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7 reasons to visit Pašman

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Active vacation enthusiasts, adrenaline enthusiasts, sailors, couples and hopeless romantics, those in love with nature and in search for silence, those who prefer island products and all of you in search of a perfect destination, come to Pašman


There are at least 7 reasons you should come to Pašman, an island in Zadar archipelago, connected to Ugljan by a bridge in Ždrelac strait, and divided from land by Pašman channel, on some parts only 2 km wide and, according to research, one of the cleanest channels in the Adriatic. This is the first reason for visiting this island.

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  1. The cleanest channel in the Adriatic

An epithet of the cleanest Pašman channel can thank to strong current that alters every 6 hours. On one side very close to the land, on the other side with a view of Kornati, Pašman has become favourite nautical destination in fast few years. Its underwater is rich with flora and fauna, and its history left a valuable heritage of sunken Roman town and ships that used to trade in te Adriatic, so it is loved by divers as well.


2.The heart of the world

In the middle of Pašman channel, alongside three islets called by the locals Bisage, stands completely surreal mystique Galešnjak, one of only three heart-shaped islands in the world, but the only one which doesn’t change its shape. Hopeless romantics and couples in search for an ideal wedding destination will chose exactly this island that symbolises happiness and love.


3. The greenest Dalmatian island

In fragrant Mediterranean vegetation you will sense scents of lavender, rosemary or wild sage. Mediterranean climate developed rich world of flora and fauna, rich vegetation of therapeutic and  aromatic herbs, while tradition of olive oil growing is evident from island’s olive groves.


4.Robinson tourism

All those who enjoy privacy will fall in love with Pašman. They will be delighted by the south side of the island, perfect for meditative relationship with nature. Stones, rocks, untamed nature, hidden beaches, a view of islands and the open sea, a walk along macadam roads, a feeling of being alone with nature…Sounds fairytale-like? Pašman is exactly that.

5.Products of the island

Tradicija ekološke proizvodnje na Pašmanu se prenosi generacijama. Vrhunska maslinova ulja, najfinije delicije, zdravi med, prirodna kozmetika, mirisni sapuni, marinirana riba, marmelade i džemovi, dalmatinska „kvasina“, zavest će ljubitelje ekoloških i prirodnih proizvoda. Ovo je otok s najviše proizvođača „Hrvatskog otočnog proizvoda“. Njih tridesetak nositelji su ove respektabilne oznake.


6. A treasury of culture

Chapels and churches, parish churches and monasteries are witnesses of deep commitment to religion of people from the island. Almost entire sacral heritage was built in medieval times, although only some of them kept their medieval appearance. Make sure you visit Franciscan monastery of St. Duje  in Kraj and Benedictine monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjan on Ćokovac hill, and locality on Otus, where medieval summer residence used to be.

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7. Active vacation with a dose of adrenaline

You long for action, take care of your health, you are professional or amateur athlete? Pašman is your destination. Explore it by bike along and across and you won’t regret it. No matter which road you take, you will enjoy in olive groves, vast dry walls, hidden bays, caves and cracks, archaeological remains, houses and churches. Adrenaline addicts gather every year on ‘’Škraping’’, unique international trekking race on harsh island’s rocks. Specific check points, placed next to greatest Pašman’s attractions by which every participant has to pass, give this race a tourist note.


Increasingly popular cyclotourist trend has seized Pašman too!

As a consequence, already in preseason (this year on May 21) mountaineering cycling marathon ”BAJPAS” is held here. Marathon goes through places Pašman, Mrljane, Neviđane, Dobropoljanu, Banj and Ždrelac, and on return it includes Kraj as well, thus giving an opportunity to really get familiar with this picturesque landscape. Participant can also win attractive prizes – money, but also weekend packages in nearby hotels and free dinners in attractive restaurants that offer irresistible delicacies and famous specialties, prepared in local kitchens since olden times.


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This post is also available in: Croatian