offered dishes, and their hearts with lovely animals – donkey named Jozica and cute dog Pipi are very popular on Facebook!


In a quest to delight your palates Oil Museum in Škrip has also been most successful. Together with delicious hrapošćuša cake (decorated with tasty walnuts so it resembles Brač’s karst) it offers nice olive and fig spreads and red homemade wine. It is possible, off course, to taste awarded olive oil and get familiar with the process of its production.

HERKULES u kamenolomu Rasohe, autor Lada Purić (1)_1

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, we can say that Supetar has definitely realized that a way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach; and this is confirmed by numerous positive comments of delighted guests, who didn’t only get a delicious autochthonous meal, but a whole set of authentic island’s ambience. Actually, we are also a bit in love and we can’t wait for a visit to taste at least one piece of gastro-identity of our biggest island. And to its entering gate – adored Supetar, we can foretell great (and tasty!) tourist future!

Hiking and Gourmet road “Dolčevita” and project ISLAND CUISINE Supetar are winners of silver sunflowers of Croatia rural tourism in categories “Rural tourist projects” (2016) and “Traditional rural gastronomy” (2017).