Words with good vibration as a symbol of the extension of the tourist season!

THE INTRIGUING TERMS LISTED IN THE TITLE are the thematic bearers of the creatively designed “Solin Winterfest” event, which will also refresh the tourist offer of the “youngest” town in Croatia in the period from 14 January to 14 February 2018!

The city is also known for being children and family friendly, so it is no wonder that its demographic profile was the motive for choosing the term love, while water, heritage and grace symbolize the city’s natural, cultural and religious treasures.

Solin earned a big like from us for using these impressive words to grasp its own essence, and if you are intrigued as well, take this opportunity and visit the town in the forementioned period.

WE CAN’T HARDLY WAIT FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. Would you like to find out about the endemic type of trout with a habitat in the Jadro river, or to explore undiscovered jewels of Solin’s religious heritage and ancient crafts workshops?

To make antique souvenirs, traditional cakes, or perhaps to even bake your own Valentine’s gift? This event really offers something to suit every taste.

Same as the last year, the wide range of these thematically grouped events will be realized in cooperation with partners in the closed area of the city of Solin, and will consist of interactive workshops, mini schools, interpretation events, music programs, thematic excursions and city tours intended for all age groups.

Find out why, thanks to Solin, in addition to the upcoming holidays, we can’t hardly wait – Winterfest!



Photo: TB Solin