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“There is no place on earth like Croatia”

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Young american Cynthia Sao write about ideal way to explore Croatia.


Write: Cynthia Sao, Florida.

Sailing 2

My first encounter with Croatian natives happened in the States few years ago. I have never been so entertained by a group of strangers – such friendly, warming, and prideful people. They spoke so strongly of where they came from and insisted that I plan on seeing for myself.

Brac 2

This August, I was given the amazing opportunity to sail the Dalmatian Coast, the ideal way to explore Croatia.


Here are a few must-see places:


Walking through the old town and along the sea wall during the night is definitely lively. There are plenty of people strolling and something to do throughout the town.

You also cannot miss Diocletian’s Palace during the day. It is stunning, but be sure to carefully follow the directions of the signs placed throughout the palace. The workers there don’t take kindly to rebellious tourists.


Krka 2


This is the place for all the nature addicts and photographers. Hiking through Krka, covered in natural beauty, provides you with a view of crystal clear, greenish-blue, rushing waterfalls. There is also a section in front of a waterfall you can swim in.


You can spend all day there and there are plenty of food vendors around. The perfect place for a family.

Hvar 2


Living many years in Southeast Florida, I compared Hvar to the Miami of Croatia – beautiful people, trendy fashion, and the finest yachts.

Hvar 1

But Hvar’s landscape is incomparable to anything found in the US. Yes, this is the place for you, if you’re into high-end cocktails and the hottest VIP parties, but if you’re like me and prefer travelling in search of the scenic/historical atmosphere, a short trek to Hvar’s fortress is perfection. You’ll have a full view of Hvar and the Adriatic harbor.



Korcula was a top favorite of mine. This is a great place to lay back a little after a visit to Hvar. It’s relaxing, but with a large enough crowd to still feel lively.

Korcula 1

The layout of the town is well spread-out, unconfined, and at each end is a view of the Adriatic. At night, the streets are filled with live music, and I have to add that I had best Croatian wine and Pag cheese here.


You also must go to the top of Sveti Marko Cathedral’s bell tower. It’s a tight walk to the top, but you’ll get a 360 view of Korcula accompanied by the ringing church bells, if you’re lucky.

Korcula 2


This major city took a top favorite, alongside Korcula. It is much more bustling, but there is so much to do here. You can explore the amazing views off the city walls, have a beer and jump off a 30 ft cliff at Cafe Buza, and listen to top notch Jazz musicians at Troubadour.

Dubrovnik 3

It is impossible to be bored here. Many travelers from around the world will for sure be in Dubrovnik, so it is the perfect place for the lone traveler to go out, meet other travelers and have good time.

Buza Cafe

A couple cons:

* Though the locals are friendly, I didn’t find a lot of the vendors, or the workers of costumer service to be the same. Patience is key here.

* If you’re going to take a credit card with you, make sure it’s a Visa or MasterCard. Many other credit companies are not allowed. And for the smaller towns, CARRY CASH.  The family I traveled with also found it a little difficult to cash in traveler’s checks. I’d say forget traveler’s checks all together.

Overall, this was a dream vacation. I can confidently say, there is no place like Croatia. I can’t wait to return.

Hot spots traveler: Cynthia Sao, St. Petersburg, Florida.








This post is also available in: Croatian