Spend an Unforgettable Weekend in The City of Diocletian 

City break tourism is becoming increasingly more popular in Europe and across the globe. Guests spend mostly 3 or 4 days in a destination, usually by arranging their own flights & accommodation or as part of various travel packages offered by travel agencies.

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Reasons for the popularity of this form of vacation are logical – it does not require too much money and time, it does not need the sun, yet it offers a break from a busy daily routine. Along the extremely popular world megacities, our own towns & cities have proven themselves as exceptionally attractive destinations for city break tourism, which is in constant growth.

Split, the champion-city of Croatian tourism in 2017, originated from the summer palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian – one of the best preserved and most impressive Roman-era monuments in Europe. The city’s historical center was made part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.
Split is a true city break destination, attracting an increasing number of tourists from all over the world year after year. Its unique blend of historical and contemporary features, where the 1700-year-old heritage meet the energetic and irresistible pulse of modern living, creates an almost nowhere-else-to-be-seen seductive invitation for world wonderers. More and more foreign media and bloggers decide to dive into the energies of the World’s new must-visit city break destination.

Distinguish yourself as a true city break traveler? Come and take a stroll along the attractions of this “it” city break destination!
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1. The magnificent Imperial Palace with Peristyle as the central square, is the most attractive part of the city. In summer months, it becomes crowded with tourists armed with cameras and selfie sticks, particularly at noon, when the changing of Diocletian’s Guard takes place. Visit the unique Vestibule, just a few steps away from the Peristyle – an attraction with amazing acoustics, where traditional Dalmatian a cappella singing by “klapa” ensembles will delight your ears.

Enter the cathedral of Saint Dujam (Saint Dominus) – the former mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian, a brutal persecutor of Christians, which became a cathedral in the 7th century, with sacred altars including relics of Saint Dujam and Saint Stašo (Saint Anastasius), martyrs executed in nearby town of Solin.

After a walk through Diocletian’s Palace, you will reach People’s Square or, as the locals call it, “Pjaca”. This is the spot where Split’s social life took place in the Middle Ages. Bonus place to visit on Pjaca- the Gothic City Hall.

2. “Riva” – Split’s longest runway
Diocletian’s Palace is filled with must-see attractions, but the sun-bathed Promenade of Split or simply, “Riva”, is a modern-day symbol of the city, adored by the locals as their fav meeting zone. Want to see some of the most beautiful women in the world casually strolling along? Riva is your place to be.


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  1. Play “picigin” at popular Bačvice Beach
    Bačvice Beach is Split’s most popular city beach, widely known for “picigin” – a unique game created exactly in this place. Picigin is not just a summer pass time – a group of picigin players, locally called “piciginaši”, gather on almost all sunny days throughout the year, including winter months. After swimming and playing, if the weather served you well, kick back and relax in one of the numerous local lounge bars along the beach.

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  1. Make-a-wish-toe: Tap the right spot on Grgur Ninski’s statue

Do not miss to touch the toe of Grgur Ninski, a masterpiece statue sculpted by Ivan Meštrović, one of Croatia’s most famous classical artists. It is believed to bring you good fortune and ensure your return to our lovely city. The statue is waiting for you on the stairs next to the magnificent Golden Gate – one of the main entrances to the Diocletian’s Palace, which in Roman times led to Salona, the largest Roman town on the eastern Adriatic coast.

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5. Savor the moment – selfie time on Mount Marjan
There is something quite seductive, as well as very relaxing, in Split’s unique atmosphere and the allure of the lush Mediterranean mood. Such is Mount Marjan, the symbol of the city above which it rises. It is loved by locals as well as visitors or “furešti”, as local people call them. Rare are the ones who come to Split and do not climb up to the most well-known view point on Marjan or “vidilica”, to capture the most glorious view of the city, the harbor, and the nearby islands. Oh, and to make as many selfies as possible.

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6.Visit Jupiter’s Temple
Walking through Diocletian’s Palace, you will arrive to Jupiter’s Temple – dedicated to god Jupiter, the main deity of the ancient Romans. It was built at the end of the 3rd century, in parallel with the construction of the Emperor’s Palace, and already in the 6th century, it was converted into a baptistery devoted to Saint John the Baptist. Bonus trivia – the Sphinx at the very entrance of the temple was delivered directly from Egypt, under the orders of the mighty Diocletian.

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7.Walk up to Saint Dujam’s bell tower and experience the world’s most beautiful panorama
The 57-meter-high bell tower arises next to the Cathedral and represents the most prominent Dalmatian medieval building as well as Split’s most unique viewpoint, allowing you to enjoy the most spectacular panorama of the entire city.
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8. Chilling & shopping for souvenirs in Diocletian’s Cellars
As you walk down from Peristyle to the Riva, go through the Diocletian’s Cellars, once used as a warehouse for the everyday needs of the inhabitants of the Palace. Nowadays it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Split – scenes from “The Game of Thrones” series were shot here. The Cellars are also home of  the city’s most beautiful souvenir shops.


9. Take a fresh snack break at “Pazar”
Split’s main market, “Pazar”, is located at the eastern wall of Diocletian’s Palace and it represents one of the most important places of daily life in the city. It is becoming more and more popular among tourists, seeking to sense the true local spirit. The colors, the tastes and the aromas of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the sounds, gossip and bargaining, without a doubt, give away that you are standing in the center of the Mediterranean, sensing the true heartbeat of the most beautiful city in the World.

  1. Go for a walk through the legendary history of “Hajduk” – meet Split’s sports soul
    Whether you are a fan of football or not – if you want to get to know the true core of Split, go to Hajduk’s Stadium and club zone, accompanied by an expert guide. Get to know the famous history of this amazing football club, that shares its heartbeat with the people of Split for more than a whole century.Experience the beauty of Split and take the best of it with you. And don’t forget – one weekend is enough to be charmed by Split – and to wish to return to the most beautiful corner of the Adriatic!