Girls talk: How to approach Croatian women

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In order to find an answer to that question, we asked several Croatian girls about their romantic experiences with foreign tourists, and how they feel when a complete stranger approaches them with his best line.  Here are their thoughts on the subject.

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Danijela (28) from Trogir provided a rather witty commentary on our question. “I think I talk in the name of all the girls out there, not just Croatian ones. You see, whenever a tourist approaches a native girl, one thought will pass her mind. At least for a second, she will wonder whether he treats her as a local attraction. You know, somebody who might entertain him, I guess in every possible way, during his stay. Now, luckily, in most cases such motives can be detected quite early. If you want to leave a fine first impression, be aware of this issue from our side.” “Mind you, girls are perfectly aware that your stay will not be permanent, and that we can only enjoy each other’s company for a limited period of time. And you know what? That doesn’t change anything. If you have an attitude that values us and our company, we will recognize that, and appreciate it.”


“As for Croatian girls, I think they are slightly reserved, but far from being unapproachable. Buy a round of drinks for a girl’s table, and see what happens. Majority will find it flattering.” Marta (24) touched the topic of Croatian traditional mentality. “I live in Rijeka, which is usually perceived as a very liberal city according to Croatian standards. But once you go to more remote settlements, you will find people to be much more traditional and conservative. That doesn’t mean they are closed to strangers. In fact, precisely such Croats have been hosting foreign visitors for generations. But once it comes to local girls, they might be less open for romantic opportunities. They are usually family-oriented, and summer relationships with tourists rarely end in marriage.”


“But if the spark happens, show respect for her cultural heritage and underline your mutual similarities. You wouldn’t end as the first person who got in Croatia as a tourist, and left as an engaged man.”

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This post is also available in: Croatian