Povijest na zrnu soli


Promotional movies of the Tourist Board of Municipality of Ston represent the richness and beauty of Ston’s history, culture and gastronomy.

The oldest city walls, the most ancient saltwork in Europe, world’s best oysters, the immense Plavac Mali vineyards… all of these are emblematic of Ston, a place of great historical and tourist value that still promotes traditional way of life, calm and quiet. In order to attract tourists and everyone else to this medieval town, and to inspire them to visit this magical place, Ston Tourist Board, through the EU Project “History on the grain of salt”, produced two promotional movies.

These are historical movie “History on a grain of salt” and travel movie “We live it. You will love it! Visit Ston“.

Apart from the movie, the Tourist board of Ston printed 15,000 copies of the Ston brochure in English and German, 6,000 copies of leaflets in Croatian and English, and 15 more pieces of posters.

The richness and the beauty of Ston’s history and culture in the promotional movie “History on the grain of salt”.

Historical promotional movie “History on the grain of salt” represents the richness and beauty of Ston’s history and culture, and the past and present of this place artistically intertwined. In the center of the story is the Ston saltwork which dominates the town, and the life has been revolving around it for centuries. But that’s not all. The film also features a story of delicious oysters, old olive groves, the magic of wine, as well as the mystics of ancient, 5.5 kilometers long city walls, intertwining history, flavors and scents of Ston with their irresistible charm.


Precisely these beautiful walls offer magnificient views of pools in Ston’s saltwork, where salt is traditionally produced even today. Old customs, such as washing fabrics and children’s plays, are replaced by continuous play of the cadres and shadows in order to authentically evoke the blend of history and contemporaneity.

In the tourist movie “We live it. You will love it! Visit Ston” visitors meet the town in a charming way.

In the tourist movie “We live it. You will love it! Visit Ston” visitors and everybody else who wants to experience this wonderful Croatian place, get to know its five main attractions: salt, city walls, oysters, wine and olive trees.

An added emotion is provided by traditional music that extends throughout the film, played on “ljerica”, the authentic musical instrument of the area. Delicious food, unique wine, oysters, salt fields, sound of ljerica and reflection of the sunlight… will surely attract everybody to visit this historic place.

Both films were presented in Ston on February 7th.

Photo: TBO Ston
More: www.ston.hr

The project is co-financed by the EU, from the European Regional Development Fund.